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    20 Profitable Hobbies That Make Money

    What is a hobby? A hobby is an activity that you do simply for enjoyment. This article showcases hobbies that make money and can turn into full income.

    There is nothing better than  having a hobby that actually pays the bills, better yet that can replace your job and become a full-time income.

    Regardless of your choice, there are methods you can implement to turn your hobby into a business.

    Many individuals are discovering that their hobbies, beyond being sources of joy and relaxation, have the potential to generate substantial earnings.

    Whether it’s crafting handmade goods, capturing stunning photographs, or sharing expert knowledge, profitable hobbies have blurred the lines between work and leisure, allowing enthusiasts to channel their creativity and expertise into income-generating endeavors. From exploring the world of freelance writing and photography to launching an online store for handmade crafts, we’ll uncover a plethora of profitable hobbies that offer the freedom to earn on your terms. So, if you’re ready to turn your pastime into a paycheck and pursue a life where your passion pays the bills, let’s embark on a journey to explore the world of profitable hobbies that make money. This post is going to showcase hobbies that can actually become and earn a full time income. 



    Best Courses on How to Get Traffic

    Design Your FinancesTYPE : PINTEREST COURSE


    The most important aspect to a business is targeted traffic. Pinterest has become one of the leading search engines and is great for generating targeted traffic. This course showcases on how to market a business on Pinterest and ultimately have engaging  and converting customers. Click Here to Start a Pinterest Course


    Design Your FinancesTYPE: CHEAP FACEBOOK ADS


    It is all about sending massive traffic to your site. This course teaches how to start cheap Facebook Ads. The course creator has been able to generate over 2 MILLION PAGEVIEWS all from cheap Facebook Ads. The course showcases the different Facebook strategies that help in increasing your traffic to you site. Click Here to Learn About Facebook Ads


    Design Your FinancesSERVICE: EMAIL SERVICE


    For any thriving business it has become extremely important to create and maintain an email list. This is the most important asset of your business, as you are now in direct contact with your potential customers. Get Response Email Services include, newsletter, autoresponders, landing pages, list building tools, survey forms, email marketing tools, automation, conversion funnel, webinars, push notifications and so much more. Start collecting an email list as soon as possible   Click Here to Get Started



    There is now a greater need of having beautiful stock photos and since there has been a rise in blogs and content production this is the best time to turn into business.

    How to Make Money with Photography 

    • sell your prints
    • sell prints with royalty fee
    • sell your photography to numerous site
    • create a blog that showcases photography
    • create a teaching product about photography
    • create a membership site where you can sell your own pictures




    Painting and drawing is no longer for talented people, but the majority can enjoy it. There are new business ventures that are profiting from this hobby, such as the popular sip and paint.  The best way to make money out of this hobby is coming up with creative ways to include the public to participate. Consider the below tips as a starting point:

    How to Make Money Drawing

    • sell drawing lessons
    • sell fashion illustrations
    • create a YouTube Channel
    • create and sell coloring book
    • get paid to draw greeting cards


    Cartoon Stock


    Graphic Designers create visual concepts using various techniques in order to capture and showcase business essence on various media platforms. There are so many businesses that are now forming and many are in need of graphics designers. Take the time to learn different services your business can offer such as:

    How to Make Money as a Graphic Designer

    • logos
    • brochures
    • advertisements
    • business stationery


    99 Designs


    The fashion industry has taken new heights especially with the new shopping Apps, influencers and social media. The best part about it is the exposure to various styles, this is certainly a great avenue for aspiring fashion lovers, designers and admirers. For those who love this space there is a way to turn the hobby into an income generating avenue.

    How to Make Money as a Fashion Designer

    • affiliate marketing
    • brand ambassador
    • sell your own products
    • do brand collaborations


    Social media has become a place where various demographics come and exchange ideas. Even though social media has been deemed as a “millennial space” most companies now have a presence in this space as they try to expand their target reach.

    If you are social media savvy you can curate a business out of something you already enjoy.  To turn this into a business it is best to curate services that you can offer your clients at premium.

    How to Make Money as Social Media Manager

    • affiliate marketing
    • consulting services
    • social media manager
    • social media campaign strategist


    This has been such a lucrative hobby that has surely replaced jobs and turned  hobbies into thriving businesses. There are countless ways to make money with writing and each methods has the ability to produce thousands of dollars per month such as:

    How to Make Money Writing

    • Blogging
    • Freelancer
    • Copywriting

    Read More: How to Make Money Blogging



    Those who love music and can play or create it, can certainly share their love on different platforms and formats. You could start sharing lessons on how to read music notes, different keys and graduate to playing a full song.

    If you are into creating tracks, this could be another way of teaching your craft.

    How to Make Money with Music

    • sell lessons
    • create a YouTube Channel
    • start a Music Label Company and sell your own music to Influencers


    Public speaking has many traits that can be transferred to other sectors, such as the ability to engage crowds and state your point across. You can use such traits to be an influencer.

    To be an influencer does not necessarily mean you have to be in the fashion and beauty industry, any sector can accommodate an influencer just as long you are able to form and get your point across. Below are some traits of being an influencer:

    • Engaging
    • Passionate
    • People Person
    • knowledgeable

    How to Make Money as an Influencer

    There are many ways to create an income when you choose this platform such as, speaking engagements, affiliate marketing or selling your own products.


    This option includes different ways to make money but the most profitable one is becoming a proofreader.

    Due to the high number of blogs and written content online, companies want to ensure that their content is written out correctly. As we all know, demand drives price which makes your rates go up.

    • proofread materials for spelling, grammar, punctuation
    • they also verify if documents are consistent with brand mission

    How to Make Money as Proofreader

    There are many platforms where you list your service and find clients. You can list your services on the below platforms


    This is a fun way to relax and be creative and in addition you can make a profitable business if you strategize your idea correctly. Some of the best methods to generate income in this space to come up with unique ideas which may include:

    • trying to cook international food
    • or trying to recreate a well liked food
    • currently there are a lot of mubank videos
    • cooking a cookbook from beginning to end

    How to Make Money Cooking or Baking

    Find your niche idea and grow your audience then scale your ideas to  cookbooks, products or cookware or monetize your YouTube Channel.


    Just like any other social media business, if you have an audience you can present or promote the product your audience is likely to enjoy. Both big and small brands are willing to spend money for a targeted and engaged audience.  There are ways you can monetize your platform such as::

    How to Make Money Shopping

    • affiliate links
    • secret shopping
    • product feedback
    • brand ambassador
    • brand collaboration

    To be successful at this you may have to show potential clients your analytics. This is imperative as this indicates to potential clients that you have an engaging audience. These are some of the metrics that they may request, engagement rates, cost per clicks, pageviews, etc


    This has become a lucrative way to make money as there is a high demand for viewers and this translates to various income streams. The better you become, the more opportunities and this has led some players to become professional gamers.

    The best way is to make a gaming plan, start with the basics by improving your skills, create your YouTube Channel, and build your audience as you grow.

    How to Make Money With Video Games

    • create a YouTube Channel
    • become a Video Game Tester
    • play video games competitively
    • work as a Video Game Journalist
    • get sponsored by an eSport Team
    • livestream your game live on Twitch


    This is a great way for those that love to make things with their hands get an opportunity to create and sell.

    Esty has become a great marketplace for people selling their crafts works. If you want to scale it into a business you may want to implement strategies that support growth such as making more products for sale. Below are some crafts ideas that can generate some income

    How To Make Money With Crafts

    • scarfs
    • bow ties
    • wedding veils
    • cell phone covers
    • dollar store items redesigned
    • you make headband collections


    Well this option has created ordinary people to have thriving businesses. There are so many platforms that accept video sharing. Come up with a plan such as the type of videos you want to make and on which platform. Implement various SEO strategies and start to create an audience.

