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10 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

How to Make Money on YouTubeYouTube  is a video sharing platform. The platform has turned content creators into thriving business owners.  The viewership numbers are still going strong as more channels are being created daily.  This article showcases the  multiple methods of earning from YouTube.

The beauty of social media is that you can create a business and funnel all the various traffic sources back to your business and YouTube is a great platform to do so.

Below are some tips and tools to grow your YouTube channel. 

Steps How to Make Money on YouTube

Step 1 Read the Terms and Conditions
Step 2 Create a YouTube Channel
Step 3 Identify Tools You Need for Filming
Step 4 Research Your Niche
Step 5 Create an Editorial Calendar
Step 6 Start Filming
Step 7 Implement SEO & Keywords
Step 8 Stick to a Schedule
Step 9 Sign Up for AdSense
Step 10 Start Collaborating

Tools You Need for a YouTube Channel

The greatest tool or advice of starting your channel is to JUST START, waiting to get the perfect equipment will surely just delay or worse abandon the whole idea, below are some tools you need to get started 

Camera – start with a decent camera, a phone is great enough, just take the time to learn how to shoot the best possible video it can. As time passes it is best to invest in your business then you can research what the best camera fits your production needs.

Tripod – depending on the type of videos you make, one thing for sure is that no one wants to watch shaky videos, invest in different types of tripods.

Apps – there are many free apps that help with various video functions, at least start with the free ones and examine how best they can serve your needs.

Editing – take the time to learn the leading editing tools as this will only make you a better YouTuber. 

Lighting – with no doubt, lighting makes the video better, whether it’s natural or artificial lighting, there are different types of lighting options such as umbrella lighting, ring lighting, on-camera lighting. Start with a more reasonably priced equipped or identify the best time to use natural lighting. 

Types of Content on YouTube

Niche Research  – research your desired niche as well as sub niches. Examine the top channels in your niche and see which content has high engagement. Make a list of content you would like to produce and as well as the sub niches. Come up with at least 20 ideas to start off with. The content regardless of niche is content that actually solves a problem.

Types of Content that have performed well:

  • vlogs
  • guides 
  • how to
  • tutorials
  • reaction videos
  • product reviews
  • simply entertaining
  • informative/educative

TIP – look at the top accounts in your niche, go to most popular uploads then create similar content. Always be on top of trends. Use the YouTube Search Engine to find keywords you can use in your description and title

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel 

There are multiple ways to make money on YouTube but the most common one is to have ads on your account and as your audience grows that gives you the opportunity to grow other revenue streams. 

How to Become a YouTube Partner –  for any success on YouTube it is imperative to understand YouTube terms and monetization policies as this can easily affect your earnings such as YouTube has no tolerance to content they deem unfit and this could result in diminished revenues and or account being blocked. YouTube does not deem the below content as favorable:

  • hateful content
  • violent or graphic content 
  • harassment and cyberbullying
  • nudity or extreme sexual content
  • threats, copyrights, child endangerment
Location  YouTube Partner Program is not available in all locations, make sure your region is included
Views currently,  your channel needs 4000 views in the last 12 month
Subscribers   you need at least a 1000
Adsense link your account to AdSense: 

  • place ads on your account
  • offensive language is limited 
  • make your ads long and vary the content

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Know Your Audience – This is an imperative step as it gives you an overview and granulated information of who your target audience is. THIS IS THE CORE OF YOUR BUSINESS TREAT IT LIKE AN ASSET. First, when you approach brands, they ask who your audience is, this data helps, with rate negotiation. Secondly, this helps to know which content to create and which has high engagements. Create content that your audience loves, which in turn results in high views and that’s MORE MONEY. 

Sell Your Own Merchandise or Products – Most YouTubers have grown beyond YouTube and have become business owners. One of the ways that have become lucrative is selling their products or services and promoting them on the platform. 

License Your Content to the Media – Another way to make revenue on your content is to give permission to other outlets to use your content and this includes outlets like TV news outlets, morning shows, online news sites. You can list your video to websites such as Junkin Media 

Work with a Brand as an Influencer or Ambassador – Knowing your audience is imperative as you can easily leverage that information and you can either do a brand collaboration, brand ambassador or sponsored posts. Take the time to research the going rates in order to set your rates. 

