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12 Top Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate marketing or internet marketing is when you promote other people’s products or services and you get a commission.

Building a profitable affiliate marketing business is mostly based on the traffic you generate and creating goals that lead to scalability.

There are numerous ways and channels you can start and be part of the affiliate marketing space. The barrier to entry is low and so are the start-up costs.

The best method is fully to understand the product or service you are promoting, is to become a customer first and then write a review or give feedback. Below are some tips to consider

Why Affiliate Marketing

There are numerous reasons why Affiliate Marketing is a great choice in starting a  business, the examples are endless and relative to one’s choice. Below are some valid profitable reasons

  • A higher percentage of scalability
  • Requires less time than a part-time job
  • Can start a business in something you love
  • Low startup Cost vs. a brick & mortar business
  • Can reach a wider target market than brick & mortar
  • Customer relations are handled and managed by the company
  • You do not have to worry about inventory or product development
  • You can promote multiple niches using the same business methods
  • Set up the business correctly & you do not have to worry about search engines changes

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Affiliate Marketing Tips

There are many reasons to start with affiliate marketing but it has to be correctly done inorder to see any results. Below are some tips to consider: 


The first step would be to identify which niche or audience you want to promote your affiliate links. Once you have identified your niche, it best to now start creating an audience. There are many ways to interact and build your audience, such as blogging, social media accounts, video marketing and or participating in forums.

Tracking Tools

The objective of affiliate marketing is to increase your earnings and one of the most important aspects in this process is to track your performance. Before you start creating and marketing to your audience, it is advisable to have your analytics on all social platforms set up. Take the time to understand the different metrics.

TIP – the main objective of tracking tools is to understand how your audience behaves and then curate solutions to convert them into buyers


This is another method to increase your affiliate earnings, is to constantly examine the current and upcoming trends.  This becomes much easier to market and it is easy to convert buyers.  Always pay attention to the most popular products in your niche and or upcoming trends. In business, try to enter the trend at its beginning so you can be part of the rising curve.

Identify Problem

The next step would be to identify the most common problems that your audience is facing. This can be an array of things from the most simple or to the most complex. The best approach in your niche is to examine your social platforms and see what the majority is stating they need help with.

Product Research

Once you have identified the problem, start looking for products that actually solves the problem. Your product should be educational and solve a problem. The best method is to make a list of products in your niche that solve the problem and start the review process.

Product Selection

Use the list from the “product research phase” to research the companies behind the product. You want to present your audience with the best product on the market. Take note, that affiliate marketing is referring a customer to a product and or service, your referral customer has to continuously conduct business with the company. Below are tips to consider:

  • look for company with great customer service
  • identify if there are any additional cost and fees, it is best to have full disclosure
  • look at the reviews and evaluate if its still a good product to promote
  • provide a full review, including pros and cons as this will give your referrals a full picture

Referral Commissions

This is a business model and with any business your objective is to increase your revenue. The best approach is to find products and or affiliate programs that have a high commission percentage. The are different strategies, but mostly fall under:

  • one time – this can be a set amount or a percentage. Try to get a high percentage 
  • recurring – this may be a better option, because for as long as your customer is a client, you still get a check.

Marketing Strategies

For any business to thrive, there should be a marketing strategy. There is no doubt that social media is the basis of any marketing, but it is best to start with one platform and then move to the next. Understand the tips and tools for each platform for winning results. 

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This is the most important aspect, one that should be applied at all times. When you promote a service or product, find a product that actually provides value. You can can do this by showcasing exactly what your customer is going to buy. Provide an honest review, even the negative aspects, this will only help your visitors to turn into customer.

Affiliate Program

It does take time to find products and review them. The easiest method is to find affiliate programs and or companies that provide brand collaboration. This is the safest way, as they have gone through the vetting program and as merchants or vendors. 

Best Approach 

The best approach to manage and maintain your affiliate relationships is to constantly monitor your analytics, the product performance, the company’s reputation and any feedback from your customer. Always find methods to improve your marketing strategies and how you internally manage your business.

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