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200 Ways on How to Make $4000 a Month on FIVERR

FIVERR is a platform with a wide range of business services where buyers pay to get business services done

It has OVER 200 CATEGORIES and you can sell your services in any category, as long as it is legal and meets FIVERR terms.

This has become the go to place for anyone interested in the gig economy. The are two main parties, sellers and buyers. Sellers list their qualifications, mainly what business services they are willing to be paid for. Buyers are willing to pay for a qualified person to complete business services.

This is a perfect side hustle or can turn into a business because as a seller you can list your own prices, take as many clients as you want and can certainly increase your rates. 

Fiverr has become a hub where professionals from virtually every field can connect with clients in need of their talents. From graphic design to digital marketing, from content creation to programming, Fiverr provides a platform for anyone with a skill to offer their services to a global audience. But making money on Fiverr isn’t just about listing your skills; it’s about understanding the intricacies of the platform, mastering the art of effective gig creation, and delivering exceptional value to clients. This comprehensive guide will take you through the journey of how to make money on Fiverr, offering invaluable insights, tips, and strategies to help you turn your passion and expertise into a thriving freelance business. Whether you’re an aspiring freelancer looking to start your career or an experienced professional seeking to expand your online presence, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to succeed in the ever-evolving world of Fiverr freelancing.




This is the PERFECT place to start earning money. FIVERR is platform where business owners pay a fee to get tasks completed. The best way to get started, research the top performers in your interested area, study what services they offer, their rates and how they wrote their business profile and use that as inspiration for your services, please do not copy, that is never good practice. You can start learning from YouTube to improve your skill and market your services.  Click Here to Get Started


.Fiverr Side Hustle Categories

There are various types of business services that are offered on FIVERR and that makes it much easier for starting a side hustle. Not only can you start a business but you can list as many business services as you like, and that means more earning power. FIVERR is always looking to expand, improve their platform and always adding new business services. Below are some of the business sections offered by Fiverr, and in each section there are dozens of different categories you can easily sell your services.

  • Business 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Industries
  • Music and Audio
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic and Design
  • Video and Animation
  • Writing and Translation
  • Programming and Tech

Under the Digital Marketing section, there are multiple services you can sell, see the image below. There are over 200 categories you can sell your services and the best part, they are constantly updating the categories with news one or most trending ones. 


Design Your Finances


How to Improve Your Skill Set 

So you have decided to sell your services on FIVERR, below are some tips to consider for your services to stand out and hopefully charge higher rates.  This is just a guide and not an exhaustive list, but can serve as a starting point. The most important thing to remember is to keep it simple, over complicating this process can sometimes keep you in the learning process for to long, that is why I state to start selling services of skills that you already know.



The first step would be to take inventory of all your current skill sets. The beauty of this process is that FIVERR has a wide range of business services and more than likely, you can sell one of your skill set.  Another way is to look at FIVERR Categories, examine which ones you like, which ones have the best ratings and services that you can easily sell. 



Take the time to research what your business skills are and then conduct your research. Just like the processes from the above sections, look through FIVERR and see how other sellers are listing their business services. Make a list of you to Fiverr Freelancer and take notes on what stands out to you, and included it into your profile. Keep in mind that whatever you put on your profile you can deliver, because it is hard to remove or recover from a bad review. Better to have few good reviews that actually state that you are good at the gig, than many reviews that are bad.

Another way to research your competitors, is to actually buy a gig and see how they respond, communicate, deliver the gig to their customers. Do not just copy the list of services, but make sure you have a great process for each phase the customer is going to go through. Some items to look for:

  • prices they offer
  • customer ratings
  • turnaround timeframe 
  • how quick they respond
  • types of other services they list
  • how many revisions they have

TIP: research your business services by looking at top sellers in your niche and come up with different ways to make your listings stand out 



The best way to increase your rates and earning power is to over deliver. When you go above and beyond, you are surely going to get repeat customers and better ratings. The higher the ratings, the greater your visibility.

Just to add to what was stated above, list the top performers in the niche you want to sell your skill, and go to their reviews. Look at the reviews see what the good reviews are happy about and also make a note of what the bad reviews were not pleased about. In doing this, this will help you in determining what is you can improve in your skill sets. Below are some ways you can over deliver:

  • offer free revisions
  • offer multiple services
  •  submit work before the deadline
  • always be in contact with your clients 



Fiverr Gig Economy is all about freelancing and usually its many individual orders from various customers. The platform is ever changing and recently they now offering a “subscribe” option that actually saves the customer money. 

This option is mainly for skillsets that the customer will continuously want to reorder, such as YouTube thumbnails or blog posts. So it maybe of great investment if you look for skillset that will create repeat customer from one clients, as this will result in working with one client and definitely help in having consistent income. The best way, just like before is to conduct a research where other freelancers are offering the “subscribe and save”. 


How to Start Your Side Hustle On Fiverr 

You can start your side hustle in 3 simple ways. 

STEP 1: SERVICE – decide what you are going to be selling. Create your listing, state your services and rates. 

