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    Steps on How Canva $12.99 Turned Into $80k

    CANVA is a Graphic Design platform where you can translate and communicate an intended message through a visual presentation to a targeted audience through visual aids such as images, words or illustrations. 

    The cost of the service is $12.99 and I was able to make $86,000 and income is still growing. The service comes with various graphic design functions, learning modules and countless design possibilities.

    I took the time to learn the different design templates in the system and came with various business ideas I could generate from this one service. My different businesses include both digital and physical products. 

    As much as I love to write How to Make Money it truly comes with a lot of hard work, such as  learning and implementing. This post will showcase the step-by-step process of how I use this service to make money. The best lesson I learnt is to  take inventory of all your skill sets and research how many ways to make money from each skill set.  Canva has emerged as a game-changer, democratizing the world of graphic design and empowering individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses to bring their creative visions to life. Beyond its user-friendly interface and vast library of design assets, Canva offers a unique opportunity for enterprising individuals to turn their design skills into a profitable venture. From designing eye-catching social media graphics and marketing materials to crafting custom templates and offering design services, Canva presents a versatile canvas for creative entrepreneurship. 

    Design Your FinancesSERVICE: GRAPHIC DESIGN

    COST: $12.99

    You can practically design anything with this service and this gives you many options of creating different side hustles that can actually bring in money. Once you get the premium services you have access to more designing options. The service comes with various predesigned templates that you can easily adjust to match your design needs. Below is how the service is designed. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED


    Canva Templates

    Currently the service is designed into 3 sections and each section has numerous ways you can make money from. Currently Canva does not permit you selling their predesigned templates, but you can certainly create your own to sell. They are constantly improving their service, so more options are becoming available and or modified, but currently below are the templates they have.


    SOCIAL MEDIA:  This set of templates and various design options, are a perfect selection when it comes to designing the below social media post. They are constantly updating their designs and the search results at the top are the ones that convert the most.

    • Instagram Story
    • Instagram Post
    • Facebook Post
    • Facebook Cover
    • YouTube Channel Art and much more


    PERSONAL: Lifestyle activities are becoming a trend and this includes activities from social, meditation, fitness to spiritual awareness. The list is endless and so are the different ways to create a targeted business. This is meant to help you manage and improve your time and daily activities. The predesigned templates include:

    • Invitations
    • Postcards
    • Resume Creation
    • Weekly Schedule Planners
    • Personalized Greeting Cards


    BUSINESS: These predesigned templates are perfect for when you want your business branding to stand out. Especially, when it comes to social media, the more you stand out and have a clear message targeted to your audience, that might lead to more conversions. Research the platform you are using, for instance, Pinterest or Instagram, then search your business niche. Usually, the top search results are the ones that are converting the most. Use that inspiration to create a brand for your business. 

    • Presentation
    • Letterheads
    • Logo Design
    • Website Design
    • Invoice Templates


    MARKETING: This may be the most important part of any business especially if the business is on social media. The best method to frame your marketing message, is to first create a customer avatar of your business, this normally includes highlighting your customer’s demographics and interests. This will show you what your customer is interested in and what brands they interact with, this information is crucial when it comes to marketing your business. Same as the above, they come with predesigned templates, which include:

    • Flyers
    • Posters
    • Brochures
    • Newsletter
    • Infographics


    EDUCATION: This section is my best selling one. There are multiple products that I can design and sell, from kindergarten all the way to grad school. This comes with  predesigned templates, same as above. The templates are of teaching materials that help students to be interactive and or schedule maintenance. This includes

    • Worksheet
    • Certificate
    • Bookmarks 
    • Lesson Plan
    • Class Schedule
    • Classroom Decor Kit and more



    TRENDING: These predesigned templates are constantly being updated to match the current trends. They normally showcase designs of upcoming major holidays or celebrations. This makes it so much easier as you can source inspiration from trending designs AND CREATE YOUR OWN DESIGNS. Some of the highlighted trends include

    • Photo Books
    • Canva Prints
    • YouTube Intro
    • Ebook Covers
    • Major Holidays


    Canva Features

    Design Your Finances

    This is the fun part of Canva as you are free to CREATE AND DESIGN YOUR OWN CREATIONS. They section gives you so many options and they include:

    PHOTOS: there are multiple free photos you can choose from, the best way is to search the type of content you want to create, for instance blogging and the search results will bring the top converting blogging templates. Below are some of the photos you can use, this is not an exhaustive list

    • Nature
    • Animals
    • Food
    • People
    • Backgrounds
    • Blog Images and so much more


    ICONS: This makes the poster or image more engaging, at best, it does separate you from the other competitor. When you want your images to tell a story, it can be easily achieved with different types of icons such as:

    • Gaming 
    • Computer
    • Web & SEO
    • Social Media
    • Travel & Hotels 
    • Health and Beauty
    • Blogging and so much more


    PRINT PRODUCTS: you can now make your designs in Canva and have them printed onto physical products (this is constantly being updated, lookout for more options). These include:

    • Postcards
    •  Business Cards
    • Wedding & Engagement Invitations


    APPS: these are fun as they enhance your image or video look, from Retro, Neon, below are some options:

    • Glitch
    • Slice
    • Pixelate
    • Color Mix
    • Screen and so much more


    LEARNING: this makes Canva the best designing tool, not only do this options included in the price IT COMES WITH A DESIGN SCHOOL. What this means is you get access to the tutorials and courses about the new and upcoming trends. Some of the tutorials and courses includes:

    • Graphic Design
    • Branding Your Business
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Communicating with Your Audience
    • Top Influencers and Business Owners teach Tutorials

    .Design Your Finances


    How I Made Money with Canva

    Now that I have gone over the different options, tutorials and courses that Canva has to offer, you can easily create side hustles from it. The list below is not exhaustive, but worth a second look. I like side hustles that are easy to start and produce passive income. Below are my favorite


    This has recently become a new side hustle but the earnings make a difference. What I have learnt with this side hustle is to obviously research but above is to create printables that correlate to each other. Another way to make money with printables is to look at trendy items and see which topics you can easily create printables for.  Believe it or not, people tend to buy products if they solve a problem such as organization and productive tips or best practices. Some of my bestselling printables includes:

    • work planner
    • weekly planner
    • blog tasks and schedules

    TIP: complimentary printables make the most money, for instance if you create fitness printables, you can do grocery list, daily food journal, weight loss and fitness exercises



    If you search the term on Pinterest, you will find a large number of content creators are producing Pinterest Templates in large amounts because IT WORKS. The type of templates can cover many topics from blogging, meal prepping, fitness schedule, business tasks and so much more. This business makes so much sense since I am already selling printables. My customer base is the same, this saves so much money in advertising as my customers love sharing them for FREE. Things to keep in mind if you choose to start this hustle includes:

    • colors
    • fonts
    • images
    • content

    TIP: anytime you sell something make sure it meets a need or solves a problem, that is why researching is part of your profits



    This has become a winning hustle in my portfolio. I have expanded the designs to women, men and kids. Just with anything, I do my research before I start a collection. Yes, these are just T Shirts but green money is green money, meaning that I take all the necessary steps to learn as much as I can, even though my T Shirts sell less than $25. My research process includes the trending colors of the season, top selling T-Shirts designs, to softest T-Shirt fabrics. Just because they sell less than the designers does not mean, I short-cut my efforts. Not only do I create the designs but I also create designs for various occasions such as:

    • holidays
    • cute memes
    • family slogans
    • trendy slogans

    TIP: before you design, please conduct a research of what your target audience would love.



    Same as the above hustle, I design cute coffee mugs. There is a huge demand and like the above statement as well, you need to research your audience. This is the same process as I use to research and make my T-Shirts. I really take the time to create great designs that my audience loves. One great tip to use for any business is to first figure out who your customer is and create  an avatar with all the related interests they love. The more you know about your customer, the better it is for you when you design. Some of my designs include:

    • holidays
    • cute memes
    • family slogans
    • trendy slogans



    This may fit under the printables section, but wanted to highlight it on its own, because, lately my income has grown the most with this option. At this point, I might sound like a broken record, but this is what I did to be successful. RESEARCH . RESEARCH AND MORE RESEARCH. I used the same method as the printables as above, but the extra mile I took with this one, I targeted a specific group, mainly college students. My background is in Finance and Accounting  I KNOW THE PAIN OF UNIVERSITY CLASSES!! It was easy to identify problems and come up with solutions.  Below are some printables.

    • lesson plan
    • school schedule
    • homework tracker



    This may seem a bit odd, but I found a way to make videos that fit me. I don’t like to be on camera and having to deal with so much editing, yet at the same time, I have so much information to share. So I decided to use CANVA to make informational videos and post them on YouTube. I really love this type of business model, as I am able to monetize my videos and they will keep earning as long as I am getting views. The beauty about YouTube, the older the videos, the more money they generate. The best way to make money on this platform, is to create content that is unique and as always provide so much value. Below are some of my top points when it comes to YouTube.

