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    How to Make $4000 a Month on FIVERR

    FIVERR is a platform with a wide range of business services where buyers pay to get business services done.

    It has OVER 200 CATEGORIES and you can sell your services in any category, as long as it is legal and meets FIVERR terms.

    This has become the go to place for anyone interested in the gig economy. The are two main parties, sellers and buyers. Sellers list their qualifications, mainly what business services they are willing to be paid for. Buyers are willing to pay for a qualified person to complete business services.

    This is a perfect side hustle or can turn into a business because as a seller you can list your own prices, take as many clients as you want and can certainly increase your rates.

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    How I Turned $12.99 Into $80k Business with Canva

    CANVA is a Graphic Design platform where you can translate and communicate an intended message through a visual presentation to a targeted audience through visual aids such as images, words or illustrations. 

    The cost of the service is $12.99 and I was able to make $86,000 and income is still growing. The service comes with various graphic design functions, learning modules and countless design possibilities.

    I took the time to learn the different design templates in the system and came with various business ideas I could generate from this one service. My different businesses include both digital and physical products. 

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    Why Bluehost is the Top Hosting Company for Bloggers

    Design Your FinancesBluehost is a web hosting company that has various services that support small to large business with business needs.

    Bluehost has become a leading company among bloggers mainly because of the additional services they offer bloggers.

    Whether you are experienced or new, there is help designed to grow your blogging business. This post will showcase why Bluehost is favored among other bloggers and ecommerce owners. One of the main advantages to host with Bluehost, is mainly because of their customer service, this is especially important if you are still new to ecommerce and blogging as they will show you exactly what to do, or at best, they will do it for you. Many new bloggers are so fearful to the “technical aspect of blogging” and yet everything is done for you and no coding, editing HTML or CSS. If you can use an email service, such as Hotmail, you can start and run your blog successfully.  The post will show how simple it is to start your blog.

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    Affiliate Marketing Course That Made My Blog Profitable

    Affiliate Marketing is when a marketer promotes a service or a product and gets a percentage, normally known as a commission or referral fee.

    There are different ways companies structure payments mostly includes either a one time payment, a set payout amount, a percentage of the total cost and or recurring commission if the customer keeps retaining the services.

    Affiliate Marketing has become the most favored side hustle because it does not take much to start, you can easily promote many products and you do not have to worry about starting a business. This course is the reason why my small blog is making money and importantly, earning more than my old corporate full time job. The course goes into step by step process of how to find the best companies and how to model my affiliate business.

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