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20 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Design Your FinancesBlogging is the process of outlining useful information on a selected topic through text, video or infographics. There are many ways make money blogging and it has become much easier especially with the explosion of social media, easily available technical tools such as WordPress, it has become much easier to make money online blogging.

First, decide which blogger you want to be as each type demands various needs and efforts. In addition to the type of blogger you choose to be, it is best to create a business plan for how you want your business to grow, reach your target audience and how you deliver solutions or content to your customers. There are various types of bloggers and many fit the below choices:


How to Make Money Blogging 

Hobby –
this is a “once in a while” blogger where they simply focus on the aspects of their hobbies and it does not translate to blog business. Below characteristics tend to describe a hobby

  • No business plan
  • There are no growth strategies 
  • No consistency in publishing work

Professional – this blogger usually focuses on clientele services. There is an exchange of services offered usually for a specified amount of money. There are many types of services that a professional blogger may offer, such as freelancing. Basically, freelancing is on a task-based whereas sponsored post (most of the time) they are on a set duration of time. 

  • freelancing
  • copywriting

Entrepreneur – this type of blogger goes beyond trading time for money but they aim to expand and reach growth milestones. Implementing growth strategies such as networking and or email list marketing becomes a top priority. Most bloggers in these categories they focus on having multiple streams of income that is being generated or tied to their blog. 

  • creates products or other revenue streams



There many ways to make money from your blog, the below are the steps

FIRST: create an engaged audience, write content that provides solutions to their problems

SECOND: once you have created an engaged audience, then you can implement the various methods of creating different income sources.

TIP: your platform can be anything, from YouTube, Instagram, Blogging and the methods below of making money are still the same



Design Your Finances



This is probably the most favored form of revenue stream as it does not have many obstacles. Mostly, you refer customers to a product that solves a problem or enhances their experience and get a percentage of the sale (this is also known as a referral fee or affiliate commission)  Click Here to Learn About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is best for newbies as well as experts. For newbies, this is a quick way to starting earning while learning about blogging and or how internet marketing works. For experts, this can be just another stream of income. Usually, what expert bloggers do when they find a product they really like, they sent an email to their list promoting that product and they get commissions from that process. 

Affiliate Marketing Tips

  • Understand when payouts are paid 
  • Promote reputable products that you have actually used 
  • Always have a method of tracking outside their tracking system 
  • Be in contact with an account manager or establish the best way to get help





You can easily design anything with this services, from books, physical products, digital products, even clothes. This is the one of the best designing tool, that you can use to generate income and is easy to use. It comes with predesigned templates that you can easily use. Click Here to Start Designing

There are many types of products that a blogger can sale and generally fall into three categories below:

Digital Products – These are products or services that are sold and delivered online. There are numerous reasons why this type of product can be beneficial mainly because the expenses can be limited since there is no shipping and it is easy access whether its downloadable or a membership site 

Types of Digital Products
  • Courses
  • Ebooks
  • Printables

Physical Product – These types of products usually have to be shipped as they are tangible. There are many platforms you can use to sell your physical products, such as WordPress, Shopify or WooCommerce. 

Types of Physical Product
  • books
  • merchandise

Private Label Products – this is when you buy a product from a supplier or manufacturer and then put your own brand on it. This helps when you are creating a brand as you are able to sell the product under your own brand instead of someone’s else 

Types of Products
  • wigs
  • journals
  • merchandise




INCOME: $10 000 A POST

This course creator is making $10,000 a post!! That is a lot of money that some blogs do not even make a month, and yet she is making in on a post. The course will showcase how to exactly starting making money, sourcing clients and increase your rates. Click Here to Learn About Sponsored Posts

With many companies now maintaining blogs, there is a higher demand for writers, as they would like to keep content on their site current. Due to their demand for content, they tend to have contracts with writers such as: 

  • 3 articles per week of 2 000 words for an agreed amount of money say $250 
  • With this type of service, a professional blogger would have a roaster of various clients that they offer services to. As you can see with this process, one can fill up their calendar and can easily scale it a full-time income. 




INCOME: $4000

If you are looking to start side hustle gigs online as soon as possible, this site is the best one. When you sign up, first thing is to set up your portfolio, experience and rates. You can apply for different jobs that you see fit, the “task requester” will provide information of what the job entails. The best approach is to first study the top leading freelancers in your niche and then create your portfolio. Depending on the type of work you deliver it can become more than a one time gig. Some of the sites require you to list how much you charge for a specific task, a sample of your work and past reviews. All this helps in getting a higher rate from “task requester” Click Here to Start Freelancing






This course is great for creating a side hustle with Pinterest. It teaches you all the strategies to increase account followers, increase engagement and best of all how to create a profitable business while targeting Pinterest traffic. Once you specialize in something and you have solutions that solve problems in your niche, instead of selling that information as just a product you can create a consulting business from it. Click Here to Learn About Pinterest Course

Consulting is when you are in giving advice, winning strategies and you apply those strategies on behalf of the client in hopes to achieve the desired goals you outlined in your client proposal. This is usually sold in increments such as a 30 minute or 1-hour call.