    • I aim to create more videos
    • INCOME: from YouTube Ads
    • I learnt this option from Canva Design Course and it has been great.



    There are different ways to make money when it comes to designing, but this option has brought in money. There are many kindle book authors who want to have an ebook cover designed who do not have the skill set. Below are the steps I took:

    • researched the correct kindle ebook dimensions and any other specifications
    • took note of the top ebooks in client niches (fonts, colors, images)
    • created the designs in Canva and downloaded a shareable and editable image
    • I listed my services in FIVERR and charged.


    This will be an ongoing post, as I will update constantly. The above side hustles are not exhaustive, but surely can serve as a starting point. I keep getting questions on how to make money online and the top lessons I have learnt is to

    • take an inventory of your skills and find how you can turn them into a business
    • research your audience by asking questions and find products or create solutions that you can sell

    I hope this post was insightful, any course or service you pay for, find different ways it can make money from or better yet, implement the knowledge from that course to other business ventures. 

    Cheering To Your Success
    Brenda |
    Let’s Connect on Social Media! | Pinterest | Facebook |


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    The Best Ways to Use Bluehost for Blogs

    Bluehost is a web hosting company that has various services that support small to large business with business needs.

    Bluehost has become a leading company among bloggers mainly because of the additional services they offer bloggers.

    Whether you are experienced or new, there is help designed to grow your blogging business. This post will showcase why Bluehost is favored among other bloggers and ecommerce owners. One of the main advantages to host with Bluehost, is mainly because of their customer service, this is especially important if you are still new to ecommerce and blogging as they will show you exactly what to do, or at best, they will do it for you.

    Many new bloggers are so fearful to the “technical aspect of blogging” and yet everything is done for you and no coding, editing HTML or CSS. If you can use an email service, such as Hotmail, you can start and run your blog successfully.  Bluehost, a renowned web hosting provider, offers a robust platform that is not only user-friendly but also highly adaptable for bloggers of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting your online journey, Bluehost provides a plethora of features and tools to help you establish and grow your blog. One of its standout offerings is the seamless integration with popular content management systems like WordPress, allowing you to effortlessly create and manage your blog with just a few clicks. Bluehost also provides a selection of customizable themes and templates, giving your blog a unique and professional look. Its reliable and high-performance hosting ensures that your blog loads quickly and stays accessible to your audience. The post will show how simple it is to start your blog.





    There are many free services that come with the Bluehost basic hosting plan. Other hosting companies seem to be in a race to charge more money for each service they offer. As a blogger there are many services, tips or guides all that help with structuring and improving your blog, with Bluehost, their services focus on blogging needs. Click Here To Start Hosting with Bluehost


     Free Services from Bluehost  

    1 WEBSITE: to secure a domain name, you have to pay for it, usually about $10 and then you have to renew it every year. Bluehost: offers you a free website for the 1st year


    50 GB SSD STORAGE: this is important because it helps your website to be fast. Bluehost offers one of the highest storage and it’s free.


    CUSTOM THEMES: Bluehost has a partnership with WordPress and as soon as you purchase your domain and hosting, you are able select a custom theme. PS: WordPress offers free themes regardless of hosting company, but the difference is the customer service help you get from Bluehost, should you need it.


    24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE: this is the leading factor to new bloggers because it can be so confusing. This is where Bluehost becomes a top choice, they offer customer service that is tailored to meet your needs. Call in, email or chat and they assign an agent to help you. The best part about Bluehost customer service is that they focus on bloggers and their customer service is well versed on blogging issues.


    FREE CDN: this also helps in end user experience because it speeds up the search times. The closer the CDN server is to the user geographically, the faster the content will be delivered to the user.


    FREE SSL: I had to pay additional money each year to have the SSL certificate applied to my websites. This is so important to have as it reflects how secure your website is. Two ways your website shows how secure it by having:

    • when there is a padlock next to the website link
    • https means your site it secure and has the SSL Certificate (http is not secure)

    TIP1: if you are going to sell anything on your site, you need the SSL Certificate

    TIP 2: if you do not have an SSL Certificate, if someone searches your site it may come up as blocked or not safe and most visitors will click away.


    AUTOMATIC WORDPRESS INSTALLATION: as soon as you purchase your domain and hosting plan, you are given the option if you want Bluehost to install WordPress. This is all done automatically for you. No coding, no transfer of files or html modification. Once the installation is complete, you select your username and password and your blog is LIVE!!


    AUTOMATIC WORDPRESS UPDATE: this may seem unnecessary, but it is very important to do. WordPress is the platform where you write, keep and publish your blog posts and as you can imagine, it is very important to keep your WordPress secure. WordPress actively releases security updates, and you have to manually update those. Bluehost, does that for automatically. TIP: PLEASE CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS AND LOGINS AS SOON AS YOU INSTALL WORDPRESS. THEY ARE GENERIC AND EASY TO HACK INTO. If you are not familiar with the process, simply reach out to Bluehost customer services for help.


    Not only does Bluehost come with top free services as mentioned above but for an additional fee, they also have services that help bloggers succeed, below are some of their additional services:


    SEO: they help with optimizing your website by assessing effective keywords. You also get access to review website analytics and see how many visitors your site is getting. SEO is Search Engine Optimization, this helps in increasing traffic to your site by optimizing your content with search keywords used by visitors. This is the reason why it is important to learn how to properly use keywords in your content, as this will generate organic keywords.


    PAY-PER-CLICK SERVICES: Bluehost experts can create various advertising campaigns to market your website. This may be an effective way to drive traffic. Pay-per-click is a form of advertising where you bid for keywords, the one with the highest bid gets the traffic sent to their website. TIP: I would not recommend new bloggers to use this type of advertising, because if you do not know what you are doing, you will spend a lot of money. My best tip is to learn how to search and use keywords the correct way, as this is free and more sustainable, in bringing traffic for longer periods of time.


    ADVERTISING / SOCIAL MEDIA: if you choose, you can get Bluehost experts to help you with the latest and most impactful advertising strategies. One of their leading strategies is advertising strategies in different social media platforms. Before you take this service, please ask exactly what the targeted results are and what method are they going to use.


    How to Sign Up With Bluehost

    Now that we have gone over what Bluehost offers and how it can benefit your blog. In this section will showcase how to sign up for Bluehost. I get so many questions on How to Start a Blog, well this section will showcase the step-by-step process of signing up with Bluehost


    WordPress Blogging Platform

    There are many blogging platforms that your blog can be housed on, but the leading platform is WordPress. WordPress is a great platform for bloggers as it is user friendly and there is no coding needed. Below is a WordPress dashboard, as you can see each tab focuses on a section that helps in managing your website. The first step, would be to identify which blogging platform you want to use, if you choose Bluehost as your hosting company, they automatically install WordPress to be connected to your domain and hosting plan.

    TIP: you can use Bluehost or any hosting company and connect to any blogging platform such as Blogger or Weebly. I advocate WordPress because it is perfect for bloggers and as your site increases in traffic and technical needs, WordPress can easily accommodate those needs.


    Below is the WordPress dashboard for as you can see, it is so simple to manage this blog. Everything is clearly labeled, when I publish any posts, I go to the POSTS TAB, add the blog post, hit publish and its live!!


    Buy a Domain 

    Once you have established which blogging platform you prefer, the next step is to buy your domain name. Your domain name is your website address. Take the time to research and come up with different potential names of what you like your domain to be called. Usually, most website owners, they try to get a domain name that references the niche, statement or simply stand out. If your domain name is available you can purchase, but if it is not, you are given options or you can choose a different name.


    In the search bar, enter your desired website page. If your domain is unavailable, then you have to select a new name. Below is what you get when the domain is available. TIP: you do have the option of choosing whether you want the extension to be .com  .net or .org





    Once you have selected your domain name, the next stage is to select your hosting plan. Hosting is a service that allows your website to connect to the internet. If you do not activate a hosting plan, then your website cannot be searched on the internet. The reason why I recommend Bluehost Hosting is because it is recommended by WordPress. Below are the steps to connect your new website name to Bluehost hosting plan.

    STEP 1:  Go to Bluehost page and click get started

    STEP 2: go to the domain section, search for your desired domain and purchase your domain.

    • if you have a website name already you can enter it and get your DNS pointed to your website name

    STEP 3: select your hosting plan, enter your details and hit next to complete your hosting plan purchase. In this section you will be asked to choose a password. You can choose a password through a password generator or make you own.



    Installing WordPress 


    In this section, you are connecting all three services in order to make your blog live. Bluehost package can do this for you automatically, you do not have to code or edit any html, just by a push of a button, your blog is set.

