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    How Make Money on Social Media


    Design Your FinancesThere is a wrong belief that to Make Money on Social Media, you need thousands or millions of followers.

    You need to first understand how the social media platform works, how the audience interacts with content and most IMPORTANTLY the correct way to advertise on that platform.

    In the Facebook post, the course teaches how to market your business for $5 a day and make money from it. Before you start paying for any advertising, take the time to that the platform.

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    Top Paying Side Hustles

    Top Paying Side HustlesThis post showcases different types of Top Paying Side Hustles that can make full time income.  The side hustles have low cost start up and can easily scale up into generating full time income.

    Most of the side hustles can also generate passive income which is the best form of side business. The most favored side hustle is part of the gig economy where you can easily  monetize your skill-set, by becoming a freelancer.

    My favorite side hustle is blogging and this can easily generate 6 Figures in a year and the post showcases how to set up a blog that generates income.

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    17 Ways to Make Full Time Income Online

    This post showcases the different methods that can easily boost your online income or at best that can create a full time online business.

    Design Your Finances is all about improving your financial goals and sometimes it means having the high paying side hustles before building fulltime online business. This post is a compilation of the different ways to make money online.

    I reached financial freedom, by starting out with making extra income, which helped me payoff student loans, car loans, credit cards and more. My goal was to make $500 extra a week and have since created business that have generated more than six figures. Most of the listed make money online ideas, only require a phone or a small investment. Making money online is about being creative and finding customers a solution to their problem.

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    How I Make $3000 With Sponsored Posts

    Design Your Finances

    SPONSORED POSTS are commonly referred to as promoted posts, videos or images, marketed to a targeted group of people within the same niche or demographic all with the aim of reaching a wider audience.

    This course creator MAKES $20,000 from SPONSORED POSTS If you have any social media platform, such as blogs, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram you can easily make money with sponsored posts. There are many  important lessons taught in this course, from the many different ways to get sponsored work, how to contact brands, create contracts, set your rates and increase your business. If you want to increase this type of side hustle and turn into a thriving business, this is the right course to show you how many big bloggers are making money all with sponsored posts.

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