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    7 Tips on How To Measure Productivity

    Work productivity is measured in various formats. Your state of mind is the most important aspect of this venture. It is well connected to your vision and the drive that will propel you to beat against all odds. Making money online is very achievable, the major obstacles you will face includes lack of discipline and lack of implementation.

    Remember, you are building a business. Below are some points on how you can measure your productivity, such as S.M.A.R.T Goals and Managing Tasks

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    How to Guide Your Blog Business

    Blog Business is a continuous process that deserves the effort.

    The best way to achieve anything is to outline your goals, measure your productivity and implement.

    Setting an organized process for my business and re-adjusting my schedule I have come to rely on my Online Business Life-Cycle. These became my main categories in running the business and my goals are pinned to one of these categories.

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