    • DOMAIN NAME: this is your website name you have just bought
    • HOSTING PLAN: this connects your website to the internet so that its searchable
    • WORDPRESS PLATFORM: this is where you publish your blog post, and visitors can read your blog post

    TIP 1: cPanel is where the technical stuff of your blog is stored. So you log into your cPanel from Bluehost. WordPress is where you manage, edit and publish your blog post.

    In your Bluehost dashboard,

    • go to cPanel
    • select the install WordPress.
    • choose your domain name
    • enter your admin and password for your WordPress
    • and select Install NOW

    You will get a message that states WordPress Installation complete. At this point, you can go to WordPress and enter your login details.


    After Installation

    One of the greatest advantages of using Bluehost, is that when you buy the domain from Bluehost, you can also get their hosting services and this will save you from the hassle of trying to connect domain website from different platforms. Another outstanding advantage is that you have customer service that is readily available to assist you with any technical issues. There are many services and products that Bluehost has that are all made to improve your site and business.

    Additionally, Bluehost offers essential security features, including SSL certificates and automated backups, to safeguard your blog’s data. Moreover, its user-friendly control panel simplifies domain management and email setup, making it convenient for bloggers to focus on creating content rather than navigating technical complexities. Whether you’re looking to start a personal blog, monetize your content, or run a business blog, Bluehost’s versatile hosting solutions and blogging-friendly features provide the ideal foundation to bring your blogging aspirations to life.


    Cheering To Your Success
    Brenda |
    Let’s Connect on Social Media! | Pinterest |


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    The Best Affiliate Marketing Course That Make Money

    Affiliate Marketing is when a marketer promotes a service or a product and gets a percentage, normally known as a commission or referral fee.

    There are different ways companies structure payments mostly includes either a one time payment, a set payout amount, a percentage of the total cost and or recurring commission if the customer keeps retaining the services.

    Affiliate Marketing has become the most favored side hustle because it does not take much to start, you can easily promote many products and you do not have to worry about starting a business. This course is the reason why my small blog is making money and importantly, earning more than my old corporate full time job. The course goes into step by step process of how to find the best companies and how to model my affiliate business. It’s a symbiotic partnership where advertisers and affiliate marketers collaborate to promote products or services, and in return, affiliates earn commissions for driving valuable conversions. The beauty of affiliate marketing lies in its accessibility; virtually anyone with a digital platform, be it a blog, social media account, or website, can participate. It offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling affiliates to choose from a vast array of niches and products to promote, aligning with their interests and expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned digital marketer seeking to diversify your revenue streams or an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a way to monetize your online presence – This Affiliate Marketing Course Will Increase Your Income 





    This course creator has made over 1 MILLION DOLLARS mostly from affiliate marketing. The best part of this course, it goes into detail from affiliate marketing basics to scaling your business into a six figures. Some of the major topics she teaches is how to choose and find affiliate programs, how to promote them and how to convert your visitors into customers, which I highlight more in the upcoming steps. Affiliate marketing used to be for celebrities, but now due to the expansion of social media, anyone can do it. This course is the reason why my small blog is making money more than my old corporate job, but most importantly, I learnt how to turn it into a business. CLICK HERE TO START


    The Best Affiliate Marketing Course  

    The course taught me how to turn affiliate marketing into a business. There are many products and services you can essentially promote and make money from, but the most important aspect is that not all products or services are made the same. Below are some not all of the most important lessons from the course I learnt

    • How to find affiliate programs
    • How to build your trust with your audience
    • How to determine what your readers want
    • How to Affiliate Market according to the law
    • Different strategies to promote your Affiliate Links
    • How to Increase Pageviews to Your Affiliate Links 
    • This course, is the reason why my small blog is making money

    The strategies in the course have earned many people so much money, at best I have earned more money than my corporate SIX FIGURE JOB, all from affiliate marketing.


    How to Succeed with Affiliate Marketing Course 

    Just like with any course you have to put in the work for any success.  I come from a Finance background and this is the strategy I use for any of my business courses

    • SKIM: I simply read to get a general understanding of what is affiliate marketing and how the course creator MADE A MILLION DOLLARS all from AFFILIATE MARKETING. 
    • LEARN: I re-read all the course materials and this time I am taking notes, links, tasks, questions that I will ask in the Facebook Group. This becomes my cheat sheet
    • ACTION:  I now reference the cheat sheet as I create deadlines for my tasks and measure my results. Any questions I ask Facebook Group
    • NOW:  I created a cheat sheet and everytime I market a product or are approached by a brand, I simply go over my cheat and implement the different strategies. In the Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group, we constantly share new methods to improve our earnings.

    TIP: the best way to learn from this course, is to first create a learning system. You will not get any results, if you do not apply the lessons.


    Affiliate Marketing Course Lessons

    Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course is well structured that any beginner can easily follow and progress as they complete the modules. It flows from basics to becoming an expert. Each module comes with different lessons and they build on each other. Below are some not all lessons covered in the course. Once I understood the lessons below I was able to make money with affiliate marketing, as I soon learnt how to grow it as a business. 


    AFFILIATE LINKS: One of the lessons includes the different types of affiliate links. Not all affiliate links are the same, for instance some have longer cookie life and that means there is a greater chance to make that sale. She goes into detail of how to access and verify your affiliate link. Verify the type of affiliate link you are promoting, as some are not structured in your favor, at worst, some do not even pay what you are owed.


    TRAFFIC: there is a misconception that all blogs with high traffic make money. But small blogs can make money or even more, only if you take the time to understand your audience and the best practices to implement them.  In order to increase audience engagement. Below are some tips to increase your traffic:

    • to write content that solves the problem.
    • offer free information, in way that is easy to follow
    • always communicate with your audience. Consistency is one major factor to success

    For some affiliate programs they may require a certain number of page-views. This lesson goes into detail how to correctly engage with your audience and convert them into customers.


    How to Pick an Affiliate Product

    Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course Always have your reader in mind, it may seem like it’s becoming a theme, BUT TRULY THIS IS THE RECIPE FOR SUCCESS. Always put your reader first and the best way to do so is to constantly monitor what your audience is

    • asking
    • have problems with
    • or you can simply survey your audience
    • survey what other content producers are promoting
    • you can promote any product, but it is best to promote a product that is within your niche – it builds trust and more cohesive

    Take that information and then find a product that solves that particular question. Of course, find a product or service that is worth promoting. TIP: another way to source a product or service to promote is Google search the top questions in your niche and find which product that easily solves that. This is a great method, because you already have a target audience to promote to. 


    LEGAL STUFF: the internet has created so many new ways of making money and the IRS has found new ways to get to that money. (IMAGINE THAT!!) And for that reason, there are new laws and regulations US bloggers or any internet company has to abide by. It is best to create your business the correct way and limit your liabilities. This course will go into detail of how to protect and abide by regulations. TIP: each country has their own laws when it comes to internet business. Please conduct a research within your own country


    How to Market Your Products

    There are numerous tips on how to successfully market or promote your products, but the best tip that has worked for me, is to be honest. It is perfectly okay to highlight the pros and cons of your products. Below are some ways you can use to promote your products by conducting a product review:


    WRITTEN REVIEW: you can write about the products and what kind of results you may expect. It is always best to inform your audience what kind of experience level is required. Most courses tend to start from the basics and progress into a more difficult level. Usually, with a written review, you have to explain thoroughly how the product works. It is perfectly okay to include any presentation aides, such as tables, infographics or images. The best type of written review is one that has a step-by-step process, it surely makes it easier to follow.


    VIDEO REVIEW: this may be the best form to review a product as your audience can see you interacting with the product itself. Make sure you point out and highlight what makes the product unique. This are some tips to consider when making a video review

    • quality sound
    • great lighting 
    • closed caption, this is truly helpful for your audience to follow through


    PHOTO REVIEW: this type of product reviews can certainly increase conversions. The best photos or images are the ones that are “professionally looking”. You can easily do this at home, invest in quality tools. If you decide to use a professional, simply google “product photography” TIP: The Affiliate Marketing Course goes into more details about the different ways you can engage and promote your products


    GOOGLE ANALYTICS: this is one if not the most important analytical tool as most business partners set their payout rates based on your traffic and the official measure of traffic is Google Analytics. The course goes into detail on how you can use your Google Analytics into increasing your affiliate income. This is by far, the biggest tip and tool I used to start increasing my income. The best part of Google Analytics, it shows you the demographic that is interested in your product, this is instrumental, because the more you know about your audience, you can easily communicate with them.