YouTube Premium – This is where the viewer has the option to view content without having ads being displayed. Your videos are made available to the YouTube Premium and the best part of it is you will GET PAID under the premium option. 

How to Grow a YouTube Channel – Now that we have established tools you need to start your channel, there are different methods to monetize your channel, we now focus on tips and tools on how to grow your YouTube channel. 

Content Creation – build your videos around a specific keyword in your niche, use other keywords to find what people in your niche are searching and include that in your videos. To look for YouTube keywords you can use  Once you have found your keywords, create videos in different formats such tutorials, reviews or how to

Brainstorming – this activity should be scheduled on your calendar, consistently research your niche and see trending topics, don’t just research on YouTube, go to other platforms and see what type of content is ranking then create videos about it. Also on brainstorming look into other niches and see how their videos are edited or formatted, use those tactics on yours.

SEO – Implement SEO strategies to your video by optimizing title and description. The best method is to use the keywords in your titles

Test – any marketing specialist will advise you that the best producing ad was achieved through various test ads. Test your top traffic strategies and see which ones your audience responses to, for example, long or short videos (be cautious with long videos you not filming a movie)

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Reformat – visit some of your old videos and make them SEO friendly and implement any strategies that may increase their views

Information – it is a great disappointment when you link the link descriptions and the links do not work. Have your links clearly listed and make sure affiliate links are correctly tracked. Additionally, have your social media clickable handles included. 

Call to Action – most content creators on YouTube clearly give instructions on how to subscribe and follow their other social media platforms. Encourage your viewers to subscribe, comment and share, but do it in a way that is welcoming 

Branding – Take the time to invest in designing your brand, such as logos, mission statement, social media profiles. It is best to keep your designs uniformed across the board.  

Marketing – Once your channel has been created, it takes time to create a dedicated following. Implement various methods of marketing such ads, commenting on other profiles and cross promote across all your social platforms

Thumbnails – there are many instances I have clicked on views, mainly because of the thumbnails. These are mainly shown on the “recommended for you” section. With great thumbnails and targeted keywords, your video has a better fighting chance.

Analytics – understand your analytics, as this will help in knowing what your audience is interested and how your business is doing such as which videos have the highest engagements or which videos produced the most ads revenue. Knowing your analytics also helps in determining trends that you should focus more on

Business Accounts – Set up your business the correct way, such as taxes, bank accounts, business registration, this will come in handy when you start doing brand collaborations

YouTube Cards are the interactive cards seen at the end of YouTube videos which allows creators to share clickable links to relevant content throughout a video. You can add up to five cards to each video and you can use cards. The objective of using YouTube cards is to increase viewership

Contest or Giveaways – come up with ways to interact and include the viewers, such as  contests or giveaways, but for them to qualify make sure to include a call to action such as subscribe, comment or share 

Editorial Calendar – this is very useful for creators that have to constantly create content. It’s simply a schedule that tracks when to write, what to create, where to post and engagement results. It tracks your progress and you can effectively manage your channel.

Consistency  – there goes hand-in-hand with Editorial Calendar and this the KEY to getting traffic. Most search engines or social platforms favor accounts that are constantly updated, therefore, try to post every week

How to Monetize on YouTube

The above points are tips, tools and strategies that can help in increasing your account, the more traffic you have, the more money you can generate. Below are some different methods your YouTube Channel can create revenue streams:

  • Blogging
  • Consulting  
  • Freelancing 
  • E-commerce
  • Video Creator
  • Selling products
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Brand Ambassador 
  • Social Media Manager


The most important method to gain viewers and increasing page views is creating content that the audience likes and be consistent with your uploads. This is not a get quick rich scheme, it takes a lot of time to produce a video. Take the time to edit and research your editorial calendar. 

Constantly learn, always learn the new YouTube terms and conditions, new tools or new video making skills. 

Cheering To Your Success
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 How to Make Money On YouTubeHow to Make Money On YouTube



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