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Income BlogThis post is going to showcase steps on How to Create an Income Blog. It will list the steps and the order you need to start your blog.  There are many website owners who have managed to generate income from their online platforms such as blogs, e-commerce, forums all these platforms follow similar rules on how to run a successful business.

This post will show you how to choose a niche, make it profitable and scale it into a full-time income.

Business rules should apply as you start and build your income blog. It is best to implement strategies that aim to support and grow your business, which includes: writing a business plan, networking, itemizing your expenses and most importantly blog growth strategies.  The best process is to start with a comprehensive blogging course that covers all aspects of creating and running a profitable blog. 

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info. 

Income Blogging Course

This blogging course specializes in everything you need to create an online business from getting your first customer to turning your idea into a business and it comes with step-by-step videos. Below are some of the courses included in the program.

There 50+ BOOTCAMP Courses such as below

  • How to Choose a Profitable Niche
  • How to Build an Engaging Website
  • How to Get Your Site SEO Ready
  • Understanding Google Analytics
  • How to Correctly Use Social Media
  • How to Correctly Use Affiliate Links
  • How to Correctly Create an Engaging Brand
  • How to Correctly Research Targeted Keyword
  • How to Write Engaging and Converting Content
  • How to Correctly Advertise Your Business  and so much more
Email  You sent an email requesting help
 Blogs  Published blogs within the community that you can access
 Library  Over 500 videos of various selection
 Videos  Show you step-by-step of how to do the task
 Courses  These are various topics that task-based
Classroom  These are syllabus courses and have about 10 lessons in each (for instance –  beginners training)
 Live Videos  Every Friday there is a selected topic that is covered on how to improve your business eg Pinterest, SEO, Facebook or Email Marketing
 Chat Rooms  Post your question in an active chat room
 Certifications  Topics that give an expert opinion on how to build and grow your business
 Private Messaging  You can send a Private Email to anyone for assistance.


1. Understanding How To Make Money Online

There are many ways of making money online, the best method is to find what goes with your niche, below are some methods:

  • Blogging
  • Freelancer
  • Website Building
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

The most authentic form to communicate with your target audience is to use products or services that truly make a difference.  The course showcases how to correctly implement affiliate marketing strategies, how to build a product that actually helps, how to increase your traffic from various platforms and most importantly, how to improve and continuously grow your business.

The diagram below illustrates a simple blueprint of making money online:


2. How To Choose A Niche

This will determine the name of your website. Do not be a trailblazer in niches that do not make money, therefore, it is best to conduct research on niches that are profitable. Choosing a niche is one of the most important aspects of creating a business. The best methodology for creating your Business Brand it to spend time researching your niche. Within your chosen niche, you are going to be providing solutions to problems that your readers are experiencing. Tips to consider when researching:

  • develop your own writing style
  • follow a select group of influencers in your niche
  • study how they communicate with their audience
  • sign up for email or newsletters from your influencers (see if you enjoy the niche)
  • identify the categories of your blog and write 10 topics for each category (not the full blog post, just the headings)

Points to Consider When You Are Selecting Your Niche Categories:

  • do you like it
  • does it solve any issues
  • helping people within your niche.
  • writing content within your niche
  • communicating within your niche
  • does the niche have sub-categories
  • does it have great products to promote
  • is it easy to choose products to promote within your niche

3. Domain

When you are choosing a domain name take into consideration what you want it to convey and if it is relatable with your niche. If you are in the pet section, choose a Domain Name, that clearly reflects your niche, this will help down the road when you want to expand your business or create your own products.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name:

  • conduct a keyword search within your niche
  • select a winning Keyword from the list and
  • turn it into a Domain name that is customized to your liking
  • or simply select a name that is memorable and easy to relate within your niche

Below are Companies I Use for both Domain Registry and Hosting

4. Hosting

If you choose to buy a program and they advise you that they will provide hosting for you, it is BEST to get your own hosting services, instead of opting for the free one. If you are technically challenged, this can become a nightmare when you want to transfer from your free service to the new hosting company, below are some points to consider:

  • you do not have total control of your website
  • this is a business, the most important part of your business is your back office, which is  your cPanel
  • you do not have access to the cPanel therefore, pointing the servers to the new hosting company is challenging.
  • you have to back up your website files, copy and upload them to the new hosting company – manually.
  • it’s expensive, there are some hosting companies that will transfer your website, for $150.00

Hosting Company that offers great support:

5. Building Your Own Site  

The most important aspect of your website is going to be your point of view. It is best to establish the foundation of your site is early on. This should not become a stumbling block as many have struggled on what to choose as a niche. Here are some points to consider:

  • What is your point of view
  • What are the main topics you want to focus on
  • Write your experience and exhibit the challenges you faced
  • What problems are you solving or information you are giving
  • Write about topics that seem to be overshadowed or not adequately addressed
  • Research trending topics and give your opinions or the current state of your industry
  • Provide an analysis of how your industry can improve on and highlight the good parts of it
  • Create the first draft of your web pages based on topics that you are familiar with or want to explore

Having an online presence allows you to set up a great foundation for a scalable operation.  Whether you decide to choose a website or blog, just make sure that it has an option where you can update posts.