    AFFILIATE MARKETING NETWORKS: There are different ways to find affiliate products to promote, there is no right or wrong way but I certainly found that not all networks are equal. My best tip would be to sign up with a network instead of an individual company. Below are the differences:


    NETWORKS: when you apply to a network, you get access to many companies who have products you can easily promote. This makes it so much easier to manage your affiliate links and get paid as you do not have to submit a new application and banking details to each company. The best part of promoting companies within a network, it’s mainly because the networks usually verify if the company meets certain rules and are determined to be trustworthy before being approved to list their products. This offers a layer of protection, instead of promoting an individual company directly.  TIP: THE COURSE HAS A DIRECTORY OF OVER 80 AFFILIATE COMPANIES YOU CAN EASILY APPLY 


    Types of Affiliate Marketing Commissions

    Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course showcases which are the different types of affiliate links which make the most money. There are many ways a company can compensate you. It is advisable to fully research and understand how your compensation is structured. Some companies have a well outlined payout process, but most of them their payouts are not structured to be in your favor. The list below is not exhaustive but will serve as a starting point, should you choose to negotiate your payouts. Below are the most popular:


    FREE SERVICE: some companies prefer to pay you in free services and or products in exchange for your review and any customer signups. How this normally works is each customer you refer and signups, earns you points or credits. In order to qualify for the free products you have to pass the set threshold credits. For instance, they could have a set threshold of one customer equals one point. In order to qualify for the free product or service, you need a 100 points.  TIP: before signing for this type of commission, first calculate your opportunity cost. Is the reward worth the cost of marketing the products. 


    RECURRING: this is where the money is. The principle is the same, you refer visitors to your affiliate link and you get paid a commission (usually a percentage of the price). As long as the customer continues to retain the services or uses the product, you continue to receive a commission monthly. Depending on the commission percentage, this tends to increase your earning power because your efforts can continuously pay you every month. Just like the tip above, calculate your opportunity cost, the best approach is to find an affiliate product or service that has a decent payout each month.  TIP: before signing up to promote a company or product, please do a thorough research. As always, please promote products that are of high quality and actually solve a problem. This certainly helps your earning power.


    ONE TIME PAYMENT: this is usually referred to as the bounty payment. It is usually a one time payment and a large one. This does encourage marketers or influencers to actively pursue this option, as it tends to create higher payouts. I would advise you to do the math, sometimes a one time payment earns more as you do not know how long a customer will retain the service. Some may view it as a disadvantage, that you will have to constantly look for customers to promote to. TIP: with anything, do your calculations and determine your opportunity cost, take into consideration your business costs and determine which one pays more


    CONTRACT: this is geared more to when a brand approaches you and they enlist your services. They are more flexible when it comes to the payment process, as they are more interested in your influence or audience reach. If you are interested in affiliate marketing, this is the goal to aim for as you can easily set your own rates. Some influencers are charging about 4 to 5 figures for one post. When you do this type of affiliate marketing, companies request and verify your company statistics, such as pageviews, engagement rates or audience demographics such as gender or age.  Some contracts payouts are structured based on the number of conversions you get.  The best approach is to fully understand your contract and the conversions requirements. TIP: it is always advisable to take the time to create your list of services, delivery timeframes and associated fees


    Types of Products You Affiliate Market

    There are numerous products and services you can promote, especially with the rise of social media and there are various ways to market them. To generalize the process there are 3 types of products that companies tend to use affiliate marketing for. Below is not an exhaustive list but will give a highlight.


    SERVICES: in business terms, services are generally defined as non physical products, such as legal services or landscaping. This also now applies to the digital world and there are numerous digital services such as hosting or web services. There are great opportunities when it comes to affiliate marketing with this option.


    PHYSICAL PRODUCTS: this includes any tangible products. There are many affiliate marketing opportunities. Some main points to consider would include, but not limited to the product’s safety, shipping timeframes, returns policies and off course the products reviews. As always, research the product first before promoting it, but the best option is to be a customer first.


    DIGITAL PRODUCTS: are products that are not tangible and all accessed online. This is a very lucrative way to make money. There are so many ways you can structure your affiliate payouts, that can easily increase your income such as:

    Influencers: if there are influencers you like that are coming up with new products, use the same skill set as you would with sponsored posts, approach them to market their products and negotiate your rate

    Sample of Digital Products: currently these are the top digital products: downloads, courses

    TIP: with digital products, please verify if there are restrictions when it comes to how you market the product. Some companies have rules on how you market their products and if in violation you may get suspended. 



    Affiliate Marketing is one of the leading ways to increase your income. This course has allowed my small blog to make more money than I did in a corporate job. Are the results going to be the same for you, it all depends on whether you apply the information. As I stated above, I created a study system to the point where I could rehearse what was covered in each lesson. Course creator made MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, I was determined to earn some money from this course. Did I make millions, not yet, but have made more money than my corporate job and earning everyday from the simple tips and lessons I learnt. If you get the course, please create a study plan and some action items.

    Knowing the correct strategies is the biggest advantage you can have as you cut down your learning time frame. The second most important aspect is to plan your work and implement it. This courses start from the basics and shows step-by-step on How to Correctly Start Affiliate Marketing.

    Cheering To Your Success
    Brenda |
    Let’s Connect on Social Media! | Pinterest | Facebook |

    affiliate marketing programs

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    Easy Steps to Make $80k From Print On Demand

    Print on Demand is a business model that uses printing technology to print designs on different products.

    There are various product catalogs that you can design for and can easily create a business. This post will showcase How to Make Money with Print On Demand business model. The most advantageous points to this business is the ability to create multiple collections with product catalogues such as clothing, decor, houseware and so much more. Additionally, you do not have to spend money on securing inventory, this is usually a big cost, that you do not have to expense. The below tips showcase the steps I took to generate $80,000.00 with this business model.

    This is not an exhaustive list, but it will highlight the steps, tips and failures that I experienced during this process.  Before I start the post, please do keep in mind that I started this as a business and not as a side hustle, the demands and strategies are completely different from managing a side hustle. At its core, Print On Demand is a fulfillment method where products, typically clothing, accessories, or home decor, are produced individually as orders come in, rather than being mass-produced and stored in inventory. Print On Demand platforms and services have proliferated, offering an array of customizable items that can be adorned with unique designs, artwork, or branding. This flexibility has unlocked new creative avenues for artists, designers, and entrepreneurs, enabling them to monetize their talents and reach global audiences. 


    Print on Demand Traffic Courses

    This is not an exhaustive list. I am listing the courses and services that I used to help me build and bring traffic to my business.  They are in no particular order, but they do list how I either use the course or service in building the business.




    You need this system to start the business. It comes with a premium service, but you can certainly start your business with the basic account. This system allows you to upload your designs, select your products, manage your orders and connect to other selling platforms such as Etsy and many others. Click Here to Sign for a Free Account


    Design Your FinancesTYPE : PINTEREST COURSE


    The most important aspect to a business is targeted traffic. Pinterest has become one of the leading search engines and is great for generating targeted traffic. This course showcases on how to market a business on Pinterest and ultimately have engaging  and converting customers. Click Here to Start a Pinterest Course


    Design Your FinancesTYPE: CHEAP FACEBOOK ADS


    It is all about sending massive traffic to your site. This course teaches how to start cheap Facebook Ads. The course creator has been able to generate over 2 MILLION PAGEVIEWS all from cheap Facebook Ads. The course showcases the different facebook strategies that help in increasing your traffic to you site. Click Here to Learn About Facebook Ads


    How Print on Demand Works

    In a summarized version, print on demand is creating products when the customer makes the sale.

    • STEP 1: Once the purchase is made, you then go into your print on demand dashboard and create an order (usually this all automatic) and all you have to do is confirm if details are accurate.


    • STEP 2: The order is then sent to your supplier and then they start the printing process. Usually this takes about 6 business days, it all depends on the supplier and current demands


    • STEP 3: Once the order is complete, it is shipped directly to your customer, and they are provided with a tracking number


    • STEP 4: Customer service is the last step and you may have to deal with returns, refunds and or damages. There are different ways to deal with returns, you can either refunds and not take returns or you can have it sent to print on demand  warehouse. The best option is 


    Print on Demand Steps 

    Decide What To Sell 

    Take the time to decide what you want to sell. There are a lot of products you can create designs for. Most print on demand have numerous product catalogs which range from clothing, kitchenware, decor, jewelry and so much more. You can easily create different collections and start a brand. Before you start this business venture, please take the time to research its demand and how to turn profits. Below is a sample of product catalog:


    Design Your Finances

    Research Your Designs 

    Once you have decided what you want to sell, this step is the most important part of your business. Your visitors turn into repeat customers mainly because of the QUALITY OF YOUR PRODUCTS. Your designs should be creative, unique and have a fashion edge. You do not want to sell products that customers are not interested in. To make it easier to explain we are going to use a T SHIRT as our example throughout the whole post. There are m

    T SHIRT EXAMPLE: Look through various selling platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy and see what other top selling T SHIRT designers are selling. I will look at the: 

    • type of designs
    • cost of the product
    • take note of the prices 
    • customer target (kids / women)
    • are the designs trendy or seasonal 

    TIP: This is a business, take the time to research your business before starting, in this step, research what is selling


    Design Your Finances

    Legal and Copyright

    So now you have decided what to sell and have an idea what your designs will be. IT IS TIME TO BE LEGAL!  