    How To Make Money with Videos

    • create a YouTube Channel
    • create various social media accounts
    • list your services on freelancing website

    Read more on:

    How to Make Money on YouTube

    How to Make Money on Instagram


    Even though it takes a lot of work, there is so much pleasure and comfort in gardening.  There are different stages and types of gardening, which could be an option if you want to grow to start earning from this hobby.

    How to Make Money Gardening

    • sell flower photos
    • sell garden photos
    • sell a garden ebook
    • write for garden blogs
    • write reviews for various garden tools


    Fashion is one of the biggest industries and there are many levels, jobs and ideas one can make money from. The best way is to find your niche and produce content that is specific and targeted. Once you start getting an audience, you do have the option and venture into other fashion segments. Below are some tips to start earning with sewing:

    How to Make Money Sewing

    • sell teaching lessons
    • sell sewing patterns
    • sew clothes for sale
    • you can start a sewing business
    • create YouTube channel and get ads


    This is a multi billion industry that has countless ways of staying healthy, how to exercise, the right fitness tools or athleisure wear. All things are avenues that can make money. Most get started with just compiling different exercise drills and slowly growing an audience. Below are some tips to start earning with fitness:

    How to Make a Money in Fitness

    • sell ebooks
    • sell courses
    • sell meal plans
    • brand collaboration
    • create a YouTube channel
    • find fitness products you can private label


    If you are a sports enthusiast you can certainly make money by sharing your opinion. There are ways you can enjoy your favorite sports and earn from its such as:

    How to Make a Money in Sports

    • coach a team
    • write a blog
    • have an after show on YouTube
    • get a reseller license and sell sports memorabilia


    For those that love hunting for deals and treasures this is a great choice of earning by restoring flea market pieces and refurbishing them. If this is a money making hobby, it may be best to use some strategies to get the best deal from the market such as:

    How to Make Money at a Flea Market

    • arrange transportation
    • set an e-commerce store
    • go to estate sales and resale
    • have your cash in several bills
    • buy and refurbish items for sale
    • research and refurbish top selling products
    • select  the best market for what you looking for


    This has become a viable source of income where many influencers are finding success. Just like any other source of income you need to have a target audience and it may be an advantage to focus on a specific niche.

    How to Make Money as an Interior Decorator

    • affiliate marketing
    • brand collaboration
    • sell consulting services
    • sell products through drop shipping model


    There are so many other hobbies that can generate income, regardless of which sector they are in. The best method is to identify a problem and you create a solution for it, or most cases find what kind of enjoyment it brings to your audience.

    Cheering To Your Success
    Brenda |
    Let’s Connect on Social Media! | Pinterest |  


    Design Your Finances

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    10 Profitable Ways to Make Money on YouTube

    YouTube  is a video sharing platform. The platform has turned content creators into thriving business owners.  The viewership numbers are still going strong as more channels are being created daily.  This article showcases the  multiple methods of earning from YouTube.

    The beauty of social media is that you can create a business and funnel all the various traffic sources back to your business and YouTube is a great platform to do so.

    Below are some tips and tools to grow your YouTube channel. YouTube has also become a legitimate avenue for income generation. With the right strategies and a passion for creating engaging content, YouTube creators can transform their channels into profitable ventures.

    YouTube stands as a juggernaut, offering a vast platform for individuals to share their creativity, knowledge, and stories with a global audience. But what many may not realize is that beyond its role as a content-sharing platform

    This blog post explores the dynamic world of making money on YouTube, showcasing ten distinct and proven approaches that creators can use to monetize their channels. From ad revenue and affiliate marketing to merchandise sales and sponsored content, we’ll dive deep into each method, offering insights, tips, and real-life success stories that demonstrate the earning potential of this digital frontier.


    Steps on How to Make Money on YouTube 

    Step 1 Read the Terms and Conditions
    Step 2 Create a YouTube Channel
    Step 3 Identify Tools You Need for Filming
    Step 4 Research Your Niche
    Step 5 Create an Editorial Calendar
    Step 6 Start Filming
    Step 7 Implement SEO & Keywords
    Step 8 Stick to a Schedule
    Step 9 Sign Up for AdSense
    Step 10 Start Collaborating

      Tools You need for a YouTube Channel  

     The greatest tool or advice of starting your channel is to JUST START, waiting to get the perfect equipment will surely just delay or worse abandon the whole idea, below are some tools you need to get started 

    Camera – start with a decent camera, a phone is great enough, just take the time to learn how to shoot the best possible video it can. As time passes it is best to invest in your business then you can research what the best camera fits your production needs.

    Tripod – depending on the type of videos you make, one thing for sure is that no one wants to watch shaky videos, invest in different types of tripods.

    Apps – there are many free apps that help with various video functions, at least start with the free ones and examine how best they can serve your needs.

    Editing – take the time to learn the leading editing tools as this will only make you a better YouTuber. 

    Lighting – with no doubt, lighting makes the video better, whether it’s natural or artificial lighting, there are different types of lighting options such as umbrella lighting, ring lighting, on-camera lighting. Start with a more reasonably priced equipped or identify the best time to use natural lighting. 

    Types of Content that Rank on YouTube 

    Niche Research  – research your desired niche as well as sub niches. Examine the top channels in your niche and see which content has high engagement. Make a list of content you would like to produce and as well as the sub niches. Come up with at least 20 ideas to start off with. The content regardless of niche is content that actually solves a problem.

    Types of Content that have performed well:

    • vlogs
    • guides 
    • how to
    • tutorials
    • reaction videos
    • product reviews
    • simply entertaining
    • informative/educative

    TIP – look at the top accounts in your niche, go to most popular uploads then create similar content. Always be on top of trends. Use the YouTube Search Engine to find keywords you can use in your description and title


    How to Grow Your YouTube Channel 

    There are multiple ways to make money on YouTube but the most common one is to have ads on your account and as your audience grows that gives you the opportunity to grow other revenue streams. 

    How to Become a YouTube Partner –  for any success on YouTube it is imperative to understand YouTube terms and monetization policies as this can easily affect your earnings such as YouTube has no tolerance to content they deem unfit and this could result in diminished revenues and or account being blocked. YouTube does not deem the below content as favorable:

    • hateful content
    • violent or graphic content 
    • harassment and cyberbullying
    • nudity or extreme sexual content
    • threats, copyrights, child endangerment
    Location  YouTube Partner Program is not available in all locations, make sure your region is included
    Views currently,  your channel needs 4000 views in the last 12 month
    Subscribers   you need at least a 1000
    Adsense link your account to AdSense: 

    • place ads on your account
    • offensive language is limited 
    • make your ads long and vary the content

    Read more here: 

    Know Your Audience – This is an imperative step as it gives you an overview and granulated information of who your target audience is. THIS IS THE CORE OF YOUR BUSINESS TREAT IT LIKE AN ASSET. First, when you approach brands, they ask who your audience is, this data helps, with rate negotiation. Secondly, this helps to know which content to create and which has high engagements. Create content that your audience loves, which in turn results in high views and that’s MORE MONEY. 

    Sell Your Own Merchandise or Products – Most YouTubers have grown beyond YouTube and have become business owners. One of the ways that have become lucrative is selling their products or services and promoting them on the platform. 

    License Your Content to the Media – Another way to make revenue on your content is to give permission to other outlets to use your content and this includes outlets like TV news outlets, morning shows, online news sites. You can list your video to websites such as Junkin Media 

    Work with a Brand as an Influencer or Ambassador – Knowing your audience is imperative as you can easily leverage that information and you can either do a brand collaboration, brand ambassador or sponsored posts. Take the time to research the going rates in order to set your rates. 

