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10 Profitable Ways To Make Money on Google

Google is a technology based company that mainly specializes in search engine, advertising, computer and web based services.

Making money through Google, one of the world’s most influential tech giants, offers a plethora of income-generating opportunities for individuals, businesses, and creative minds. Google’s vast ecosystem encompasses various platforms and tools, each with its unique potential for profitability.

How to make money on Google has recently become easier because of social media and Google has added more services that actually help the customer. 

The only steadfast aspect of Google through its changes, it’s that it always aims to serve its customers and visitors. 

Regardless of the type of content you make, Google will always give top priority to its users, especially search engine queries. This is why it is important always create content that users will find to be value.  Google’s SEO tools and analytics platforms provide opportunities for digital marketing professionals to offer consulting services. Whether you’re a content creator, business owner, developer, or digital marketer, the profitable ways to make money on Google are as diverse as the Google ecosystem itself, promising financial rewards for those who explore and leverage its many facets.


How to Make Money on Google

The advantages include a vast and diverse audience reach, facilitated by Google’s global influence, extensive platforms, and tools. For content creators, Google AdSense and YouTube monetization offer accessible and scalable income streams.  Whether you’re an individual content creator or a business entity, making money on Google offers diverse and lucrative opportunities to achieve your financial objectives. Below are some of our top ways to make money on Google

Google Shopping and Google Ads  

There are many ways to Make Money on Google, and this has become more increasingly easier due to the different forms of social media platforms. The greater the competition, the better the services have become and so has Google itself.  For e-commerce businesses or any other type of business, Google Shopping and Google Ads offer powerful advertising tools to drive sales. Because of how big Google is, there are countless top quality publishers that advertisers want their advertising ads to be shown. There are mainly three categories to Make Money on Google, which are:

  • GOOGLE ADS PLACEMENT: this is when you place ads on your platforms and earn a commission
  • GOOGLE ADVERTISEMENT: this is when you pay for targeted traffic with the objective to increase sales
  • GOOGLE PLATFORMS: this is when you directly participate with the various Google platforms and get paid after a desired output.


Google Analytics 

GOOGLE ANALYTICS   showcases where you are getting the most traffic from, and not only that, it shows your most popular pages. You can use this data to improve your content and this improves engagement. Anytime there is high engagement, it generates more traffic and of course more traffic more MONEY. 

VISITORS – There different types of visitors and usually they all depend on the type of content you produce. The best type of visitors are the ones that become repeat visitors as they not only help with building your tribe but also help with the statistics. Below are some type of visitors:

One-Timers – go to your Google Analytics and examine the pages that the “one-timers frequent”. Look for any missed opportunities that you can improve such as 

  • keywords usage
  • is the content up to date 
  • does the content provide a solution

Repeat Visitors – just like the above, examine Google Analytics for the most visited pages and list the key points that you visitors enjoy, such as 

  • type of content 
  • keyword usage 
  • style of writing 
  • length of content

Tribe – these were once visitors and now converted into followers. They are now part of your community, such as the email list, social media followers and or your group. They are now part of your brand as they like your writing style and or products. As noted above use Google Analytics to find which content they like and not only produce the same content but aim to improve and deliver quality solutions or informative content. 

TIP: you can use Google Analytics to improve your content or sell products that your target audience is most interested in. Sell or write what your readers want, this will inversely increase your sales.


Google AdSense 

GOOGLE ADS PLACEMENTS – You can earn money from this option by placing Google Ads on your website or YouTube channel. The main source of increasing your GOOGLE ADSENSE commissions is the constant traffic your site or video produces on a monthly basis. There are multiple strategies to increase your traffic but the best is producing content that visitors deem to be valuable on a consistent basis. In addition, make sure your content is shareable and optimized for each social media platform.

The best way to Make Money on Google is to establish what type of content to publish and it’s delivery. For instance, make sure your content is acceptable for Google AdSense to place ads. Adult content or content that endangers people may not be favorable to many Google Partners.  Write content that can easily be consumed without any restriction. Delivery is how your visitors will consume your content. It is best to start with a platform you are comfortable with either a website or videos. Below are types of delivery options:

  • Videos 
  • Blog Sites 
  • News Sites
  • Forums or Discussion Board

Types of Google Ads – Your site should be equipped to accommodate various types of ads, as advertisers make more than just one type of ad. Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is where advertisers create their ads and they mainly have 3 types of ads 

  • Text Ads, 
  • Video Ads 
  • Image Ads

The best methods include having a great hosting plan, short website loading time and strategic location to place your ads. 

GOOGLE ADVERTISING: This option is when you want to advertise on Google and have your ads show up on other publishers account. This is a great way to increase traffic and sales, as long as you know how to correctly use Google Ads. Take the time to learn the ins and outs, as you might easily spend a lot of money on campaigns that do not convert.

