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7 Tips on How To Measure Productivity

Work productivity is measured in various formats. Your state of mind is the most important aspect of this venture. It is well connected to your vision and the drive that will propel you to beat against all odds. Making money online is very achievable, the major obstacles you will face includes lack of discipline and lack of implementation.

Remember, you are building a business. Below are some points on how you can measure your productivity, such as S.M.A.R.T Goals and Managing Tasks

The Ambition

Operating and establishing a profitable online business takes effort and direction. Most of us get caught up in the “quick rich scheme” and hope to generate large amounts of money without real work.  It is true that online business has more benefits than a brick & mortar, but this should not shadow the amount of effort and work. Making $10,000 a month is great but let’s start with goals that are reachable and then scale up. Therefore, it is imperative to keep the Ambition inline with Realistic Goals and Building An Online Business

Create a Timeline

Not having measurable goals is a recipe for disaster, escalated Ambition that is not governed by realistic goals is going to breed frustrations. The best method would be to create a timeline with a list of things to do.  Remember, you put in 40 hours a week at your job, you need to start buying time for your business,  start small –  2 hours a week.  The goal in this phase is not to get discouraged and give up.

How to Measure Productivity 

How to measure productivity reflects where you are putting your focus and effort on.  There are various performance measurement techniques, the most important one is to implement the effort.  It is so important to set a ” weekly work schedule for your business” Once you have outlined your goal for instance, (replace a bill)  it is important to have a weekly objective. As notated before there many performance measuring tools, the SMART strategy enables me to keep track of my progress.

Specific – goals enable you to be focused, too many goals you may end up being overwhelmed and worse, lose interest.

Measurable – once a goal has been identified, it is best practice to measure your progress. Set a plan for instance, how many hours can you work towards your business each week and list out tasks to complete.

Action – you need to act, implementation is the force behind success.  Keep feeding your vision for it to gain strength and become a reality.

Realistic – in the world of internet marketing, many seek rich quick schemes.  Be realistic with your goals, making $10k a month may be overwhelming, start by replacing a singular bill, for instance, try to pay your car payment with your online business, once that has been accomplished, aim to increase your earnings and add another bill.

Timeframe – making money online takes time. Take into consideration how many hours you are putting into your business, what income stream is it and be patient with yourself as you start to master the fundamentals of making money online. Read more Qualities of Successful Entrepreneur

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Step 1  – SMART Strategy and Your Goals 

 Specific  Replace one bill with extra income, for instance, a car note
 Measurable  How many steps do I need to complete for me to have a website published
 Action  Doing the work, for instance, creating the website
 Realistic  Aim for reachable goals, for instance, replacing one bill in two months, then add another one
 Timeframe  One month to have the niche and website created

Step  2 –  Breakdown of Your Work Schedule 

Week 1  Introduction to Online Business
 Week 2  Choose a Niche
 Week 5  Learn how to Write Content
 Week 7  Create a Website
 Week 9  Publish your Website
 Week 11  Learn how to Drive Traffic
 Week 13  Track and Adjust Your Campaign

How to Measure Success

Action  –  any form of progression, is achieved through the movement of action.   The future belongs to those who challenge the present, dare to dream and ACT.

Patience  – let patience override your challenges, in due time, you will soon harvest the produce of your hard work.

Success – always learn with an open mind and measure your success with realistic goals.

Different Types of Productivity

There are different types of productivity and in the blogging business, they can be measured and mean different terms as compared to the general business terminology. The best approach is to

first step – take stock of your blogging business needs, some actually create different departments, such as customer service, marketing or content creation.

second step – then create goals for each department which is then further broken down into manageable tasks.

third step – indicate how long a task may take to complete and then benchmark it against the actual time. This will showcase how to correctly map out your time management process. Depending on the “department”  difficulty to accomplish or the number of people it takes, this now starts to shape the demands of the tasks, therefore, producing a metric.

forth step – would be to set metrics for each department and each task should be associated with a deadline. This help is understanding if your department is meeting expectations.

departmentsuch as website design, writing content, email marketing, marketing strategies, virtual assistance

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How to Measure Productivity



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