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9 Apps to Save Money While Shopping

This article has some of the Best Apps to Save Money While Shopping that will help you reduce your bill, save you the most money and searches for the best coupons.

There are many ways to save money while shopping online. One way is to save money is to use discount codes or promo codes and another way is to use cashback the Apps.

These apps can easily be downloaded from App Store and Google Play or downloaded from a Google extension. In this economy where inflation and recession is growing, there is no greater moment of trying to save as much as possible and these apps below work hard for you.

Best Shopping Apps That Save Money


Online shopping has become a popular way to make purchases without having to leave the house.

However, sometimes shopping can come at a cost, such as the price of shipping and the hidden fees that mysteriously show up during checkout.

Luckily, there are a few apps that can help you save money, by searching for the best deals and coupons that actually reduce the bill.

Some of these apps will let you know when there is a sale going on for a certain item that you have been looking at, or it will tell you where to find the best deals for that item.

Some of them even predict what items will be on sale in the future, so you can plan ahead and buy them at their lowest price point.

The best way to use these apps is to first analyze your budget, then meal prep ideas, after that then look at the apps to see which app serves your budget in terms of lowest prices. Another method, is to combine the apps for maximum savings or better yet track when each app has it discounted prices.

Top Grocery Apps

There is no hiding that the current food prices have significantly increased, and  coming up with grocery strategies to try and combat these prices is the next best thing. These are apps have managed to save money for different types of grocery needs from infants to adults. Below are some of the best ways to use the apps in order to get the most savings.




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Coupons this website and its app is one of the best way to find coupons. The website has numerous coupons in many different categories. You are able to save your coupons on either the app or the website. They frequently update the website with more coupons and usually highlight the ones that save the most money.  The website functions into three different sections such cashback offers, digital coupons and printable. You can either apply your coupons digitally or you can print them for easier use.


  • Brands: They have leading brands from different categories
  • Digital Coupons: you do not need to clip the coupons, it can be applied digitally
  • Related Products: when you select a coupon, you are able to search for coupons for related product




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Costco is a one of the biggest retailer that is known by their beloved customers who love bulk shopping and cheap prices. There is so much savings that one can get when shopping at Costco. The most important aspect into great savings, is to know how to shop at Costco and receive these savings. Having a Costco membership has so many advantages, but the top favored ones includes discounted gas prices, restaurants, and as well as savings from other companies that they have a partnership with


  • Save on Gas: 4 % on eligible gas for the first year
  • Save on Costco Shopping: 2% on other purchase from Costco
  • Save on Restaurants: 3% on all eligible restaurants and eligible travel


Top Cashback Apps

As an avid saver, there is no greater joy to notice that cashback money in your account. The best part of cash back is not only that you save money, but also you can use to pay the very same bill you incurred. The best way to deal with cash back apps is to determine how best to use that money. This post on Top Budgeting Apps, showcase how you can easily invest your spare change. Below are some of the industry best cashbacks apps.




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Ibotta is a rebate app that allows you to get money back on purchases from stores like Walmart, Target, and more. Ibotta is a rebate app that has been around for a few years now. This app allows you to get money back on purchases from stores like Walmart, Target, and more. The way it works is by using the Ibotta shopping list which has items that are discounted in-store. When you go to the store and purchase these items, you scan them with Ibotta and earn cash back.


  • Brands: offers cashback to a  wide range of leading companies in different categories
  • Receipt Submission: you get cashback, when you submit receipts from what you have shopped
  • Loyalty Points: When you use your linked loyalty accounts at checkout, your purchases will be linked to qualifying offers on your list




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Rakuten is a cashback shopping app that helps shoppers get the best deals on their purchases. The company offers a shopping rebate with every purchase made on the app. It’s an easy and convenient way to save money while shopping online.  The more you shop and use the app, the more cashbacks you earn. Once you have accumulated enough money for disbursement, Rakuten will deposit the money into your PayPal account.