    OK, the above statement is grammatically incorrect but I truly want to drive a point. This can cost your business. There are multiple types of print on demand businesses, but if you choose to quickly produce trendy products, there is a greater risk of facing copyright infringements.

    Before you print a statement, phrase or symbol PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR DESIGN DOES NOT VIOLATE A COPYRIGHT. Below are the current options to take to verify if your design does not infringe on any trademarks, they may change later, so please be mindful

    USPTO: this is a government website where all trademarks are filled and later registered in the US. There are two main options to note:

    TRADEMARK: this is when you file an application to be the sole owner or user of a name, logo and or statement. The application is only filed if there are no other approved applicants that match your application. You have to conduct a search, if no results come up, that means you can file for a trademark. 

    Usually, when you file an application for a trademark the USPTO in house attorneys have to thoroughly search if there are no matches to your application. This normally takes a few days. If no issues, your trademark is filed with the USPTO. There is a cost associated with each filing so be very sure and through of your decision.

    APPROVED TRADEMARK: You can now use your trademark while waiting for it to be registered. You are given a unique number that identifies your trademark. Some selling platforms may require your trademark number. 

    REGISTERED: this is when your trademark has gone through the whole process and approved. This normally takes about a year. If no issues, then your trademark becomes registered. 

    TIP 1: you can use an attorney to help you file your trademark, but it is not required. I WOULD STRONGLY ADVICE TO USE ONE or at least be very familiar with the process


    TIP 2:  you DO NOT need a trademark to start a print on demand. Most print on demand sellers have trademarks


    Design Your FinancesCheck for Trademarks

    During the process of when creative juices are following and before you start selling, it is CRITICAL you check if you are not violating any trademark. To recap, a trademark can be a logo, symbol or statements (best to verify with USPTO for a complete list) 

    COPYRIGHT VERIFICATION: take the statement you want to use in your design and search the USPTO database to verify if there is not copyright filed. If nothing comes up, you may use the statement, symbol or logo 

    SEARCH FOR TRADEMARK: before you finalize on your designs, search the USPTO database. In this business, usually other print on demand business owners tend to quickly trademark famous memes, words or statements. It is usually a race towards ownership, who owns it first, claims the win by being the lawful owner to profit from it.

    TIP 1: be mindful that the statement you used in your design may later have a trademark approved, after your use and you maybe subject to infringement if someone else files for a trademark. Just be cautious to the fact


    TIP 2: even if you used the statement first, if they have the copyright, they are the lawfully owners


    TIP 3: even though I stress the validity of a trademark, you can certainly start your business without one. I want to show the full picture, just incase you decide to trademark, you have a full scope


    Design Your FinancesDesign Your Collection

    In this phase, go wild, go crazy and enjoy your process. Take the notes from your research section and create more of them.  Some design tips to include, the different styles, colors, trends or seasonal products, mix different seasons and trends. Just think outside the box while creating a more uniformed brand. If you are designing trendy products, you can apply the designs to various product catalogs, you can create a collection from one design.

    TIP: going wild with your designs should not mean be offensive and rude. I truly believe in kindness and positivity. Take the time to frame what your brand stand for. 


    SOURCE OF INSPIRATION: there are so many ways to increase your research resources. Go to other selling platforms and search according to the best sellers. Places like Pinterest, Etsy, Amazon or any other top selling platform will be great places to source inspiration. PLEASE: DO NOT STEAL BUT BE INSPIRED. These selling platforms have rules where sellers can report your store for infringement, YOU CAN GET SUSPENDED OR WORST BLOCKED FROM SELLING IF YOU ARE REPORTED FOR COPYRIGHT INFRIGEMENT


    T SHIRT EXAMPLE: based on research and the messaging that fit our brand we going to focus on:

    • cute graphics
    • positive statements
    • fashionable designs 
    • trendy, fun and positive sayings

    TIP: I will always state this point: you are running a business and in this step, please focus more on what your customers would love.


    Design Your FinancesCreate Product Template

    Once you have completed your design, upload them into the print on demand system. The list below is not exhaustive, it includes some of the options to pay attention too

    PRODUCT SELECTION: choose a product that is a bestseller, because it means other print on demand owners have received great feedback from it. 


    FULFILLMENT COUNTRY: due to the type of business there are many fulfillment centers and some are in different countries. So when you select your product, take note which country it’s being shipped from, as this can add to your shipping timeframes.


    PRICES: the prices change based on different selections such as, sizes, colors, printing or embroidery. Each selection you add increases the cost of production. You want to provide the best product to your clients, but know where cut costs.


    SAMPLE PRODUCTS: once you have completed your designs, logos and any additional items you want to add, I would strongly encourage you to order a sample. Below are some things to consider:


    T SHIRT EXAMPLE: we may opt for printing instead of embroidery because its cheaper and below are the items I would look for:

    • material quality
    • printing quality
    • if sizes are true to chart
    • after washing, how the product looks like

    TIP: I will always state this point, you are running a business please make sure your numbers produce a profit. 


    Design Your FinancesWarehousing and Packaging

    This step is not necessary but great to know.  The business model allows you to create an order once a sale is made and you do not have to worry about storage. This options are applicable if you choose to use them, but remember, any additional item or service will increase your cost. 


    WAREHOUSING: you have an option to store your goods at the warehouse provided by the company. There are different prices, for different sizes and weights. Some business want to store their inventory and this option allows them to do so, of course, there is a price for this service.


    PACKAGING: you may have noticed that when you purchase an order, there is usually a note or card that has the company info, this is known as an in-slip. This is part of the packaging process. You can create and design an in-slip, sent to the print on demand warehouse and every time there is an order, they include the in-slip. 

    TIP: is an in-slip necessary? maybe not at all or later. It all depends on what you prefer 


    Selling Platforms

    This company makes it so much easier to sell on different platforms. You can easily connect your print on demand designs to other platforms such as Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and so many other platforms. 

    Some platforms are much easier to push your products to, while others take so much effort. There are many points to consider when selling on other platforms such as:

    • greater accessibility of your products 
    • most of the heavy lifting is done automatically 
    • there maybe additional costs to start selling on those platforms
    • your orders are automatically updated to the print on demand system

    Before you choose a platform, please research if it serves your business the best. Remember each additional platform or item, there is a cost associated and since this is a business, keep your costs low. 

    TIP: when you choose a selling platform, take the time to verify if they have a great support system and if its necessary to expand your business


    Design Your FinancesMarket and Grow Your Business

    For any business to be successful and thrive, you need to sell what the customers are interested in and drive customer to your website. Earlier in the post, I stated the type of services and courses I took that taught me strategies to increase traffic and get targeted customers. Below are some important factors to pay attention to:


    TRAFFIC: for any business to survive and thrive, you need customers. Take the time to verify which are the best producing traffic channels that fit your business. Not all social media will turn great results. The best approach, pick one social media and learn how to drive traffic from it.

    DESIGN: try and have designs that can easily convert visitors into customers. If you aim for the seasonal designs, make sure you create, market ship them on time. Have a year round design calendar. For instance, Christmas designs, you may want to start selling in September. You may think it’s early, but you are not the only business printing products, you need to accommodate shipping timeframes, and returns if something is broken or a wrong order. 

    TRENDY DESIGNS: be quick to create your designs and start selling. You want to sell them while they are still on demand. 


    CUSTOMER SERVICE: take the time to create a customer service process. For my returns, I use the print on demand warehouse and they handle that for me. Create a dedicated email address on how customers can send in questions regarding returns, damages or refunds. Take the time to create answers to obvious questions, this will make your process much easier. 


    TIP: create a schedule, process and cut down time on your research process and create your designs especially if you want to produce trendy products 


    Calculate Your Profits

    The whole objective of this post is to showcase a new business model that can help in making money and like stated before, the costs to start up are much lower compared to other businesses. I could not complete the post without addressing some associated costs. The list below is not exhaustive but will give a general idea. Sometimes in business, it’s all about bootstrapping and with that in mind, I sectioned the two categories in need now and need later


    Services You Need Now

    PRINT ON DEMAND PLATFORM: you need this to start your business. IT comes with the different product catalogs, easy ways to connect to other selling platforms, great customer service and so much more. Sign Up Here for a Free Account


    DESIGN SERVICE: you need a designing system. This comes with a 30 day free trial.  Allows you to have different design elements and very less tech savvy friendly. Click Here to Sign Up


    SELLING PLATFORMS: you do not need a dedicated website, you can sell on Etsy or other platforms. For you to sell on the other selling platforms, they may charge you to list your products.  You connect to other platforms from within the print on demand dashboard.


