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20 Hobbies That Make Money

Hobbies That Make Money

What is a hobby? A hobby is an activity that you do simply for enjoyment. This article showcases hobbies that make money and can turn into full income. There is nothing better than  having a hobby that actually pays the bills, better yet that can replace your job and become a full-time income.

Regardless of your choice, there are methods you can implement to turn your hobby into a business.

This post is going to showcase hobbies that can actually become and earn a full time income.


There is now a greater need of having beautiful stock photos and since there has been a rise in blogs and content production this is the best time to turn into business.

How to Make Money with Photography 

  • sell your prints
  • sell prints with royalty fee
  • sell your photography to numerous site
  • create a blog that showcases photography
  • create a teaching product about photography
  • create a membership site where you can sell your own pictures




Painting and drawing is no longer for talented people, but the majority can enjoy it. There are new business ventures that are profiting from this hobby, such as the popular sip and paint.  The best way to make money out of this hobby is coming up with creative ways to include the public to participate. Consider the below tips as a starting point:

How to Make Money Drawing

  • sell drawing lessons
  • sell fashion illustrations
  • create a YouTube Channel
  • create and sell coloring book
  • get paid to draw greeting cards


Cartoon Stock


Graphic Designers create visual concepts using various techniques in order to capture and showcase business essence on various media platforms. There are so many businesses that are now forming and many are in need of graphics designers. Take the time to learn different services your business can offer such as:

How to Make Money as a Graphic Designer

  • logos
  • brochures
  • advertisements
  • business stationery


99 Designs


The fashion industry has taken new heights especially with the new shopping Apps, influencers and social media. The best part about it is the exposure to various styles, this is certainly a great avenue for aspiring fashion lovers, designers and admirers. For those who love this space there is a way to turn the hobby into an income generating avenue.

How to Make Money as a Fashion Designer

  • affiliate marketing
  • brand ambassador
  • sell your own products
  • do brand collaborations


Social media has become a place where various demographics come and exchange ideas. Even though social media has been deemed as a “millennial space” most companies now have a presence in this space as they try to expand their target reach.

If you are social media savvy you can curate a business out of something you already enjoy.  To turn this into a business it is best to curate services that you can offer your clients at premium.

How to Make Money as Social Media Manager

  • affiliate marketing
  • consulting services
  • social media manager
  • social media campaign strategist


This has been such a lucrative hobby that has surely replaced jobs and turned  hobbies into thriving businesses. There are countless ways to make money with writing and each methods has the ability to produce thousands of dollars per month such as:

How to Make Money Writing

  • Blogging
  • Freelancer
  • Copywriting

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Those who love music and can play or create it, can certainly share their love on different platforms and formats. You could start sharing lessons on how to read music notes, different keys and graduate to playing a full song.

If you are into creating tracks, this could be another way of teaching your craft.

How to Make Money with Music

  • sell lessons
  • create a YouTube Channel
  • start a Music Label Company and sell your own music to Influencers


Public speaking has many traits that can be transferred to other sectors, such as the ability to engage crowds and state your point across. You can use such traits to be an influencer.

To be an influencer does not necessarily mean you have to be in the fashion and beauty industry, any sector can accommodate an influencer just as long you are able to form and get your point across. Below are some traits of being an influencer:

  • Engaging
  • Passionate
  • People Person
  • knowledgeable

How to Make Money as an Influencer

There are many ways to create an income when you choose this platform such as, speaking engagements, affiliate marketing or selling your own products.


This option includes different ways to make money but the most profitable one is becoming a proofreader.

Due to the high number of blogs and written content online, companies want to ensure that their content is written out correctly. As we all know, demand drives price which makes your rates go up.

  • proofread materials for spelling, grammar, punctuation
  • they also verify if documents are consistent with brand mission

How to Make Money as Proofreader

There are many platforms where you list your service and find clients. You can list your services on the below platforms


This is a fun way to relax and be creative and in addition you can make a profitable business if you strategize your idea correctly. Some of the best methods to generate income in this space to come up with unique ideas which may include:

  • trying to cook international food
  • or trying to recreate a well liked food
  • currently there are a lot of mubank videos
  • cooking a cookbook from beginning to end

How to Make Money Cooking or Baking

Find your niche idea and grow your audience then scale your ideas to  cookbooks, products or cookware or monetize your YouTube Channel.