  • Brands: has leading companies in different categories
  • PayPal Deposits: easy deposit process which is swift and the process is easy to start
  • Process: Rakuten gets paid a commission for sending customers, and they turnaround give you cashbacks


Best Price Comparison Apps

This is where most conservative and savvy consumers will find refuge, the below apps are known to compare prices all over the internet in search of the best prices. The apps work in finding the best coupons, sales to in season prices, either way, you can certainly save money.


Shop Savvy


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Shop Savvy is an app that compares prices for you. It scans barcodes, searches the internet and tells you where to buy the item for less money so you don’t end up paying too much for your items. This shopping app has different attributes comparing to the the other apps, mainly because it searches the internet for cheaper prices for your desired products  or a comparable product.


  • Brands: have more retailers to choose from
  • Back-in-Stock Alerts: the app alerts you know when an item you want is available again
  • Price Tracking: Shop Savvy continuously tracks prices across thousands of retailers, and shows you all the ups and downs.

Top Overall Savings Apps

There are so many times you have a item on a wish list and waiting for it to go on sale, but unfortunately, you miss. These apps will track your purchases and then automatically apply coupon codes for you to get the best deals. Some of  these apps will monitor your wish list and notify you when the prices have reduced, while apps like Groupon will showcase the already best discounted price for your desired item.




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Honey is a an app and has a website, which functions with a chrome extension. This app works as you are currently shopping. While shopping you can click on the honey icon and it then searches if there are any discounted codes to be applied. You can also use the Honey app to reduce the prices on most websites, such as Amazon, Best Buy and  other major retail companies. Honey has over 16 million users and this has only allowed the app to get better saving codes from popular and big brands


  • Brands: has over 30,000 leading companies in different categories
  • Automatic: it has the ability to apply automatic codes and items in your carts
  • Wishlist: if not ready to buy, Honey, will add the discounted coupon on the items



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Groupon is an app and also has a website which is perfect for those that are looking to save money. Most companies want to attract more customers and as a result, they constantly discount prices. The best way to  get the most out of Groupon is to constantly check for more updated discounted prices. You can search for discounted coupons by location, price and and categories.


  • Location: highlight the most discounted coupons within your area
  • Reviews: the companies have reviews and this allows you to verify the quality of services
  • Selections: has more categories, such as beauty, travel, gifting, fitness, automotive and more

Capital One Shopping


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Capital One Shopping is fairly new to the “saving money while shopping” but it has a wide variety of companies that participate in the program. This not surprising since Capital One acquired Wikibuy a tech start-up used by millions to price-check while shopping on Amazon as well as Paribus which was a creator of the price tracking app. This gives them an advantage of understanding what we the consumers spent our money and what kind of savings we search for.


  • Categories: it has the same categories, as Amazon
  • Brands: has many leading brands participating in the program
  • How it Works: it gets you better offers, then automatically applies the best coupon code at checkout, and lets you know when prices drop on products you’ve viewed and purchased.


Top Rewards Apps

As stated before, inflation and recession has certainly changed many consumers buying habits, and this app has a found a way around into helping consumers. If you are a natural shopper, this app might be for you, why not save money while shopping.


Shop Kick


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 The ShopKick rewards program is one of the most popular loyalty programs for retailers. It rewards customers with points for visiting a store and scanning their mobile device at the store’s entrance. These points can be redeemed for a variety of prizes, such as gift cards and products. Shopkick is the best example of gamification in retail, but it is not without its drawbacks. The app has been criticized by some to be too pushy, with notifications that are too frequent and intrusive.


  • Easy Process: its easy way to get free gift cards at home, in-store, while you on the go
  • Online Shopping:  this also applies to online shopping and the rewards are easily applied
  • Brands: has a lot of leading branding in many categories participating in the rewards program



This new generation of apps are designed to make online shopping more convenient and cheaper.  The best approach we have found is determine your shopping needs and then find the apps that works for you. Our best combination using multiple apps, such as the coupon app, cashback app, discounted prices as well as the rewards app. Hopefully, this post enables you to save money. Let us know which app saves you the most money and which one you like.

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