    YouTube Premium – This is where the viewer has the option to view content without having ads being displayed. Your videos are made available to the YouTube Premium and the best part of it is you will GET PAID under the premium option. 

    How to Grow a YouTube Channel – Now that we have established tools you need to start your channel, there are different methods to monetize your channel, we now focus on tips and tools on how to grow your YouTube channel. 

    Content Creation – build your videos around a specific keyword in your niche, use other keywords to find what people in your niche are searching and include that in your videos. To look for YouTube keywords you can use  Once you have found your keywords, create videos in different formats such tutorials, reviews or how to

    Brainstorming – this activity should be scheduled on your calendar, consistently research your niche and see trending topics, don’t just research on YouTube, go to other platforms and see what type of content is ranking then create videos about it. Also on brainstorming look into other niches and see how their videos are edited or formatted, use those tactics on yours.

    SEO – Implement SEO strategies to your video by optimizing title and description. The best method is to use the keywords in your titles

    Test – any marketing specialist will advise you that the best producing ad was achieved through various test ads. Test your top traffic strategies and see which ones your audience responses to, for example, long or short videos (be cautious with long videos you not filming a movie)

    Read More Articles on: 

    How to Make Money Blogging

    How to Make Money on Google

    How to Make Money on Amazon

    How to Make Money on Pinterest

    How to Make Money on Facebook

    How to Make Money on Instagram

    Reformat – visit some of your old videos and make them SEO friendly and implement any strategies that may increase their views

    Information – it is a great disappointment when you link the link descriptions and the links do not work. Have your links clearly listed and make sure affiliate links are correctly tracked. Additionally, have your social media clickable handles included. 

    Call to Action – most content creators on YouTube clearly give instructions on how to subscribe and follow their other social media platforms. Encourage your viewers to subscribe, comment and share, but do it in a way that is welcoming 


    Branding – Take the time to invest in designing your brand, such as logos, mission statement, social media profiles. It is best to keep your designs uniformed across the board.  

    Marketing – Once your channel has been created, it takes time to create a dedicated following. Implement various methods of marketing such ads, commenting on other profiles and cross promote across all your social platforms

    Thumbnails – there are many instances I have clicked on views, mainly because of the thumbnails. These are mainly shown on the “recommended for you” section. With great thumbnails and targeted keywords, your video has a better fighting chance.

    Analytics – understand your analytics, as this will help in knowing what your audience is interested and how your business is doing such as which videos have the highest engagements or which videos produced the most ads revenue. Knowing your analytics also helps in determining trends that you should focus more on

    Business Accounts – Set up your business the correct way, such as taxes, bank accounts, business registration, this will come in handy when you start doing brand collaborations

    YouTube Cards are the interactive cards seen at the end of YouTube videos which allows creators to share clickable links to relevant content throughout a video. You can add up to five cards to each video and you can use cards. The objective of using YouTube cards is to increase viewership

    Contest or Giveaways – come up with ways to interact and include the viewers, such as  contests or giveaways, but for them to qualify make sure to include a call to action such as subscribe, comment or share 

    Editorial Calendar – this is very useful for creators that have to constantly create content. It’s simply a schedule that tracks when to write, what to create, where to post and engagement results. It tracks your progress and you can effectively manage your channel.

    Consistency  – there goes hand-in-hand with Editorial Calendar and this the KEY to getting traffic. Most search engines or social platforms favor accounts that are constantly updated, therefore, try to post every week

    How to Monetize on YouTube 

    The above points are tips, tools and strategies that can help in increasing your account, the more traffic you have, the more money you can generate. Below are some different methods your YouTube Channel can create revenue streams:

    • Blogging
    • Consulting  
    • Freelancing 
    • E-commerce
    • Video Creator
    • Selling products
    • Virtual Assistant
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Brand Ambassador 
    • Social Media Manager


    The most important method to gain viewers and increasing page views is creating content that the audience likes and be consistent with your uploads. This is not a get quick rich scheme, it takes a lot of time to produce a video. Take the time to edit and research your editorial calendar. 

    Constantly learn, always learn the new YouTube terms and conditions, new tools or new video making skills. 

    Cheering To Your Success
    Brenda |
    Let’s Connect on Social Media! | Pinterest | 



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    20 Profitable Ways to Make Money on Amazon

    Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces where both sellers and buyers exchange goods and or services. The best way to make money on Amazon is to sell products. There are currently two ways of selling on Amazon.

    The biggest earning method is being a seller and there is a range of products or services you could sell on the platform. The other method is actually earning from Amazon by becoming their partner.

    Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program enables sellers to store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, where the company handles shipping, customer service, and returns, allowing sellers to focus on sourcing and marketing their products.

    Creating and selling private label products is another lucrative option, allowing sellers to brand products as their own. Moreover, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) offers authors a platform to self-publish and sell e-books to a global audience. Amazon also supports affiliate marketing through the Amazon Associates program, where individuals earn commissions by promoting Amazon products on their websites or blogs. Whether you’re an e-commerce enthusiast, an author, a technology buff, or simply looking for a side hustle, Amazon’s diverse ecosystem offers a pathway to financial success. This guide will delve into these avenues and provide insights into how to get started, succeed, and maximize your earnings within the Amazon marketplace.


    Best Courses To Increase Profits

    There are multiple ways on How to Make Money on Amazon, as I started taking courses and making money online I realized that most of the courses and skill sets are transferable. Some of the courses you take on How to Make Money Blogging can actually increase your Amazon income and will showcase them below:





    This course showcases How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing. The course will teach multiple strategies of how to increase your affiliate income. This course creator has made over a MILLION DOLLARS in affiliate marketing. HOW TO USE THE COURSE: you can start a website and provide, feedback and reviews on multiple Amazon products. You can earn commissions through Amazon Associates Program.  Click Here to Start Affiliate Marketing




    This course shows the step-by-step process of how create profitable Kindle ebooks. Do not be dismayed by the selling price of $2.99, publishers are making passive income in the thousands of dollars.  HOW TO USE THE COURSE: if you are blogger (or any niche) you can create a “how to” or best tips and then create a series of eBooks. The best approach is to create related content. Increase engagement as the reader is compelled to buy the other books. Click Here to Learn About Kindle Publishing


    COURSE: FACEBOOK ADSDesign Your Finances


    This course creator has received over 2 million views from his blog, mainly from his Facebook Ads. The best part about this course is the Facebook Ads are very cheap and yet they bring so much traffic. The most important aspect of any business regardless be it online or brick and mortar is TRAFFIC. HOW TO USE THE COURSE: you can easily start a cheap Facebook Ad campaign and send it directly to your Amazon business.   Click Here to Start Facebook Advertising


    Design Your FinancesCOURSE: PINTEREST INCOME


    The course creators are making over $100,000 a month. They mainly use Pinterest as their main source of traffic. The course strategies mainly center on how to increase followers, engagement and convert your visitors into customers. HOW TO USE THE COURSE: Pinterest has become a leading search engine and their users tend to visit the destination link. You can easily create your pins and have them go directly to your Amazon link.  Click Here to Start Your Pinterest Course




    This is one of the best ways to Make Money on Amazon, mainly because you do not have to incur expenses by buying the inventory. This is truly a fun way to create a store, you get to design your products with less upfront cost. HOW TO USE THE COURSE: Create your design, and then have your designs listed on Amazon. The order is only created once the sale is made, and this helps you tremendously because you do not have to purchase inventory. Click Here to Start to Designing




    This one of the leading ecommerce business model. Just like Print on Demand, you do not have to purchase the inventory. You are a middleman, when you make a sale you then purchase the goods from the manufacturer and they ship it directly to your customer. HOW TO USE THE COURSE: You can list your business on Amazon, select FBM (fulfilment by merchant). To be successful with this business model, some tips to consider may include having short shipping timeframes, easy returns and great customer service. Click Here to Start Dropshipping



    How to Make Money on Amazon

    FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) – this is when a seller sends their inventory to Amazon warehouse and then Amazon ships to the customer. This process allows Amazon to ship the product faster and this is widely known as Amazon Prime.  If you use this option, make sure your final price includes Amazon extra charges as they have different charges to store your products such as, shipping fees, fulfillment fees, inventory fees

    FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) – instead of Amazon shipping from their warehouses the seller ships directly to the customer, this shows up when you are paying for items in the cart. Usually, the standard shipping times are more than the Amazon Prime timeframe. If you choose this option, make sure you have great shipping, returns and customer service process, as Amazon has metrics you have to abide by. 