    Services You Need Later 

    ADVERTISING – if you choose to advertise for free, please take the time to create a strategy. This may take longer to get results than paid advertising.

    TIP: since I started online businesses, I invested in courses that teach how to drive traffic to your site. The knowledge I gained from those courses are the same ones I use over and over. That has made me make money with different online business 


    DOMAIN NAME – unless you want to have a dedicated website, then yes you need a domain.

    TIP: I personally have a website for my business, some sellers have had their account suspended, deleted because of platform violation. If it ever happened (hope not) I would still be able to run my business


    TRADEMARK – as I stated before, you do not need to have a trademark to  start the business, I gave more details so that you are aware of the whole process. It took me many failures and a lot of money as I was trying to figure out the correct path of my business.

    TIP: I personally trademarked my company, all my designs are protected. There is a lot of theft, did not want to take the chance


    BUSINESS NAME: I incorporated my business so that no other company can sell under my name. I started this whole process as a business. It is not just customers that look at your business. There are business vultures who look for new companies that have a great ideas and then they quickly incorporate and trademark before the true owner does. 

    TIP: you do not have to incorporate your company and yes you can incorporate down the road. 


    TAXES: since I registered my company, I am taxed at an LLC level, there are some advantages to this business model. 

    TIP: you can sell as a sole proprietor, just be aware of your business exposure and taxes. Some start as a sole proprietor and then later convert to an LLC 


    BUSINESS BANK ACCOUNT: if you have a business name, you may need to open a business checking account. Some of the big banks have many associated banking fees that I did not like. So I ended up opening an online business bank. They tend to have no business fees related, such as a free business checking account versus a monthly fee.

    TIP: do your research on which is the best online business checking account. Some of these banks are much smaller than the big ones. Check if they are

    • FDIC insured (US banks, if in a different, please do your research)
    • usually they are backed with a bigger bank, research the bigger bank 
    • do not put too much money in, I only put enough to complete orders 

    TIP: once I had enough money generated from the business, I then went to a bigger bank and opened an account. The business fees were waived because I had enough money to meet the no fee requirements



    Starting a print on demand hustle, should be treated like a business. The best approach is to create a step-by-step process and a checklist. Verify what information and services you need. There are three important aspects to keep in mind, first: how you protect your business, secondly: providing quality products to your customers and lastly how to effectively operate and manage your business in order to be profitable. 

    I hope this has been helpful. For any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section.

    Cheering To Your Success
    Brenda |
    Let’s Connect on Social Media! | Pinterest

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    20 Best and Top Paying Online Typing Jobs

    Transcription services or Typing Jobs is the process of converting audio files into written text.

    A transcriptionist or professional typist specializes in listening to audio files and converting them to a text format.

    There are many industries that require transcription services and they include medical, legal, corporate, academic, researchers and or anyone who needs to convert spoken word into a text document.

    The increasing demand for remote work, online typing jobs have emerged as a valuable opportunity for individuals seeking financial independence, flexibility, and the ability to work from the comfort of their own homes

    Whether you’re a skilled typist, a stay-at-home parent looking for a part-time income, or a digital nomad seeking to fund your adventures, online typing jobs offer a diverse range of opportunities. guide will navigate you through the intricate landscape of online typing jobs, revealing the most lucrative options available. We’ll delve into various niches, from transcription services to data entry, highlighting the skills, tools, and strategies needed to succeed. So, if you’re ready to transform your typing skills into a source of income, let’s explore the world of top-paying online typing jobs and discover how you can turn keystrokes into cash.


    Rates: $5 – 25 per audio hour

    Payment: Various Methods

    Level: Beginners and Experienced

    Scribie: Click Here to Apply

    Even though they have requirements, this company is great for beginners. Considering that you are paid per audio hour and not the amount of time it takes to complete your work, their files are between 10 minutes or less. They have a free automated transcript which also helps in saving about 60% of your writing time. There is a monthly bonus of $5 for every 3 hours completed. They don’t assign files, you get choose.

    They have a 2 hour turnaround time (TAT). You will only get accepted after you have completed the test and a reviewer has looked over your file. If successful, you will receive login details.



    Payment: PayPal

    Rates:  $1.25 – $7 per minute

    Level: Beginners and Experienced

    REV:  Click Here to Apply

    This company is friendly to beginners and welcome to apply. You get access to the projects upon passing the quiz.

    You select your own jobs and work as much or little as you like.  You get paid weekly through PayPal for the prior week.  The best part is you get to choose the type of files to work on such as lectures, interviews, podcasts and more.

    This is a great option as you can pick easy files especially if you are a beginner, you can start with the less difficult ones, but the payout may be smaller.



    Payment: PayPal

    Rates: $0.72 per min

    Level: Beginners and Experienced

    Go Transcript: Click Here to Apply

    This is a great place for beginners as experience is not a requirement. Payments are made through PayPal on a weekly basis. You can pick your own schedule and the best part is you can pick your own projects. The company accepts applicants from all over the world. Please read over the application process as it tends to be more detailed than the other companies.

    For the application process they have implemented safeguards such as:

    • face photo recognition
    • they require SMS verification
    • real photo with the verification code written down
    • purchasing of account and posing them as your own



    if you want to learn about transcription, this course teaches you everything to even setting up your business

    Click Here: To Learn About the Course


    Rates: $250 – $2,200

    Payment: PayPal

    Level: Beginners and Experienced

    Transcribeme: Click Here to Apply

    This company offers transcription jobs in various languages, as a result you are free to choose the language that best suits you as well as your projects.  Like other companies, you have the freedom to make your own schedule. Candidates that have medical and legal background are paid a higher rate. In addition to the high payouts, the company promotes self development in growing your skills which can grow into higher paying projects and positions.

    They have an informative online training program that showcases their Transcriptionist Portal and will take you through the Style Guide – which is their writing rules.  Payments are made through PayPal but you have to request the payment for it to be deposited into your account.

    Their audio is roughly 2 – 4 minutes, instead of choosing the projects, they sent you work.



    Payment: PayPal

    Rates: $0.25 – $5.00 per min

    Level: Beginners and Experienced

    Speechpad: Click Here to Apply

    This company offers a more comprehensive service where they capture every utterance, including ums, ahs, stuttering or false starts unlike other companies which lightly edits the script. A verbatim transcript is more favored in the legal environment, whereas, a clean transcript is for the general setting.  Speechpad provides various languages and your preferred language.

    Payments are made twice a week and you can set your own schedule. The company requires a 40 words per minute (wpm) as the typing speed.

    • weekly payments
    • you pick you own jobs
    • you can set your own schedule
    • you do not need additional equipment



    Payment: PayPal

    Rates: $0.0025 – $0.005.00 per min

    Level: Beginners and Experienced

    Quicktate: Click Here to Apply

    This company has a variety of work that needs to be transcribed such as voicemail messages, memos, letters, legal files, medical files, recordings of phone calls, conference calls and other audio files. The best part is that it gives you a wide range of selection in terms of projects to choose from. It’s great for beginners as you can start with the easy ones and gradually develop your skills. Below is their exhaustive list:

    • To-Do Lists
    • Legal Notes
    • Field Notes
    • General Reports
    • Medical Reports
    • Veterinary Reports
    • Letters and Memos
    • Insurance Matters
    • Voicemail Messages
    • Filling out Forms (API)
    • Authors-Writers-Novelists

    Like the other companies you have to pass the test in order to start earning. Weekly payment are made through PayPal.



    Payment: PayPal

    Rates: $1000 – $2000 per month

    Level: Beginners and Experienced

    GMR Transcription: Click Here to Apply

    The company does not require past experience as all you have to do is pass the exam. It does require you to have a foot pedal, MS Office, high-speed internet, and over-the-ear headphones.

    You need to complete at least 2 audio hours before being paid and at least each week you need to complete 4 audio hours. Availability of work is high, you are able to easily fill your schedule, that means more money. Below are some of what they offer:

    • high earnings
    • can make your own schedule
    • over 22 types of transcript categories
    • multiple languages Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic



    Payment: PayPal

    Rates: $0.75 – $0.85 per audio min

    Level: Beginners and Experienced

    Daily Transcription: Click Here to Apply

    You are able to set your own schedule as they are flexible on when to work. They offer training, feedback, and coaching. They provide transcription training videos, style guides, a procedure document, and as many practice jobs as you request. Professional, novice, and beginners are welcome to apply. To get accepted you are expected to pass a Skills Assessment Test as well as an actual transcription test. In addition to passing the exam you will need to have typing skills of at least 50 wpm, excellent listening skills,  a strong mastery of English, and the ability to meet strict deadlines.