STEP 2: DELIVER – once you get a client, over communicate exactly what they ordered, over deliver and aim to deliver work before the deadline

STEP 3: PAYMENT – payment is delivered when your work is complete. There are currently 3 payments such as PayPal, Direct Deposit and FIVERR Card

Below is an example of services listed by other sellers. Start off with services that you can quickly master and deliver. When it comes to pricing, be competitive and that may mean to charge less than other sellers and as your ratings go up, then increase your rates.  



Another way you can increase your rates is by offering related services with different price points. The example below shows three different types of packages, basic, standard or premium and with each package comes with additional services that the client will receive. 


Design Your Finances

TIP: This is important, since the services are digitally delivered, it is important to send the final product that the client can easily edit. Include that as a FREE product. 


Fiverr Top Questions

There are many tips and tools that you can use on Fiverr, but the below are some tips that can help to narrow down on what to focus, improve and definitely implement. This is not a complete list but, will surely help as a guide.

  1. Choose Your Niche Wisely: Finding the right niche is like laying the foundation for your Fiverr success. Look for areas where your skills and passion align. Specialization often leads to higher demand and better-paying gigs as clients prefer experts in a specific field.
  2. Create a Professional Profile: Your Fiverr profile is your digital business card. Craft a compelling profile by showcasing your skills, experience, and previous work. Use a high-quality, professional photo and write an engaging bio that highlights your expertise and what sets you apart from the competition.
  3. Optimize Gig Titles and Descriptions: Effective communication starts with your gig titles and descriptions. Make your gig titles clear, concise, and keyword-rich. In your descriptions, provide detailed information about what clients can expect, emphasizing the value you offer. Highlight any unique selling points or benefits of your service.
  4. Set Competitive Prices: Pricing can be a deciding factor for potential clients. Research your competitors to understand the market rates for your services. While it’s essential to be competitive, ensure that your pricing reflects the quality and uniqueness of your work. Consider offering tiered packages to cater to different client budgets.
  5. Offer Eye-Catching Gig Extras: Gig extras are a powerful tool for increasing your earnings. These are additional services or add-ons that clients can purchase along with your base gig. Create compelling gig extras that provide added value to clients and enhance their experience. Offering multiple options can significantly increase your earnings per order.
  6. Use High-Quality Images and Videos: Visuals play a significant role in attracting clients. Include high-resolution images and videos that showcase your work and expertise. Use these visual elements to demonstrate the quality of your services and give clients a glimpse of what they can expect.
  7. Deliver Exceptional Customer Service: Outstanding customer service is key to building a positive reputation on Fiverr. Respond to client inquiries promptly and professionally. Deliver orders on time, and if possible, exceed client expectations. Providing excellent service often leads to positive reviews and repeat business.
  8. Request Reviews and Ratings: Don’t hesitate to ask satisfied clients for reviews and ratings. Positive feedback boosts your credibility and builds trust with potential clients. Encourage clients to share their experiences to help you stand out in a competitive marketplace.
  9. Stay Informed: Fiverr’s policies and algorithms can change, affecting your visibility and success on the platform. Stay informed about any updates or changes and adapt your strategy accordingly. Consider joining relevant Fiverr forums or communities to learn from experienced sellers and share insights.
  10. Manage Your Workload: Avoid overcommitting by carefully managing your workload. Set realistic deadlines that you can consistently meet. Prioritize effective time management to ensure you can deliver quality work while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  11. Offer Revisions: Include a reasonable number of revisions in your gig package. This demonstrates your commitment to client satisfaction and can lead to higher client ratings. Clearly communicate your revision policy to clients to manage expectations.
  12. Promote Your Gigs: Building an online presence beyond Fiverr can attract more clients. Share your Fiverr gigs on social media platforms, relevant online forums, and within your professional network. Utilize your existing connections to reach potential clients who may require your services.
  13. Invest in Learning: Continuous improvement is vital for long-term success. Invest in expanding your skills and knowledge through courses, books, workshops, or online resources. Staying updated with industry trends and developments positions you as a knowledgeable and reliable seller.
  14. Use Fiverr’s Tools: Fiverr offers various tools and features to help you succeed. Explore Fiverr’s analytics to track your gig performance and identify areas for improvement. Consider using promotional tools to boost your gig’s visibility and reach a larger audience.
  15. Be Patient and Persistent: Building a successful freelancing career on Fiverr takes time and dedication. Don’t be discouraged by slow starts or initial rejection. Be patient and persistent in your efforts, continuously adapt to the evolving marketplace, and remain committed to delivering quality service to your clients.

By incorporating these detailed tips into your Fiverr strategy, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the competitive landscape and maximize your potential for success on the platform.



This is one of the best platforms to make money on. FIVERR HAS OVER 200 CATEGORIES you can sell your services. Other than the tools you many need to start your business, there are no additional charges. Payments are deposited as soon as possible, most companies tend to wait 30 days to release payments, with FIVERR once the work order is done, payment is released. Additionally, you can absolutely set your own schedule, freedom to manage your clients and the ability to increase your rates. 

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