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    How I Make $3000 With Sponsored Posts

    Design Your Finances

    SPONSORED POSTS are commonly referred to as promoted posts, videos or images, marketed to a targeted group of people within the same niche or demographic all with the aim of reaching a wider audience.

    This course creator MAKES $20,000 from SPONSORED POSTS If you have any social media platform, such as blogs, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram you can easily make money with sponsored posts. There are many  important lessons taught in this course, from the many different ways to get sponsored work, how to contact brands, create contracts, set your rates and increase your business. If you want to increase this type of side hustle and turn into a thriving business, this is the right course to show you how many big bloggers are making money all with sponsored posts.

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    Transcription Jobs that Make $80,000

    Design Your Finances

    TRANSCRIPTION JOBS  includes converting audio files into written text. A transcriptionist or professional typist specializes in listening to audio files and converting them to a text format. 

    TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES are currently in high demand, mainly due to the increase of different businesses on the internet. Any voice publication in various formats such lectures, videos, TV shows or news, all these can easily be converted into text format by a transcriptionist.

    Transcription services are sectioned into two main formats, General Transcription and Legal Transcription. The Legal Transcription course is more detailed as it covers more topics in the legal field. 

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    How Tailwind Increased My Traffic and Blog Income

    TAILWIND is an approved Pinterest scheduler. You can schedule up to a year worth of pins and they can be distributed at your specified timeframe when your audience is active on Pinterest.

    This is usually the best way to post, as you will get more engagement from your audience and interaction with your content.  If you want to build a business on Pinterest and generate massive amounts of traffic, you NEED TAILWIND, as it makes it much easier to publish your pins. It simplifies the whole process, wider reach of potential clients, and you work less.

    Another reason why Tailwind is a MUST, even though Tailwind is a third party scheduler, within the system, there are many functions that are all built to help increase your Pinterest traffic, such as analytics, Tailwind Communities, scheduling time slots and so much more. This post will showcase how to use Tailwind and increase your Pinterest account and traffic. 

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    Email Marketing Increased Blog Income by 36%

    EMAIL MARKETING is the process of communicating and engaging with visitors and customers about your brand or related topics through email delivery. 

    GET RESPONSE is an internet company that offers services like email marketing, landing pages, webinar hosting, forms, surveys and among others services that help businesses engage with their clients.

    This is the MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS ASSET YOU HAVE. As long as you plan to start a business, this should be at the top of the list to create and maintain one.

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