    LISTING SERVICES: If you have a licensed business, you can now list your business on Amazon. This is a great way because Amazon can be used as a customer database.


    COMMISSION: This is a great way to earn money from Amazon, without the headaches of creating a product or managing a store. All you have to do is refer visitors and if they purchase something, you get a commission. There are different types of commission payouts and they are based on the category.


    What to Sell on Amazon


    PRIVATE LABELING is when you buy goods from a manufacturer, they design or improve the product according to your specifications and once that is completed, you then sell that product under your own brand name. This process is also known as private labeling or brand creation and it is widely used by so many companies such as Walmart or Target. Due to the rise of Amazon, the process has gotten much simpler and more accessible to many people. How much you can make on Amazon is truly based on the product, market and marketing strategies, many have become millionaires while selling on Amazon. 

    • TIP – the above is a summarized process to give you an idea, please conduct thorough research before starting
    • MONEY MARKER: This option has scaled side hustles into thriving businesses. As stated above, do your research but in addition, PLEASE UNDERSTAND AMAZON MERCHANT TERMS. 


    Below is the Process to Private Label

    • research which products are selling 
    • find a manufacturer or supplier who has that product sites like (Alibaba,)find ways to improve the product or quality 
    • calculate your desired profits, take into consideration all expenses such as minimum orders, insurance, shipping from supplier to Amazon
    • request and pay for a sample order from your supplier and make adjustments if necessary 
    • if all checks out, order your product and ship to Amazon
    • once received by Amazon, start implementing marketing strategies 



    This can easily start as a supplemental income and turn it into a full-time income if done accurately. The process simply involves scouting in-demand products from other retail stores and then reselling at a higher price.  Usually, the profits are much higher for products that are in high demand and low in supply (which is what drives the price) For instance, Disney toys or movie memorabilia, in addition, also pay attention to the seasonality and trending products. 

    • TIP – due to the crackdown of counterfeit brands, barrier to entry has become more difficult, do your research first on Amazon terms as people are still making money with this option. 



    In recent years Amazon has expanded its business model and now that includes small and large businesses having the ability to sell their products directly on Amazon. The main difference between private labeling and dropshipping is that with private labeling the costs are high if you choose to store your product in Amazon warehouse, whereas dropshipping you can ship directly from the supplier straight to the customer. This is cost-effective when done accurately, as you do not have to hold any inventory.

    Another way to dropship, you could have your own Shopify store and sell on Amazon. This is a great way to conduct your business because Amazon has become a search engine on its own and has ready to buy customers, this can be another traffic source for your business. 

    • MONEY MAKER – This option can generate thousands of dollars a month if done correctly. Take the time to learn the pros and cons of drop shipping.


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    How to Make Money on Facebook



    This is when you buy brand name products directly from the wholesaler or the manufacturer and add markup for reselling. Due to the high counterfeit products on Amazon for you to sell brand name products, you have to be approved by the manufacturer. Usually, this requires a two-step process which includes the application and approval process you have to acquire before selling on Amazon. 

    The best part of this process is that you don’t have to spend much money on advertising as the consumer is already familiar with the product and brand unlike Private Labeling where you have to educate the consumer of your brand. 

    • MONEY MAKER – once you get all the requirements, this option can generate a monthly full time income. 

    Most manufacturers have set requirements and a regal process for approval for instance such as:

    • you need to have a registered company
    • you need to have a valid reseller’s license and sales permit 
    • to maintain product quality, some manufacturers require you, the seller not sale the product below a specified amount 
    • you have to specify where you are going to sell the product because they do not want too many sellers on one platform 



    If you have gone through the college process, you know one of the most expensive items and still is, are textbooks.  The worst part was the book requirement for that semester was the next edition and the only differences were minor changes such as page numbers or nothing of great value. 

    This can become a full-time hustle if you get a great academic book dealer who sells for a cheap price. The best approach is to conduct market research and identify which books are in demand. Books on Amazon can easily sell well even if they are used as long as they are mint condition. 

    • TIP – keep in mind of your shipping costs as prices are calculated by weight some of those books are heavy 



    MONEY MAKERif you have a business, this is the best place to list your services, but before you do, it may be best to implement quality strategies that enhance customer experience. 

    With the expansion of the Amazon marketplace, they have now included a different form of business, which is Selling Professional Services. Instead of just selling physical products, companies can now sell their services on Amazon. This is a great source of traffic and can create a different revenue stream as Amazon is no longer just a marketplace but a search engine as well.  

    How to sell your services on Amazon

    For you to sell your services on Amazon you need to meet the qualification listed below, (this list is not exhaustive, as terms and conditions constantly change)

    • licensing for trade professionals
    • your business needs to be registered
    • you need a general liability insurance
    • apply, register your account, wait for background checks to go through, set up your time and post your service 



    MONEY MAKERdo not let the small royalties deter you. The best strategy to research top selling content.  This is a great way to create passive income. 

    This has been a profitable yet surprising method to sell on Amazon, especially with the diminishing demand in book publishing, mainly because you can sell both physical books and digital books that are sold on Amazon Kindle App.  Some kindle publishers have generated passive income on a regular basis just from selling low priced ebooks. For you to be successful in selling ebooks, first do your research and create a marketing plan.

    Below are some tips to consider and learn How to Profitable Sell eBooks

    • write multiple ebooks 
    • write ebooks that are in demand 
    • do your topic and keyword research 
    • understand and use Amazon Keywords
    • sign up for the Amazon Kindle promotion 
    • share your ebook with many people and get reviews 
    • you can outsource the writing to freelancer and Kindle Design Cover 



    Amazon Mechanical Turk is where Amazon sellers remotely hire freelancers to complete various tasks that computers can not compute. The starting rate differs based on task difficulty, experience, and past ratings. The higher the rating, the higher the payout rate is. Some tasks listed on the site include: 

    • writing product descriptions,
    • answering questions and more 
    • identifying specific content in an image or video



    Amazon has recently started its own delivery company, where they deliver the products directly to their customer instead of using FedEx or other larger companies of the sort. To meet this demand, Amazon is in need of drivers and you can do so by signing up for Amazon Flex Program. There are different types of delivery requirements such as Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, Store Orders and Instant Orders.



    MONEY MAKER – setting up an Amazon Review website would be the best option, mainly because it can generate income passively.

    This method is widely used by many bloggers as they get a commission for every referral they send. The most profitable method would be to write reviews for products that are sold on the marketplace and start referring to traffic. 

    TIP – some bloggers create a niche product review website that focuses on a particular category on Amazon

    By signing up for Amazon Associate, you typically get about 8% for qualified referrals. Be mindful of the commission payouts, Amazon has recently changed their rates. Additionally, Amazon has different payout rates for different categories.



