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    How I Made $80k From Print On Demand

    Design Your FinancesPrint on Demand is a business model that uses printing technology to print designs on different products.

    There are various product catalogs that you can design for and can easily create a business. This post will showcase How to Make Money with Print On Demand business model. The most advantageous points to this business is the ability to create multiple collections with product catalogues such as clothing, decor, houseware and so much more. Additionally, you do not have to spend money on securing inventory, this is usually a big cost, that you do not have to expense. The below tips showcase the steps I took to generate $80,000.00 with this business model.

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    16 Ways to Make Money Online $500 a Day

    How to Make $300 a DayThere are many ways to make money online as well as offline. To make money online creates different methods of revenue streams.

    Depending on the type of product and or business you can easily make enough money to cover bills.  The best strategy is to determine how much you want to make a month, then break it down to the most granular level.

    This makes the whole process much easier to tackle.  For instance, if you make $300 times 20 working days in a month, that totals to $6000  a month!!  Read more on different ways to make $300 a day.

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    20 Top Paying Online Typing Jobs

    Online Transcription JobsTranscription services or Typing Jobs is the process of converting audio files into written text. A transcriptionist or professional typist specializes in listening to audio files and converting them to a text format.

    There are many industries that require transcription services and they include medical, legal, corporate, academic, researchers and or anyone who needs to convert spoken word into a text document.

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    10 Ways to Make Passive Income

    How to Passively Make Money

    PASSIVE INCOME includes earnings or proceeds derived from activities that do not require day to day management, but still generate income consistently.  This includes rental income or dividends income. It is advisable to verify IRS definition and rules as it may have different tax requirements. 

    This post will have options that require upfront work to set up and thereafter, will earn money passively and easy options to set up with little effort.

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