    Currently they are taking participants from the US and Canada

    • paid weekly
    • flexible schedule
    • no minimum hours to be met




    Rates: 0.085 to a bit over $1

    Payment: Weekly via PayPal

    Level: Beginner and Experienced

    Casting Words: Click Here Apply

    This company is friendly to beginners as you may not be required to take a test if you have past experience. You have the ability to choose your own schedule.

    Test results may take up to a week to receive them and they will be sent directly to your email with login details. Upon being approved, projects are assigned and please take note of deadlines, as they are strict. Pay increments are dependent upon the quality of work you submit. The higher your quality score, the greater your bonus is. Below are some of what they offer:

    • flexible schedule
    • only hire freelancers
    • candidates from various countries



    Payment: Work Market

    Level: Beginner and Experienced

    Rates: $0.03 – $0.20 per media min

    CrowdSurf: Click Here to Apply

    This company specializes in creating captions for education, entertainment, and business videos to help with the hearing-impaired and second language viewers. All freelancers are hired and paid through third Work Market.

    Joining the company requires to pass the transcription assessment and providing proof of your identity. Results usually takes about 3-5 business days, you will receive an email with login information. The company requires to maintain high quality score in order to continue to work with them. Below are some resources they offer:



    Payment: Various Method

    Level: Beginner and Experienced

    Rates: Various rates based on ratings

    Upwork: Click Here to Apply

    This is a great method to increase your earning potential. There a few ways you can use this platform to your advantage:

    Beginners – research to see what other transcriptions are offering on the platform and create your own package. The best option is to learn as much as you can before offering your services.

    Experienced – you can absolutely leverage your past experience and offer services that charge more for instance, medical or legal.

    This is a great way to build your business. The higher your rating the greater your opportunity to increase your rates.



    Payment: Various Method

    Level: Beginner and Experienced

    Rates: $0.005 per word transcribed

    Tigerfish: Click Here to Apply

    The company has been in business since 1989. For you to get accepted you have to take an assessment test. There are currently 3 audio files available to download, transcribe and submit. During the application process you have to specify which category you are familiar with such as medical, technology, legal or finance.

    In addition to selecting the categories, you need to select the hours you would like to work and languages you are fluent in. Their typing target is 50(wpm) words per minute.



    Level: Experienced

    Payment: Various Methods

    Rates: $10 to $30 per working hour

    3Play: Click Here to Apply

    3Play Media provides closed captioning, transcription, and audio description services to make video accessibility easy. This company is one of the better paying ones, and they tend to prefer experienced transcriptionists. Their current rates are around $10 – $30 per hour not audio hours, this really adds up. On the flip side, there are not many available jobs. The company has a 75 (wpm) typing requirement.

    They currently have Spanish and English transcript editors, learn more

    The best part of this job is actually checking for errors on already transcribed videos, below are some of their requirements

    • pass a series of proficiency tests
    • typing ability of at least 75 wpm
    • excellent written communication skills
    • demonstrate your transcription skills prior
    • Microsoft Excel or spreadsheet applications
    • provide expert transcribing services independently
    • ability to manage projects and work independently



    Level: Experienced

    Rates: $1.39 per min

    Payment: Various Methods

    Transcript Divas: Click Here to Apply

    Due to the higher rates in the industry it best to apply with experience under your belt.  The earning potential is high as you are paid by the audio minute instead of the audio hour.

    Another important aspect is to keep in mind is that work may be seasonal. It is best to have another service that can bring supplemental and constant income.

    The company focuses on Video & Film, Academic, Courts & Legal, Market Research. Their application requires the below:

    • list your experience
    • specify your work hours
    • your past quality control scores
    • verification of your experience is done



    Level: Experienced

    Rates: $1.39 per min

    Payment: Various Methods

    Ubiqus: Click Here to Apply

    This company has three different categories medical, legal and general and the best part is if you have the experience you can easily transcribe for all, which only means more money.

    When it comes to specific rates, it did best to verify before doing any work as they tend to change. Their target for typing is 40 (wpm). They are currently taking candidates in the U.S and additionally, you would need a foot pedal.

    This company specializes in Corporate, Legal, Medical, Video Caption, Foreign Language. Below are some of the job requirements:

    • knowledge of Microsoft Word
    • at least 1 – 5 years of experience
    • they prefer verbatim transcript
    • you are able to set your own hours
    • they offer templates to complete your project



    Rates: $1.00 per audio min

    Payment: Various Methods

    Level: Beginners and Experienced

    Audio Transcription Center: Click Here to Apply

    This is a great way to earn as much as you possibly can, mainly because of the high ongoing rates. They transcribe historical information and their quality requirements are high. To be accepted you should have at least 70 words per minute typing rate.

    Similar to other companies they will ask you what topics you are interested in and based on work availability, they will send you projects based on your interest.

    Since they offer a niche service, sometimes there is not enough work to create a full-time income. If you are multilingual, use it to your advantage as this means more money. The company focuses on audio, video, typed or handwritten material. Below are some requirements:

    • no experience required
    • choose your own schedule
    • deliver files within 24 hours
    • open to bilingual candidates
    • complete a typing test from their site



    Level: Experienced

    Rates: $1.00 per audio min

    Payment: Various Methods

    Audio Transcription Center: Click Here to Apply

    This company specializes in media coverage such as TV, movies or researchers. Due to the type of services they offer, they have normal orders and rush orders. With the rush orders you have same day turnaround which results in a higher payout of $1.50 per audio minute.

    The company has high standards as a result it requires candidates with at least 2 years experience. Below are some key points a candidate should have, you can take a practice test here 

    • Be paid via PayPal
    • Communicate via email
    • Pass an initial skills test
    • Edit and finalize your own work
    • Work independently and meet deadlines
    • Be punctual and accurately transcribe client material
    • Have high speed internet to upload and download files
    • Use Express Scribe or your transcription software of choice



    if you want to learn about transcription, this course teaches you everything to even setting up your business

    Click Here: To Learn About the Course


    Payment: Various Methods

    Rates: $1.00 per audio minute

    Level: Beginners and Experienced

    Transcription Express (VIO) : Click Here to Apply

    This company has been in business for at least 20 years and still looking to expand their services. They offer transcription services in Corporate, Legal and Government.

    You have the flexibility to choose your own schedule. You can download the audio file roll to your computer and you have to transcribe any downloaded file within 24 hours. You are deemed to be self employed, therefore, it is best to maintain and understand your accounting needs.

    They require you to commit to work five days a week (Monday through Friday)  — and to commit at least four to five hours a day.

    You also have to pass a federal, state, and county background check. Additionally, you need to pass an exam which includes the below to be considered for an interview

    • A spelling test
    • A work-at-home compatibility test 
    • A typing test (must type 60 words per minute at 90% accuracy)



    Payment: Various Methods

    Rates: $1.00 per audio minute

    Level: Beginners and Experienced

    Transcription Hub : Click Here to Apply

    This company offers different services in medical professionals, students, researchers, lawyers, insurers all this means enough work to go around and ability to select different projects. They offer services such as subtitles and captioning services. 

    Below are the list of services they offer as this will give you a guide on how to prepare for the test:

    Research and Academics Transcription – mainly for researchers, students, and teachers where you translate their recorded materials

    Medical Transcription: ensures HIPAA-compliance for accuracy and confidentiality

    Legal and Law Enforcement Transcription: this includes lawyers, law enforcement official case files, recorded interviews, and taped depositions.

    To get started you would have to pass their test and rates are based on the quality of your work.



    Payment: Various Methods

    Rates: $1.00 per audio minute

    Level: Beginners and Experienced

    Speak: Click Here to Apply

    To qualify for a position you must have at least 60 words per minute with a target of 90% accuracy. Currently they are taking U.S and Canada residents, due to AB law, unfortunately, they are not taking candidates in California. For both legal and general transcriptions at least they require 1 year of related experience. You can take a free typing test here 

    Below are some requirements: 

    • pass typing test 
    • Microsoft Word savvy 
    • ability to work at 4 hours
    • foot pedal is required for live jobs 
    • at least have 15 scheduled hours per month



    Audio Hour – Usually rates are based on how long it takes you to complete the file. For instance, a 1 hour audio file may take you 3 hours to complete. You are paid based on the audio file time frame NOT the duration to complete it, therefore you will get paid for the 1 hour audio not 3 hours.

    What is TAT – In transcription means turn around time to get the file done.

    What is Express Scribe – This is a professional software that helps in transcribing audio files. It has various variable speed playback and plays most formats including encrypted dictation files.