    You can sell your Amazon skill sets as a freelancer to sites such as Fiverr and set your rates higher than what Amazon Mechanical Turk pays. Conduct your research and examine which Amazon tasks are in demand and become an expert. Package your knowledge and sell them on a freelancing website, common tasks in demand on Fiverr regarding Amazon include, “product description” “customer support” “product sourcing”

    TIP – usually Amazon sellers offer guidance and assistance regarding the outlined tasks. The best approach would to research the in-demand Amazon tasks, before applying for any task



    How to make money on Amazon is possible when you treat the marketplace as a search engine. If you want to sell your products or services on the platform, take the time to research what the buyers need, find ways to improve the product and its quality. Look at the best selling product in your categories, go the lowest ranking reviews, read through and make a note on what you can improve. 


    Cheering To Your Success
    Brenda |
    Let’s Connect on Social Media! | Pinterest |



    Design Your Finances

  • Blog,  Make Money

    20 Best Ways to Make Money Blogging

    Blogging is the process of outlining useful information on a selected topic through text, video or infographics.

    There are many ways make money blogging and it has become much easier especially with the explosion of social media, easily available technical tools such as WordPress, it has become much easier to make money online blogging.

    First, decide which blogger you want to be as each type demands various needs and efforts. In addition to the type of blogger you choose to be, it is best to create a business plan for how you want your business to grow, reach your target audience and how you deliver solutions or content to your customers. Making money through blogging is a dream for many aspiring writers and content creators, and it’s a dream that can be realized with dedication, strategy, and consistency. One of the most common methods is through display advertising, where bloggers partner with ad networks like Google AdSense to display ads on their websites and earn revenue based on clicks or impressions. While making money through blogging requires time and effort to build a loyal audience and high-quality content, it offers the potential for financial independence and the opportunity to share your passions and expertise with the world. This guide will delve into these strategies in more detail, providing insights, tips, and practical steps to help you embark on a successful blogging journey that generates income and fulfills your creative aspirations.



    How to Make Money Blogging

    There are different types of bloggers which are listed below. But the most important aspect is to put effort and strategy of exactly what you want. Blogging, if done right can be a six figure venture.

    Hobby – this is a “once in a while” blogger where they simply focus on the aspects of their hobbies and it does not translate to blog business. Below characteristics tend to describe a hobby

    • No business plan
    • There are no growth strategies 
    • No consistency in publishing work

    Professional – this blogger usually focuses on clientele services. There is an exchange of services offered usually for a specified amount of money. There are many types of services that a professional blogger may offer, such as freelancing. Basically, freelancing is on a task-based whereas sponsored post (most of the time) they are on a set duration of time. 

    • freelancing
    • copywriting

    Entrepreneur – this type of blogger goes beyond trading time for money but they aim to expand and reach growth milestones. Implementing growth strategies such as networking and or email list marketing becomes a top priority. Most bloggers in these categories they focus on having multiple streams of income that is being generated or tied to their blog. 

    • creates products or other revenue streams


    Different Types of Making Money 

    The below are some of the best making ventures when it comes to blogging. One of the best money making methods is creating a passive product or course. Below are some of the courses that may boost your income and turning your blog into a profitable venture




    Design Your Finances



    This is probably the most favored form of revenue stream as it does not have many obstacles. Mostly, you refer customers to a product that solves a problem or enhances their experience and get a percentage of the sale (this is also known as a referral fee or affiliate commission)  Click Here to Learn About Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is best for newbies as well as experts. For newbies, this is a quick way to starting earning while learning about blogging and or how internet marketing works. For experts, this can be just another stream of income. Usually, what expert bloggers do when they find a product they really like, they sent an email to their list promoting that product and they get commissions from that process. 

    Affiliate Marketing Tips

    • Understand when payouts are paid 
    • Promote reputable products that you have actually used 
    • Always have a method of tracking outside their tracking system 
    • Be in contact with an account manager or establish the best way to get help






    You can easily design anything with this services, from books, physical products, digital products, even clothes. This is the one of the best designing tool, that you can use to generate income and is easy to use. It comes with predesigned templates that you can easily use. Click Here to Start Designing

    There are many types of products that a blogger can sale and generally fall into three categories below:

    • Digital Products – These are products or services that are sold and delivered online. There are numerous reasons why this type of product can be beneficial mainly because the expenses can be limited since there is no shipping and it is easy access whether its downloadable or a membership site : Types of Digital Products:  courses / eBooks / Printables 
    • Physical Product – These types of products usually have to be shipped as they are tangible. There are many platforms you can use to sell your physical products, such as WordPress, Shopify or Woo Commerce. Types of Physical Products:  books / merchandise 
    • Private Label Products – this is when you buy a product from a supplier or manufacturer and then put your own brand on it. This helps when you are creating a brand as you are able to sell the product under your own brand instead of someone’s else’ Types of  Products:  wigs / journals / merchandise





    INCOME: $10 000 A POST

    This course creator is making $10,000 a post!! That is a lot of money that some blogs do not even make a month, and yet she is making in on a post. The course will showcase how to exactly starting making money, sourcing clients and increase your rates. Click Here to Learn About Sponsored Posts

    With many companies now maintaining blogs, there is a higher demand for writers, as they would like to keep content on their site current. Due to their demand for content, they tend to have contracts with writers such as: 

    • 3 articles per week of 2 000 words for an agreed amount of money say $250 
    • With this type of service, a professional blogger would have a roaster of various clients that they offer services to. As you can see with this process, one can fill up their calendar and can easily scale it a full-time income. 




    INCOME: $4000 a month

    If you are looking to start side hustle gigs online as soon as possible, this site is the best one. When you sign up, first thing is to set up your portfolio, experience and rates. You can apply for different jobs that you see fit, the “task requester” will provide information of what the job entails. The best approach is to first study the top leading freelancers in your niche and then create your portfolio. Depending on the type of work you deliver it can become more than a one time gig. Some of the sites require you to list how much you charge for a specific task, a sample of your work and past reviews. All this helps in getting a higher rate from “task requester” Click Here to Start Freelancing

    • Learn a skill and find different ways to monetize  $250 
    • FIVERR is one of the better freelancing website, that protects you as a writer and they have access to many potential customers






    This course is great for creating a side hustle with Pinterest. It teaches you all the strategies to increase account followers, increase engagement and best of all how to create a profitable business while targeting Pinterest traffic. Once you specialize in something and you have solutions that solve problems in your niche, instead of selling that information as just a product you can create a consulting business from it. Click Here to Learn About Pinterest Course

    • Consulting is when you are in giving advice, winning strategies and you apply those strategies on behalf of the client in hopes to achieve the desired goals you outlined in your client proposal. This is usually sold in increments such as a 30 minute or 1-hour call.
    • This service is more personalized and customers have a one on one experience. Types of Consulting Business: Facebook Ads Manager, Pinterest Traffic Strategies 





    This is an important part of building any business especially blogging mainly because the source of traffic constantly changes. There have been so many search engine algorithm updates, changes or worst no longer in service like Google Plus.  An email list is the biggest asset to your business because you have a target market that is interested in your business, which is easier to convert. Click Here to Sign Up For Email Service

    There are many strategies you can implement in order to have customers opt onto your list. Many bloggers implement different strategies on how to make money with an email list, this is one of the best methods to make money online. Below are some tips on how to get people to sign up

    • offer free information that is helpful
    • give great solutions to problems in your niche 
    • sell a product or services that solve the problem
    • instead of a website or still building one, you can send traffic to a landing page to capture the email address
    • have multiple optins, for instance, a specific problem can have its own Optin and an email sequence of delivering solutions at specified times 



    Design Your Finances



    This course is specifically created for anyone who wants to drive traffic to their site. As with any social media side hustle, traffic is the most important aspect of increasing sales. This course solves that problem by creating cheap Facebook Ads and driving massive traffic to a website. Once you have driven the traffic to your site, you can easily convert your visitors into customers, with any of the money making options listed here. Click Here to Start Facebook Ads

    • Traffic is what makes MONEY, you need find a strategy that generates income. This course will teach you how to get Facebook Traffic with cheap ad
    • The best way is to first have your business well set up before you start running traffic and this include, great website navigation, email opt-ins and email marketing 




    INCOME: $4000 

    This course showcase how to write profitable Kindle eBooks. There are a great number of people who are making passive income from blogs posts!! (imagine that). This course showcases how to research, write and market your Kindle books. The best of this side hustle, is that once you create it, you can earn money passively.  There are other incentives of creating Kindle Books, especially Amazon since it has a wide customer base.  Click Here to Learn About Kindle Publishing

    • TIP: To generate Kindle income from your blog, the best way would be to compile your posts and sell them as eBooks. 