Just like any other social media business, if you have an audience you can present or promote the product your audience is likely to enjoy. Both big and small brands are willing to spend money for a targeted and engaged audience.  There are ways you can monetize your platform such as::

How to Make Money Shopping

  • affiliate links
  • secret shopping
  • product feedback
  • brand ambassador
  • brand collaboration

To be successful at this you may have to show potential clients your analytics. This is imperative as this indicates to potential clients that you have an engaging audience. These are some of the metrics that they may request, engagement rates, cost per clicks, pageviews, etc


This has become a lucrative way to make money as there is a high demand for viewers and this translates to various income streams. The better you become, the more opportunities and this has led some players to become professional gamers.

The best way is to make a gaming plan, start with the basics by improving your skills, create your YouTube Channel, and build your audience as you grow.

How to Make Money With Video Games

  • create a YouTube Channel
  • become a Video Game Tester
  • play video games competitively
  • work as a Video Game Journalist
  • get sponsored by an eSport Team
  • livestream your game live on Twitch


This is a great way for those that love to make things with their hands get an opportunity to create and sell.

Esty has become a great marketplace for people selling their crafts works. If you want to scale it into a business you may want to implement strategies that support growth such as making more products for sale. Below are some crafts ideas that can generate some income

How To Make Money With Crafts

  • scarfs
  • bow ties
  • wedding veils
  • cell phone covers
  • dollar store items redesigned
  • you make headband collections


Well this option has created ordinary people to have thriving businesses. There are so many platforms that accept video sharing. Come up with a plan such as the type of videos you want to make and on which platform. Implement various SEO strategies and start to create an audience.

How To Make Money with Videos

  • create a YouTube Channel
  • create various social media accounts
  • list your services on freelancing website

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How to Make Money on YouTube

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Even though it takes a lot of work, there is so much pleasure and comfort in gardening.  There are different stages and types of gardening, which could be an option if you want to grow to start earning from this hobby.

How to Make Money Gardening

  • sell flower photos
  • sell garden photos
  • sell a garden ebook
  • write for garden blogs
  • write reviews for various garden tools


Fashion is one of the biggest industries and there are many levels, jobs and ideas one can make money from. The best way is to find your niche and produce content that is specific and targeted. Once you start getting an audience, you do have the option and venture into other fashion segments. Below are some tips to start earning with sewing:

How to Make Money Sewing

  • sell teaching lessons
  • sell sewing patterns
  • sew clothes for sale
  • you can start a sewing business
  • create YouTube channel and get ads


This is a multi billion industry that has countless ways of staying healthy, how to exercise, the right fitness tools or athleisure wear. All things are avenues that can make money. Most get started with just compiling different exercise drills and slowly growing an audience. Below are some tips to start earning with fitness:

How to Make a Money in Fitness

  • sell ebooks
  • sell courses
  • sell meal plans
  • brand collaboration
  • create a YouTube channel
  • find fitness products you can private label


If you are a sports enthusiast you can certainly make money by sharing your opinion. There are ways you can enjoy your favorite sports and earn from its such as:

How to Make a Money in Sports

  • coach a team
  • write a blog
  • have an after show on YouTube
  • get a reseller license and sell sports memorabilia


For those that love hunting for deals and treasures this is a great choice of earning by restoring flea market pieces and refurbishing them. If this is a money making hobby, it may be best to use some strategies to get the best deal from the market such as:

How to Make Money at a Flea Market

  • arrange transportation
  • set an e-commerce store
  • go to estate sales and resale
  • have your cash in several bills
  • buy and refurbish items for sale
  • research and refurbish top selling products
  • select  the best market for what you looking for


This has become a viable source of income where many influencers are finding success. Just like any other source of income you need to have a target audience and it may be an advantage to focus on a specific niche.

How to Make Money as an Interior Decorator

  • affiliate marketing
  • brand collaboration
  • sell consulting services
  • sell products through drop shipping model


There are so many other hobbies that can generate income, regardless of which sector they are in. The best method is to identify a problem and you create a solution for it, or most cases find what kind of enjoyment it brings to your audience.

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Hobbies that Make Money


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