    Get Express Scribe for Free – The free vision supports different audio files which includes wav, mp3, wma and day. This is a great starting point. It comes with:

    • hot controls
    • foot pedal controls
    • variable speed playback
    • works with other software
    • Automatic file management

    Buy Express Scribe – You can buy the professional software with more options here

    • load dictation
    • express dictate
    • multiple sound format converter
    • manage customer invoices and payments
    • create keyboard shortcuts to speed your typing

    What is a Foot Pedal – This is an equipment used to control dictation playback with your foot. You have the ability to play, rewind or fast forward any part of the audio recording. This helps in transcribing much faster.

    Requirements – for most transcription jobs the requirements are fairly equal below are the most requested skills set required by most companies

    • Headphone/headset
    • Good comprehension of English
    • Ability to interpret conversations
    • Must pass test and or have experience
    • Ability to apply context and identify mistakes
    • Laptop/desktop computer and internet connection
    • Latest version of FirefoxChrome or Safari web browser
    • A Verified PayPal account (linked to a bank account or credit card)

    TIP 1 – sometimes ingenuity is the best teacher, before applying and taking the quiz, try to research, to get tips and tools to help you answer the quiz

    TIP 2 – it is advisable to understand the process as well as how they measure quality output. Usually there are 4 levels for quality assurance


    Transcription work can easily make full time income, the best approach is to find a couple of companies where you can fill up your working hours.  Most of the positions are remote and flexible to set up your own hours. To be successful in this occupation, it is best to have required skill set, therefore, if you are interested, Click Here: To Learn About the Course

    Cheering To Your Success
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  • Blog,  Make Money

    10 Best Ways to Make Passive Income

    PASSIVE INCOME includes earnings or proceeds derived from activities that do not require day to day management, but still generate income consistently. 

    This includes rental income or dividends income. It is advisable to verify IRS definition and rules as it may have different tax requirements. 

    This post will have options that require upfront work to set up and thereafter, will earn money passively and easy options to set up with little effort.

    Generating passive income is a financial aspiration that holds immense appeal for many individuals seeking financial freedom and security. Passive income streams allow you to earn money with minimal ongoing effort or active involvement, providing financial stability and the potential for a more relaxed lifestyle. Several avenues exist for creating passive income, each with its own set of advantages and considerations.  The key to successful passive income generation is to select strategies that align with your interests, resources, and financial goals, and to consistently monitor and adjust your investments to maximize returns. Ultimately, passive income offers the promise of financial independence and the freedom to pursue your passions while your money works for you.



    This option is best defined as having your money work for you. The company has two options, either you are a lender or a borrower. As a lender, you can invest any amount from as little as $25 and get a percentage in return. The borrowers are already vetted and this eliminates risks as your information is protected, terms are clearly stated. The most favored company is



    If you have ever wanted to invest in real estate and did not have the time to source the deals, inspect the properties and or did not have enough money to purchase a property, this option is certainly a great way to start investing. You have the opportunity to invest in private market real estate deals, this is different from the limiting traditional options such as public stocks and bonds. There is a wide range of projects and this increases the diversification. 

    There are many levels of which you can participate, the starter portfolio allows you to start at the minimum cost of $500 and you have to choose to increase your investments. The types of investments which include apartments, luxury condos, townhomes, office space to mention a few Click here below for more information



    It has become much easier to make money from your rentals and or primary residence, instead of having a monthly rental income, you can now restructure and create a business out of it. Many people have found new ways of creating wealth by renting their rooms and Airbnb has made it much easier. This is a great way to pay for your mortgage, some are even living mortgage free due to renting out additional space.  Click below for more

     TIP – the best way is to treat your rental space as a business, clean it, declutter and make it as comfortable as much as you can 



    Making money as a content creator in today’s digital landscape is not only possible but increasingly accessible. Content creators leverage their skills and creativity to produce valuable content across various platforms, such as YouTube, blogs, podcasts, or social media. They can monetize their content through various channels, including advertising revenue, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and merchandise sales. The key to success lies in consistently delivering high-quality and engaging content that resonates with a target audience. As content creators build a loyal following, they open doors to income opportunities, turning their passion into a profitable career. However, it’s essential to remember that building a sustainable income as a content creator often requires time, dedication, and adaptability in a constantly evolving digital landscape. 

    TIP – constantly check the interest rate and services offered as these are determined by the current market rates 



    There are many people that have turned their hobbies into a business, the best way is to research your hobby if it can make money. Usually with hobbies there is an active target audience that can easily convert into customers. Things to look for when turning your hobby into a business is what kind of products are being sold in your niche, what product can you sell in order to solve a problem and what is the cost. All these details will help in setting your business on the right track.  For example, photography you sell your pictures to stock companies such as:

    Read More: Hobbies that Make Money



    This may not bring six figures a year in savings but surely it does feel good to have some of your spent money returned or better have a discount. The best way if you do most of your shopping online, you can also have cashback. It may seem a small option to have but when you start getting $50 or $100 back, it certainly makes the option worthwhile.

    There are many cashback sites, but one of the leading ones is Rakuten mainly because you get cashback and on top of that you can get a referral commission. You get the cashback if you make any online purchases while using their site. The site has great discounts, deals, promo codes and numerous brands which enables you to get a cheaper price than when you go to the stores directly. All you have to do is get a browser extension which enables you to activate the site. Rakuten has a referral program that can earn you commissions from.

    If you want real savings its best to use a cashback credit card especially if its for a business. If you have high priced ticket, such as mortgage, or inventory charges, this can actually save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. As always, any credit needs to be used wisely or will incur debt. Some of the best cashback cards include Chase, Discover, American Express. Regardless of which company you use, make sure is it has great rewards for businesses.




    Making money as a blogger is not only achievable but also a reality for countless individuals worldwide. Bloggers create valuable and engaging content in various niches, from travel and lifestyle to finance and technology. The monetization potential of blogging is diverse, including avenues such as display advertising, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, selling digital products or services, and even offering premium subscriptions. To succeed in this space, bloggers need to consistently deliver high-quality content that resonates with their target audience, optimize their websites for search engines, and build a strong online presence through social media. While blogging offers the prospect of financial independence and the freedom to work on topics you’re passionate about, it also demands commitment, patience, and adaptability in a competitive digital landscape. With determination and a strategic approach, many bloggers have turned their writing skills into a sustainable source of income.



    8% – 75%  in commissions!! That is the power of affiliate marketing. There are many ways to get passive income from affiliate marketing. The best approach is to find specific problems that your audience is facing and then find a product that provides a solution.  The best method is to find platforms that have many affiliate companies you can choose from and have good payouts.

    Different Methods to Market

    • Video – demonstrate how to use the product
    • Website – write a blog post about the product
    • Email Marketing – sent a link to your subscribers
    • Direct – You can directly market your affiliate to target consumers eg Instagram

     TIP – always promote products that are reputable, as people depend on your views



    If done correctly, Amazon Affiliate Program has the power to scale into a full time income. The best approach is to create an Amazon review site. There are various formats that one can implement such as reviewing trendy products or reviewing products within the same category. Regardless of the option, it is best to offer reviews that actually help the buyer to come to a better buying decision. When you write your product reviews, detail pros and cons.

    Below are some tips to consider

    • Have great photos of the product
    • look for products that are high priced and have various product selections
    • Reach out to the seller and ask additional questions to better write your review
    • Ask about their customer service process what other customers love about the products
    • Go through the reviews, examine the top complaints and reach to the seller on how they are solving them. This usually helps the buyer in making a purchase



    Investing in the stock market offers diverse opportunities for passive income. Dividend stocks, in particular, allow investors to receive regular dividend payments from companies in which they hold shares. Building a portfolio of dividend-paying stocks can provide a consistent income stream over time. Additionally, index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offer a passive approach to stock market investing. These funds provide exposure to a wide range of stocks, allowing investors to benefit from market growth without the need for active stock selection.

    • The best way is to understand when is a good time to buy and when to sale. Many investors they tend to buy when the stock is already up – that is usually when most investors sale.  Learn the basics of trading but most importantly, learn what kind of investing is best for you. 
    • There are different types of investors, from day traders, swing traded, long term investing, target portfolio, futures trading, commodities, to forex and so much more. The best way is find a strategy and understand it. Most people that make money in the stock market, they trade what they are good at, there  is no need to learn and know everything, BUT LEARN AND KNOW YOUR STRATEGY



    The best approach is to start with choices that are easy to set up while you research the ones that bring the most returns. When it comes to earning money passively through affiliate marketing, try to find companies that offer high commission, have a good track record of paying affiliates and great product quality. Some of the the strategies above, you have to wear and learn different hats, from being an entrepreneur , investor or lender. Regardless which method you choose, you have to know what you are doing. Yes, sometime in business  you can make money with limited knowledge, but always aim to know more. Most times, the greater the knowledge the better the returns.


    Cheering To Your Success
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