    Coaching services are similar to consulting services where you still provide solutions to targeted problems in your niche. The major difference in coaching you impart your knowledge to your client by teaching them and usually, they follow a module or a syllabus.

    It is your client’s sole responsibility to apply what you teach, whereas in consulting, usually, you do it for them. With coaching services you can sell different packages at different prices and this is usually formatted as upsells. Type of services: Facebook Ads / Pinterest Strategies 

    • TIP – the examples above, the types of products for coaching and consulting are the same, the only difference is the delivery. This a clear example of how one idea can generate multiple revenue streams



    Ads placement is one of the most converted methods to generate income as it does not require much maintenance once the targets have been met. There are different types of ads and each company has its own requirements that should be followed, unfortunately, if there is a violation of the terms, they can easily terminate your contract and withhold any earning.  Please be mindful and follow the terms.

    • Ad Agency placements  – Most agencies (networks) refer to the blogger as a publisher and the party that is buying the ad space is referred to as the advertiserThere are many types of agencies and what makes them all different is the rate they pay per impression, type of advertisers and their terms of services. 
    • Placing the ad on a blog includes pasting a code on the page where you want the advertisement to show. Most bloggers tend to place the ads on various locations on their blog such as top banner, blog page, sidebar and or the footer. This all adds up and increases the number of impressions the ad is exposed to, as a result, this increases your payout.  Type of Agencies – Thrive,  Media Vine, Google Adsense 



    These types of ads are similar to the Ad Agency, the only difference is instead of various companies showing up on the ad, it’s only one company that buys a fixed spot on your site for a specified amount of time. For instance, 

    • ABC company loves your content 
    • and is interested in your target market, they may request to have a 
    • their company banner placed on your site on a prime location for the next 2 months 
    • for a set rate such as $300 per month

    TIP: it is critical that you have great analytics in order to measure your results and the universal tool is Google Analytics 

    The objective for advertisers is to get a return on their investment and in doing so they are different metrics that you have to provide that come with ads display, either the advertiser requests the statistics of your blog such as: 

    • CPC
    • Impressions
    • unique visitors 
    • number of sessions



    Social media has become the new business card and it takes a lot of work, strategy and the right form of communication for that particular social media platform. Bigger brands are constantly advertising and always in need of reaching new targets and audiences, therefore creativity is in demand as companies try to differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

    There are so many Social Media Managing positions where you can be in charge of 

    • social media postings
    • interaction with customers 
    • implementing new strategies 
    • monitoring accounts and or running ads

    The type of payments varies for this position as it may be a rate based on results or a full-time position. Regardless of payments be very thorough in knowing the expectation of the job and how you are evaluated. 



    This has clearly become a top option of creating money online and many bloggers tend to add this to their portfolio as a source of traffic.  The format of this platform is more of an interview structure where a guest or a topic is the main point of discussion.  The same streams of income from a blog can be applied to a podcast such as affiliate marketing or selling your own product. 

    • Just like ad agencies or networks for blogs, Midroll is one of the ad agencies for podcasts and usually you need to have at least 5k to 10k monthly listeners. 



    It has become much easier to create an App and make money from it. This is also another avenue to increase your target audience. There are multiple ways to generate revenue from your app such as

    • advertisers placing their banners on your app. 
    • Another method of revenue is collecting customer data and then reselling that information as leads. Most revenue sources include leads generation and another payment if they make a purchase. This is most desirable because advertisers pay twice.
    • In-App sells is a much-targeted form of selling and easier since your customer is already aware of your brand, this can include:
      • selling the next level or phase
      • Selling products
      • Coaching services 
      • Merchandise
      • Subscriptions

    TIP- Creating an App & Podcast may be off-site platforms but you can drive traffic from yX



    Most bloggers are Amazon Partners and with this method, they can generate more in affiliate commission. Amazon currently pays 8% of any referred sales (depending on category). The best method is to write product reviews and sent traffic. A great product review and high traffic can easily generate high commissions

    Product Review Tips

    • try the product before promoting it
    • include the pros and cons in your review 
    • usually, you can get a free product by reaching out to the seller and informing them you want to write a review
    • review a product that actually solves or problem or enhances the process, because they are easy to convert 
    • also, review the whole buying process from purchasing to customer service issues 



    Usually, this type of revenue stream is for experienced bloggers. Traffic generation is the most important aspect of blogging and certainly the driving force behind this stream of revenue. The process includes finding niche topics, writing informative articles and adding affiliate products. The main source of revenue is generated through ads placements, once the site has reached a certain amount of income per month it can be sold. 

    This can be a real business model if done correctly as websites with high traffic sell for a high price.  Companies where you can sell your site

    Tips for Selling Your Site

    • treat your blog like a business
    • install tracking and analytics tools 
    • File taxes, keep accounting records
    • build an email list, social media profiles as this can only help in increasing the price



    If your blog is generating high traffic and you have a clear target audience, then it’s more than possible to generate any stream of revenue. A paid directory can certainly be of high value if structured correctly. For a directory site to be successful you need to identify the problem, find the solution and increase targeted traffic.  Usually, there are 5 parties for it to be successful 

    The Site this should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, great technical and customer services
    Publishers These are people who spread the news of your site such affiliate/ambassadors and in return, they get to use the services for free or get a commission for referrals
    Advertisers These are companies or people who post listings on your site for a specified amount of time and rate. 
    Traffic As the site owner, you want to increase converting target audience as this will only increase your ad revenue from your advertisers 
    • Fiverr 
    • Indeed
    • ProBlogger 




    This can certainly be a massive traffic generator for your blog or site as this will be a place where readers, visitors come to find answers, share ideas and mainly interact with likely minded people. 

    Tips on Setting up a Forum

    • get a forum script 
    • you need domain & hosting services 
    • select topics that are acceptable and what is prohibited
    • Become an experienced site manager (if you can’t hire one yet) 
    • write terms & conditions (pay more attention to this as cyber-bullying / identity theft is on the rise) 

    Just like a blog, the same methods of making money are similar and you can apply them to a forum setting which includes affiliate marketing, advertising ads, sell products 



    This is a lucrative way to make money, mainly because you not making money on a single transaction such as affiliate marketing, but as long as the person remains a client. This is a great way to make money online because once you built your product or service it will continuously generate an income for you on a monthly basis. How to make money with a membership site, is depended on the quality of your product, its delivery and how you operate the back office 

    • make sure your product or service is worth more than the price 
    • make sure your content or service is comparable or better than the authority sites
    • create a tribe that is focused on helping and prohibit & eradicate offensive behaviors 



    There are both online and offline methods you could use to generate income. The easiest way is to start an online community, grow your tribe and then expand to offline services such as 

    • seminar 
    • offline tutorials
    • tv appearances
    • masterminds groups
    • speaking engagements 

    Yes, the above methods require massive efforts, networking, strategies and you can easily start with a blog.  This goes to show that your blog can be the start and foundation of many income avenues, the most important aspect is to blog with a purpose, implement a business plan that is flexible to new ideas and opportunities. 