This service is more personalized and customers have a one on one experience. 

Types of Consulting Business
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Pinterest Traffic Strategies





This is an important part of building any business especially blogging mainly because the source of traffic constantly changes. There have been so many search engine algorithm updates, changes or worst no longer in service like Google Plus.  An email list is the biggest asset to your business because you have a target market that is interested in your business, which is easier to convert. Click Here to Sign Up For Email Service

There are many strategies you can implement in order to have customers opt onto your list. Many bloggers implement different strategies on how to make money with an email list, this is one of the best methods to make money online. Below are some tips on how to get people to sign up

  • offer free information that is helpful
  • give great solutions to problems in your niche 
  • sell a product or services that solve the problem
  • instead of a website or still building one, you can send traffic to a landing page to capture the email address
  • have multiple optins, for instance, a specific problem can have its own Optin and an email sequence of delivering solutions at specified times 



Design Your Finances



This course is specifically created for anyone who wants to drive traffic to their site. As with any social media side hustle, traffic is the most important aspect of increasing sales. This course solves that problem by creating cheap Facebook Ads and driving massive traffic to a website. Once you have driven the traffic to your site, you can easily convert your visitors into customers, with any of the money making options listed here. Click Here to Start Facebook Ads





INCOME: $4000 

This course showcase how to write profitable Kindle ebooks. There are a great number of people who are making passive income from blogs posts!! (imagine that).

TIP: To generate Kindle income from your blog, the best way would be to compile your posts and sell them as ebooks. 

This course showcases how to research, write and market your Kindle books. The best of this side hustle, is that once you create it, you can earn money passively.  There are other incentives of creating Kindle Books, especially Amazon since it has a wide customer base.  Click Here to Learn About Kindle Publishing



Coaching services are similar to consulting services where you still provide solutions to targeted problems in your niche. The major difference in coaching you impart your knowledge to your client by teaching them and usually, they follow a module or a syllabus.

TIP – the examples above, the types of products for coaching and consulting are the same, the only difference is the delivery. This a clear example of how one idea can generate multiple revenue streams

It is your client’s sole responsibility to apply what you teach, whereas in consulting, usually, you do it for them. With coaching services you can sell different packages at different prices and this is usually formatted as upsells. 

Type of Services
  • Facebook Ads 
  • Pinterest Strategies 



Ads placement is one of the most converted methods to generate income as it does not require much maintenance once the targets have been met. There are different types of ads and each company has its own requirements that should be followed, unfortunately, if there is a violation of the terms, they can easily terminate your contract and withhold any earning.  Please be mindful and follow the terms.

Ad Agency placements  – Most agencies (networks) refer to the blogger as a publisher and the party that is buying the ad space is referred to as the advertiserThere are many types of agencies and what makes them all different is the rate they pay per impression, type of advertisers and their terms of services. 

TIP – please be mindful and follow their terms, for instance clicking on your own ad is a sure way to get your account frozen

Placing the ad on a blog includes pasting a code on the page where you want the advertisement to show. Most bloggers tend to place the ads on various locations on their blog such as top banner, blog page, sidebar and or the footer. This all adds up and increases the number of impressions the ad is exposed to, as a result, this increases your payout. 

The type of ads that shows up on your site is all determined by the ad agency (network) as they try and match your type of content to the advertisers whose needs are best met. 

Type of Agencies – Thrive,  Media Vine, Google Adsense 



These types of ads are similar to the Ad Agency, the only difference is instead of various companies showing up on the ad, it’s only one company that buys a fixed spot on your site for a specified amount of time.

For instance, 

  • ABC company loves your content 
  • and is interested in your target market, they may request to have a 
  • their company banner placed on your site on a prime location for the next 2 months 
  • for a set rate such as $300 per month

TIP: it is critical that you have great analytics in order to measure your results and the universal tool is Google Analytic

The objective for advertisers is to get a return on their investment and in doing so they are different metrics that you have to provide that come with ads display, either the advertiser requests the statistics of your blog such as: 

  • CPC
  • Impressions
  • unique visitors 
  • number of sessions



Social media has become the new business card and it takes a lot of work, strategy and the right form of communication for that particular social media platform. Bigger brands are constantly advertising and always in need of reaching new targets and audiences, therefore creativity is in demand as companies try to differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

There are so many Social Media Managing positions where you can be in charge of 

  • social media postings
  • interaction with customers 
  • implementing new strategies 
  • monitoring accounts and or running ads

The type of payments varies for this position as it may be a rate based on results or a full-time position. Regardless of payments be very thorough in knowing the expectation of the job and how you are evaluated. 