TIP: be mindful, there are two types of Google AdSense, one where you earn commissions by allowing ads on your platform and the second is where you pay to advertise your business


Google AdSense Custom Search

Most websites have a search bar where visitors can look for content using keywords. Instead of using the search bar that comes with your site, you could use Google AdSense Custom Search Bar. The search bar will not only search your site if queried by visitors but it will maximize your Google AdSense profits by showing Google Ads alongside your searched results. This is another way to earn from Google and it actually tends to bring or similar to Google Ads, some of its features: 

  • Get fast and relevant search results
  • Make money off the ads we show using AdSense for Search
  • You control the look and feel and when a user clicks you get paid
  • Google matches its highly targeted ads with your search results.
  • Customize the look of the search results to match your site’s design

TIP: you need to apply for AdSense Custom Search which is separate from Google AdSense


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How to Make Money on YouTube

There are so many ways to earn money on YouTube but the one that is tied to GOOGLE ADSENSE is through ads placements, which air during the video. For content creators, YouTube monetization offer accessible and scalable income streams. Website owners and bloggers can monetize their content through AdSense, while content creators on YouTube can earn revenue through ad displays and sponsorships. Below are some tips on How to Earn on YouTube:

  • RATES: with every 10 000 views, your rate goes up
  • ADSENSE PROGRAM: Your channel should have at least a 1000 subscribers and 4000 views in order to qualify for the AdSense program 
  • PAY METRIC: Cost Per Impression is the metric YouTube uses to gauge how much to pay you
  • VIDEO LENGTH: If your video is more than 10 minutes long, you get the opportunity to put more ads in it
  • POLICIES: always check their policies and terms as they continue to change (it’s best to play by the rules than get blocked)
  • ANALYTICS: Also, look into the analytics and examine what content your audience likes and produce more content that your viewers enjoy

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Google Opinion Rewards 

GOOGLE OPINION REWARDS its a reward based system created by Google and the rewards earned can be cashed for dollars. The surveys are conducted through a mobile app, on Android users earn Google Play credits and whereas on IOS users are paid through PayPal. 

How Google Opinion Rewards Works

  • APP: Download the App from Google or Android store
  • QUESTIONS: The App asks you questions based on the places you have been, interactions with Google Assistant, shopping habits or products that you have recently purchased
  • SURVEYS: There different types of surveys and each has its own price list  and when you complete each one you get a reward that is converted to monetary value 
  • AUDIENCE MEASUREMENTS – for sharing your TV and internet usage you earn rewards and they can be redeemed at major retailers


Google Search Engine Evaluator

This job analyzes search results to ensure that they are accurate, relevant to the searched keywords and how useful the results pages are. The process includes analyzing both video, text and or infographics results. Below are some requirements for Google Search Engine Evaluator:

  • have a Gmail account 
  • have some knowledge on how search engines and social media works 
  • know the in’s and outs of using Google Search Engine and their other products

Where to apply – There are companies that you can work with but before you do, some require you to take an exam. They provide study materials and and give you a specified amount of time to take the exam. 

How much they pay – Most of the pay rates are determined by your location and experience. Currently, Leapforce rate is between $7/hr to 14/hr


Google Audience Measurements 

GOOGLE AUDIENCE MEASUREMENTS is almost similar to Google Opinion Rewards the main difference is this option tracks your behavior in order to learn your media habits. Once you download and give access to The Audience Management Team they learn your interactions, such as browsing the internet, the apps you use, the programs you watch can accumulate rewards known as meters. Google only connects with a small number of panelists for any given research study. The more you participate and the more often you check in to your meters, the more reward points you earn. The more you participate, the more you earn. 

How it works 

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • currently (live in the US)
  • Rewards are known as meters and can be cashed for money 
  • must actively use at least one device that supports Screenwise Meter 
  • No family members employed in the advertising or marketing industry


Google Play

There are a few ways to make money on Google Play and the most lucrative one is creating an APP to be sold in the Google Store. The best way to make money on any online platform is to diversify your revenue streams and the same is true for Google Play, below are some examples 

  • create an APP 
  • sell subscription 
  • have App in-store sales
  • sell your books or music
  • have in store APP advertising and have your App downloaded for free
  • seek brand collaboration where they can you can sale private ads placement


Google Remote Staff

Google is a very competitive place to work and their job requirements are just as equally as competitive. They do have a demand where they look for resources to help remotely for various departments. The best way is to go to Google Careers and search for remote job vacancies. 

The other best way to secure a job from Google is to be more socially exposed. Go to various job listing boards to examine the type of jobs they offer remotely. Once you have gotten a good understanding of what they want and how you can meet their expectation, then monitor their LinkedIn page. There you have access to various recruiters from that company and the best way is to simply introduce yourself and your skill sets.



If you add up all the ways on how to make money on Google, it can bring in a steady income. To be successful with anything, you have to take the time to study the requirement, expectations and making money online, you have to know how to bring traffic to your site as targeted traffic translates to money.

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