    With sponsored ads, you can create another source of revenue as companies are mostly interested in reaching a wider targeted audience. As such you can create a fee for each sponsored content or brand collaboration. The best approach is to understand and the requirements, expectations,  form of delivery required. Before any work is done, have a written agreement that details all the specifications, from metrics delivery, rates, how your content will be used if you have creative rights or that is transferred.



    How to make money blogging can clearly open different revenue streams only if time, effort and research are constantly applied. The methods of making money online are similarly the same, the major differences are the delivery, how the product is packaged and how it marketed. Regardless of your product or service, make the most effort in delivering quality and customer service.


    Cheering To Your Success
    Brenda |
    Let’s Connect on Social Media! | Pinterest



  • Blog,  Make Money

    10 Top Paying Ways Make Money on Instagram

    Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform

    Earning money on Instagram has become a reality for influencers, content creators, and businesses leveraging the platform’s massive user base and visual appeal.

    First and foremost, sponsored posts and brand collaborations are one of the primary ways influencers and content creators make money. Brands pay influencers to promote their products or services to their engaged followers, leveraging the influencer’s credibility and reach.

    Famously known for  hashtags, likes, comments, followers, angles which are all part of the gram life BUT if done correctly this can mean a lot of money. This post explores ways, tools, tips all in the effort to make money on Instagram.

    Instagram has one of the highest engaged audience which is growing by the day, and that is the main reason the APP has the highest sales conversions. As with any social media platform, growing your followers and engagement can lead to brand partnerships and paid promotions. Instagram’s evolving features and vast user base make it a dynamic landscape for income generation, offering a multitude of pathways to turn your Instagram presence into a profitable enterprise.



    How to Make Money on Instagram 

    There are different ways to make money on Instagram and for different type of business in various niches. Regardless of which niche your business is in, there has be a strategy that you have to implement in order to see profits. To be successful on Instagram you have to understand how to use the social media platform the correct way in order to grow. This post will highlight some tips and tools to use.

    1. Sponsored Posts and Brand Collaborations

    • This is when you promote by showcasing the product or service for a brand and you as the content creator you get a fee. 

    2. Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

    • This method involves promoting products or services and earning commissions on each sale made through your unique affiliate link.  The commission can be earned every time a customer buys or uses the product. The best ones are the residual commission.

    3. Selling Digital Products

    • Explore the realm of selling digital products such as e-books, guides, or online courses directly through Instagram.  If done correctly, this can be a six figure business

    4. E-commerce and Instagram Shopping

    • You can now list your shop directly on Instagram and have the customer interact and BUY from your store, and never leaving the platform. This actually increases conversions and helps with the stores sales.

    5. Promoting Physical Products

    • For those with physical products to sell, we’ll delve into how to establish a thriving e-commerce brand on Instagram.  

    6. Instagram Live and IGTV Monetization

    • Monetize your live sessions and long-form video content through Instagram Live and IGTV. Explore opportunities such as hosting paid webinars, offering exclusive content through subscription models, and generating income from video views.  

    7. Running Instagram Ads

    • Instagram advertising can be a potent tool for businesses and content creators. Learn about the myriad benefits of Instagram ads, effective campaign creation, budgeting strategies, and targeted approaches that ensure campaign success.

    8. Coaching and Consulting Services

    • Leverage your expertise and experience by offering coaching or consulting services directly through Instagram.  Consider using scheduling and appointment booking tools to streamline client management and bookings.

    9. Growing Your Followers and Engagement

    • There are so many Instagram Pages that focus on one specific niche and then monetize it. Growing an Instagram Page is very lucrative and you can generate a full time income. 

    10. Negotiating Brand Partnerships

    • Collaborating with brands can provide a significant income stream. Gain insights into the art of approaching brands for partnership opportunities, skillfully negotiating terms that benefit both parties, and addressing legal considerations to ensure a fruitful and mutually beneficial collaboration. 

    Below are some Affiliate Companies 

    • ClickBank: An affiliate platform with a tier-based commission that’s open to everyone.
    • RewardStyle: An invitation-only fashion and lifestyle influencer network that offers 20% commissions. 


    How to Choose a Handle 

    Get a great handle that is easy to hashtag. If you want to use the account for a business (or blog) try and get a username that is similar to your business name.  If it’s a name then you can certainly try to create variations of your name that is easy to remember. 

    • TIP – if possible keep the same handle throughout all your social media



    Create easy hashtags that relate to your brand or what your business does. Research keywords and turn them in hashtags, you can use Top-Hashtags to research competitive keywords, in addition, research the number of engagements (shares, comment, likes) name generator site that can help you with a name. 

    Be original, as your account starts to grow, you will start to get noticed by brands, and issues of copyright become more relevant. If using your account for business, please use a handle that is not offensive or discriminatory any way, but that supports a positive profile. You can use

    • TIP – the best approach is to test out keywords and see what kind of results best suits your business, below are examples of how to gain followers


    How to Instagram Gain Followers 

    A large account with followers certainly means the ability to generate income from it.  Below are some tips and best practices to gain increase your followers. 

    Hashtags – use the correct hashtags for your business. Make a list of the top hashtags that are trending in your niche. Research the engagements statics (likes, shares, comments)

    Customer Avatar – in addition to your related business hashtags, you should create a customer avatar. The first step is identifying what your customer likes, then finding which pages, hashtags they use. To find relevant hashtags, you may use a free online tool like IconoSquare or Websta. Keep in mind currently that Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post. Creating a customer avatar simply means you identify who your customer is by researching what:

    • they like to do
    • demographic, gender and age
    • where they shop & shopping habits
    • other similar products they like to use

    TIP – whatever you do, please do not acquire fake followers, that can only hurt your account in the long run, worst case scenario gets your account blocked. 

    Make a List – Pick top competitors and see what hashtags they are using, use the same hashtags that are relevant to your business. Additionally, after testing various keywords, make a list of winning hashtags for each category, of your business

    Older Posts – you can go back to the old post and use fresh hashtags to give them new life and or add new product descriptions. As you start to get a lot more engagements, (likes, shares and comments), you can also edit the post using those new hashtags

    Stories – use hashtags in Stories as this can clearly get you more followers, make sure you use a hashtag sticker. 

    Filters – this is surely a simple fun format to interact with your fan base, make them fun and interactive. Some filters to consider Juno, Lark, Ludwig

    Consistency – this is a big attribute in gaining followers (on any social media platform) and one of the first things to establish when running a business. The best way is to identify the best times when to post when you get high engagements. Also, examine the type of content that your audience enjoys and create more of the same. 

    Editorial Calendar – this is the best way to get organized with your content, posts and times to post. In addition to scheduling your post, also track the performance and ways to improve

    Following – usually, when you follow most people follow back, in that regards, follow competitors accounts that are active and have engagements. When you follow, make sure to Like / Comment / Share (and of course do it from your business account) 

    TIP – do not over follow or post in one day, as this will clearly look spammy and might get your account blocked 


    Sponsored Posts –  another method that generates results is creating giveaways or pay for reviews of your product. Find influencers that have:

    • at least 20k followers, 
    • that post regularly, 
    • high engagements rate, 
    • that have done sponsored posts before,
    • Sent a DM with your with your specificities and your rate 

    Geo Tags – this provides great credibility even if your business is online. Include info product info or bestseller if location-based 

    Highlights – you can give your Stories a second life by adding them to the highlights sections.  Highlights all the gray things of your accounts from products, locations, categories. (10k is the current requirement for a business account) 

    Trends it’s always best to note of trending trends and make a post in relation to those, this is also applicable to seasons or holidays. 

    Branding – always pay special attention to your brand and try to make your postings style consistent with each other. You want your posts to be easily recognizable as yours. Have your Instagram feed appealing 

    Statistics – always look into your analytics and see what is working, which posts got the most followers, likes hashtags. This information becomes handy when you starting working with brands as they would like to know your statistics & metrics 

    Instagram – always keep informed on what is new on Instagram and how to use their tools, as this will only make you better also this includes other apps such as filters. 