This has clearly become a top option of creating money online and many bloggers tend to add this to their portfolio as a source of traffic.  The format of this platform is more of an interview structure where a guest or a topic is the main point of discussion.  The same streams of income from a blog can be applied to a podcast such as affiliate marketing or selling your own product. 

Just like ad agencies or networks for blogs, Midroll is one of the ad agencies for podcasts and usually you need to have at least 5k to 10k monthly listeners. 



It has become much easier to create an App and make money from it. This is also another avenue to increase your target audience. There are multiple ways to generate revenue from your app such as

  • advertisers placing their banners on your app. 
  • Another method of revenue is collecting customer data and then reselling that information as leads. Most revenue sources include leads generation and another payment if they make a purchase. This is most desirable because advertisers pay twice.
  • In-App sells is a much-targeted form of selling and easier since your customer is already aware of your brand, this can include:
    • selling the next level or phase
    • Selling products
    • Coaching services 
    • Merchandise
    • Subscriptions

TIP- Creating an App & Podcast may be off-site platforms but you can drive traffic from yX



Most bloggers are Amazon Partners and with this method, they can generate more in affiliate commission. Amazon currently pays 8% of any referred sales (depending on category). The best method is to write product reviews and sent traffic. A great product review and high traffic can easily generate high commissions

Product Review Tips

  • try the product before promoting it
  • include the pros and cons in your review 
  • usually, you can get a free product by reaching out to the seller and informing them you want to write a review
  • review a product that actually solves or problem or enhances the process, because they are easy to convert 
  • also, review the whole buying process from purchasing to customer service issues 



Usually, this type of revenue stream is for experienced bloggers. Traffic generation is the most important aspect of blogging and certainly the driving force behind this stream of revenue. The process includes finding niche topics, writing informative articles and adding affiliate products. The main source of revenue is generated through ads placements, once the site has reached a certain amount of income per month it can be sold. 

This can be a real business model if done correctly as websites with high traffic sell for a high price.  Companies where you can sell your site

Tips for Selling Your Site

  • treat your blog like a business
  • install tracking and analytics tools 
  • File taxes, keep accounting records
  • build an email list, social media profiles as this can only help in increasing the price



If your blog is generating high traffic and you have a clear target audience, then it’s more than possible to generate any stream of revenue. A paid directory can certainly be of high value if structured correctly. For a directory site to be successful you need to identify the problem, find the solution and increase targeted traffic.  Usually, there are 5 parties for it to be successful 

The Site this should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, great technical and customer services
Publishers These are people who spread the news of your site such affiliate/ambassadors and in return, they get to use the services for free or get a commission for referrals
Advertisers These are companies or people who post listings on your site for a specified amount of time and rate. 
Traffic As the site owner, you want to increase converting target audience as this will only increase your ad revenue from your advertisers 
  • Fiverr 
  • Indeed
  • ProBlogger 



This can certainly be a massive traffic generator for your blog or site as this will be a place where readers, visitors come to find answers, share ideas and mainly interact with likely minded people. 

Tips on Setting up a Forum

  • get a forum script 
  • you need domain & hosting services 
  • select topics that are acceptable and what is prohibited
  • Become an experienced site manager (if you can’t hire one yet) 
  • write terms & conditions (pay more attention to this as cyber-bullying / identity theft is on the rise) 

Just like a blog, the same methods of making money are similar and you can apply them to a forum setting which includes affiliate marketing, advertising ads, sell products 



This is a lucrative way to make money, mainly because you not making money on a single transaction such as affiliate marketing, but as long as the person remains a client. This is a great way to make money online because once you built your product or service it will continuously generate an income for you on a monthly basis. How to make money with a membership site, is depended on the quality of your product, its delivery and how you operate the back office 

  • make sure your product or service is worth more than the price 
  • make sure your content or service is comparable or better than the authority sites
  • create a tribe that is focused on helping and prohibit & eradicate offensive behaviors 



There are both online and offline methods you could use to generate income. The easiest way is to start an online community, grow your tribe and then expand to offline services such as 

  • seminar 
  • offline tutorials
  • tv appearances
  • masterminds groups
  • speaking engagements 

Yes, the above methods require massive efforts, networking, strategies and you can easily start with a blog.  This goes to show that your blog can be the start and foundation of many income avenues, the most important aspect is to blog with a purpose, implement a business plan that is flexible to new ideas and opportunities. 



With sponsored ads, you can create another source of revenue as companies are mostly interested in reaching a wider targeted audience. As such you can create a fee for each sponsored content or brand collaboration. The best approach is to understand and the requirements, expectations,  form of delivery required. Before any work is done, have a written agreement that details all the specifications, from metrics delivery, rates, how your content will be used if you have creative rights or that is transferred.


How to make money blogging can clearly open different revenue streams only if time, effort and research are constantly applied. The methods of making money online are similarly the same, the major differences are the delivery, how the product is packaged and how it marketed. Regardless of your product or service, make the most effort in delivering quality and customer service.

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How to Make Money Blogging How to Make Money Blogging


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