The difference between a Website and a Blog:

Website  you only have static webpages and no option of publishing new articles.
 Blog  your blogging platform has an option you can constantly publish new articles and has an option to view articles from oldest to the newest (this is now the most popular of options)

Self Hosting vs WordPress Hosting

There are many platforms that offer a website with a blog option. The most widely used option is WordPress – this is a free platform to build a website. When selecting a WordPress there are two options you need to be aware of:

For instance, you buy a Domain and Hosting Name of

Self-Hosting this is where you buy your own hosting services and have it point to WordPress.  The advantage of this is that you can use your own Domain Name, your website will show:
 WordPress Hosted  this means that WordPress is going to host your Domain Name for you and your Domain Name will have an extension, instead of it being it will be WordPress Hosting is currently free. (you have to purchase your Domain Name, regardless of option)

Tips on How to Avoid Stumbling Blocks on Creating Your Website

1 Free   Starting out, use a free platform to create your website, such as WordPress.  The dashboard is easy to understand and there are countless free tutorial videos that can show you step -by -step
2 Theme Selection Theme selection – cut the amount of type you spent on searching for a theme by looking at other websites in your niche and get an idea of the framework, for instance, an online store is different from a book club website.
3 Blog Update   Make certain that your theme has a blog roll function,  this will allow you to update your posts (most websites now have that function)
4  Navigation Create a website that is easy to navigate, clearly structure your website framework and corresponding content
5 Plug-Ins  Activate plugins that help with the management and interaction of your site, for instance, RSS Feed
6 Links Make sure your links work properly

6. Finding Content Ideas from Keywords

There are numerous ways to search for keywords that rank, here are some of the benefits of great keywords:

  • Online website traffic
  • Generates targeted customers
  • Helps in rankings (though the best way to rank is quality content)
  • You can research what are the popular or trending topics that you can also write about

Creating great content is the key to obtaining top rankings of your site.  Here is how it works:

  • choose a topic to write about
  • make a list of phrases that you will use in the posts
  • enter those phrases into the Keyword Tool and select the ones that are competitive
  • when writing your posts, including some of those competitive keywords you selected
  • Best Approach – your content should always be for the person reading it, not for keyword ranking, your readers are first.

Types of Keywords Tool

It is best to start researching a great keyword tool and invest in one, such as,

7. Build Online Presence

Social media has become the drive in generating revenues to any business model.  The best approach is master one platform at a time and then move to next platform. Another aspect to consider is implement different strategies such as managing your accounts, research the best tools to use for each platform, such as Pinterest works well with Tailwind.  Below are some points to consider:

  • Be on social media
  • Write easy to read content
  • Set up and track your analytics
  • Your content should be relevant
  • Write for people and not for search engine
  • Introduce new topics and always have your own point of view
  • Continue to research your niche and following your influencers
  • Do not overcrowd your articles with keywords, this will clearly jeopardize your ranking and most importantly, you are writing for people, aim more to provide value.

8. Autoresponder

At the beginning of your business, this might not be a need.  An auto-responder is a service that manages your emails on autopilot. If you are into Affiliate Marketing,(or any business that collects emails) this tool makes the job easier. The benefits:

  • great tool for managing different campaigns
  • your Email List is easily managed, analyzed, you can do an Email Blast to hundreds of people, with just one email.
  • you can create a series of emails (e.g. for 30 days) and they will be sent your subscribers for the next 30 days automatically.
  • you can easily track which source is generating the most traffic or sales (this is crucial for your business, you need to understand the numbers – how your profits are generated)

Below are Auto-responders that offer a wide of options

9. Organization

This is one of the most difficult and dreadful tasks for most.

Your office should be organized, there are numerous reasons why, but the most important one is that you are running a business.

Usually, the disorganized process, produce disorganized results, below are some tips to consider:

  • Set a Goal
  • Break the Goal into Daily Tasks
  • Plan a Monthly / Weekly / Daily Schedule
  • Set Aside Milestones and Future Business Goals
  • Contact and Grow New Business Ventures / Relationships
  • New Marketing Strategies / Brand Sponsorship / Collaborations
  • Increasing Your Team / Virtual Assistance / Outsourcing Tasks / Content Creation
Online Filing I use Google Docs, all my files are easily accessible and shareable
 Back Office This file contains all my logins credentials:

  •  business receipts
  •  my affiliate links – listed by the product, the contact person at the company
  •   expenses – listed by subscription name and monthly expenses to the  business
 Website & Emails
  • ideas for my website and email list
  • my keywords lists
  • my guest posting links
 Profit /Earnings Statement  
  • my current campaigns
  • profits margins and expenses
  • my conversions data, click-through data, which websites are profitable
  • identify what your objectives are for that week
  • outline the tasks based on your bandwidth
  • assign roles and responsibilities to your workforce
  • identify action items, deliverables, and due dates
  • always have interim meetings with your staff
  • have a shareable online calendar with tasks outlined for the whole week


This is the program that taught and guided me on How to Earn Online.  For my readers, you are able to join for FREE, below are the free courses included and continue reading for a detailed process on how to Start an Income Blog.

If your intention is to Start An Income Blog, it is very imperative that you structure your business with strategies that accommodate scalability and ability to communicate with your audience. Aim to write for your audience and showcase your honest point of view. The hardest part of all this is starting, map out your ideas start with a simple draft. I started out within a community (and still part of it) that was kind and generous when I hit a stumbling block.

Types of Accounts

 Starter Account – FREE $0 Premium Account $47/month
 Choosing a Niche  Search Engine Optimization
 Building Your Own Website  How to Become an Authority
 Creating Quality Website Content  Social Branding Your Website
 Understanding How to Make Money Online  Social Engagement & Marketing
 How to Make Money Online  Getting Paid for Ads on Your Website
 2 Free Websites  Certification Courses  (included in your account)
 Beginner Training Course  Live Video Classes (over 500 videos, each Friday a video is released)
 Step-by-Step Task-Based Videos  Mobile Browsing for Your Website
 Learn How to Turn Your Passion Into a Business  Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

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