    Bots – some have had great results with using bots, but please be cautious as this might cause harm than good. If you choose to you a bot try and use one that actually followers real people, has viable options that and most importantly, that focuses on the bottom of genuinely growing your account. Some have used Ingrammer

    Liking Photo – this has been started in the previous point but wanted to highlight this process. Take time to like photos in your niche, especially people with high followers, surprisingly enough it does work. 

    Meme – this is clearly a creative way and funny way to engage with customers, do your meme on what’s trending in your niche 

    Social Media – link your Instagram to your other accounts, as this is a sure way for your audience to easily follow you. Include clickable links and not just handles, there is nothing more annoying than typing a handle and getting different accounts. 

    Notifications – follow top accounts and then turn on the notifications, this will come in handy once they have posted as it will give you a chance to comment on the post early

    Bio – include a link that is well optimized on your website, best for it to go to a checkout page or test an option of offering a free product 

    Type of Content – posts various types of content, such as memes, products, videos, quotes  – all this makes for a well-rounded brand 

    DM Shouts – this is similar to sponsored posts, its basically paying a per post fee to accounts with massive followings for mentioning or recommending you. When you do DM shout, make sure it’s own

    Descriptions – make sure your descriptions contain both keywords, trending hashtags and your brand keywords 

    Instagram Ads – with all the above options, take the time to examine what kind of posts generate the most engagements, which hashtags are the best, the best time to post, your audience demographics, which accounts they follow, all this information is useful when it comes to placing ads. 

    TIP: when placing ads, first identify your objective which can either be, getting followers, sales conversions or lead generation. 

    Feedback – this mostly done on YouTube, but you can certainly apply it on Instagram because it works. Ask your audience for feedback on the type of content they want to see, on product reviews or solutions they would like you to provide. Business is successful based on the customer’s response towards the brand.  

    Behind the Curtain – most people think blogging or any social media job is so easy, but in reality, it takes a lot of time, research and dedication. There is a greater sense of appreciation when a blogger pulls the curtain and seeing how they spent their productive hours. There is a reason why vlogs are popular. 

    TIP – make sure you have a goal in mind when you do this, for instance, how to create a blog post 


    Read More Articles on: 

    How to Make Money Blogging

    How to Make Money on Amazon

    How to Make Money on Pinterest

    How to Make Money on Facebook

    Inspirational social media is an outlet of many things, but one message that is universal and gets to many engagements is being inspirational and motivational 

    TIP – don’t have content that is only centered around your product or money. The majority of your content should be informative. Test to see which type of content your audience response to 

    Previews – if you have an upcoming product sales, do a preview of that product, as this creates anticipation.  You can have a countdown and each day you can post something new about your product. 

    Contests – A common type of contest involves asking users to submit their own photos or videos. You then pick a winner from the submissions. Don’t forget to ask any participants to follow you in order to qualify.


    How Many Instagram Followers to Make Money 

    When brands approach you for a sponsored post, the main reason is to promote their products and get high returns regardless of the objective. Each business has its own measure of what success is whether they get sales, likes, comments or new followers. In that regard, it important as a marketer to understand your analytics (this may not be the fun part) but truly important for your business. Below are important Instagram metrics to measure your business performance

    When it comes to how many followers do you need to make money on Instagram, its all based on the different metrics and your performance delivery. 

    Follower Growth Rate – a high follower growth rate means your account is on trend to grow. It is not surprising that an account with fewer followers is growing at a faster rate than a larger account.  How to calculate the growth rate is to divide:

    • the number of followers in a month divided by
    • the number of followers you had at the beginning of the month

    Engagement Per Follower – Instagram aims for more user engagements and this requires the user to interact with the platform more, more users more money for Instagram. As a result, their algorithm tends to focus more on accounts that have a high engagement rate. How to calculate the engagement rate is to divide

    • the number of likes per post divided by
    • the number of followers 

    Website Traffic – this is your business performance card that advertisers want to see. Unlike other social media platforms where you can add a link to each post, with Instagram this is not possible, but with Stories, you are able to do so. In addition, to Instagram Analytics, you need to have Google Analytics as this widely used by businesses. You need to be able to identify which social media platform generates the most traffic, conversation and engagements.

    Tracking – as a marketer, your objective is to deliver results. This is best done when you track your own performance. Some companies, they pay an additional fee for conversions on top of the sponsored posts. Independently tracking your performance is much better than solely relying on someone. If your tracking link is long, try and shorten it Bitly works best.

    Comments – some brands are interested in getting feedback on their services or products as a result, their objective is getting an online focus group. This type of sponsored post may require more than just a simple post, this is when different marketing strategies may be implemented such as “comment to enter the contest or giveaways” In this scenario, pay attention to the type of posts your audience responds to.

    TIP – this is the main reason why it is important to grow your account in a way that is sustainable, take the time to nurture your audience, test out which content they respond, encourage various types of engagements and implement new strategies (you can reference your top competitors and see what they are doing)

    Reach or Impressions – some business they want to know your current reach or impressions. Both metrics measure traffic but define it differently. For reach, it counts each visitor once while impressions count the number of times they have visited. Each metric is very important to a business.


    How to Find Top Paying Brands

    Usually, when you have a large following or high engagement rate brand reach out to you, but it is also imperative to have a few strategies where you can reach out to brands if you choose. Before you reach out to brands, below are some action items you may want to establish beforehand. 

    Services and Rates – establish what kind of services or promotion you do. Not all promotions or business relationships will help you in the long run. Define your brand, as you do not want to promote something that contradicts your audience’s trust in you. Rates should correspond to each outlined service you offer including, requirements and terms of payments.

    How to Reach Brands – The best way to work with brands is to reach out to them directly, introduce yourself, your brand and what you can provide them with. Below are some ways you can introduce yourself and please send youMEDIA CARD (this shows your metrics and what your brand stand for)

    user  make it more personable, such as, you use the product and you love how it works
    business indicate that your audience would love that brand and indicate your engagement metrics

    Below are some companies to reach out

    • Fohr Card: Connect your Instagram, blog, YouTube channel, and other social platforms to create an influencer “card” that shows your different profiles and total reach for brands shopping around for a partnership. You also get access to a list of brands and their wants, so you can take the initiative to reach out too.
    • Grapevine: If you have 5000 or more followers, you can list yourself in the Grape Vine marketplace for the opportunity to work with like-minded brands. 
    • Crowd Tap: Do small content creation tasks to earn rewards. This is great if you’ve got a smaller audience. Available in the U.S only. 
    • indaHash: Brands put up campaigns that you can participate in. Post a picture with the specified hashtags on Instagram and get paid. You need 700 engaged followers to be eligible.

    When you advertise for your business and or other brands, it is imperative that you follow the rules and regulations of Instagram and also FTC. Currently, is a requirement to disclose if your post is an advertisement by including hashtags such as #ad #sponsored


    Different Types of Instagram Businesses

    Now that we have covered several topics of how to get followers, understand your business analytics, how to find brands, now we are going to cover other methods of how to make money on Instagram.  Below are some examples: 

    Below are some Affiliate Companies 

    • ClickBank: An affiliate platform with a tier-based commission that’s open to everyone.
    • RewardStyle: An invitation-only fashion and lifestyle influencer network that offers 20% commissions. 



    As stated above, how to make money on Instagram, depends on a few factors. The best method is to start growing your account the correct way and most importantly as it grows, implement various methods of engaging with your audience. This gives you great insight into how your audience responds and what it likes, you are able to present your findings to brands on how best to reach your audience. Do not be intimated on the number of followers you have comparing to larger accounts, instead find ways to improve your metrics, as you can charge more especially when you have high engagements.

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