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Design Your Finances



This blogger has successfully earned over a MILLION dollars from her blog and continually earns over a $100,000 a month. In this course, she showcases the different methods of how to earn from your blog. There are multiple ways to earn from a blog, but it is advisable to implement money making strategies the correct way. This course has personally helped me to make money from this blog, and want to share the correct way to build a blog as a business. There are many bloggers who are making over $5000 a month, with her strategies. This is the easiest and fastest ways to make money online. Click Here to Learn More




This is one of the top ways to make money online. The creator of this course makes an upwards of $5000.00 per post and the best part of this strategy is there are many companies who are looking for sponsored posts. The course showcases how to search for these opportunities, how to set your rates and contracts, how to get approved with big brands, how to create great engaging content and so much more. All the modules in the course are set to help you in increasing your rates and it is one of the best ways to earn from your blog. This is one way bloggers are making thousands of dollars a month  Click Here to Learn More




Pinterest has become a necessity if you have a business, as it has evolved into a search engine. The main difference is when you make a post on other social media platforms, that post ends up buried and brings less traffic, but with Pinterest, your post is continually shared and that continues to bring traffic. The creators of this course are successfully making over a $100,000 a month and their main source of traffic is from Pinterest. This course showcases the best strategies of how to correctly use Pinterest and grow your business. Some of the topics include how to create a Pinterest profile, how to create viral pins, how to research winning pin titles, how to grow your Pinterest account and so much more. Pinterest is the top leading search engine that brings high amounts of traffic to most online business. Click Here to Learn More


Design Your FinancesCOURSE: FACEBOOK ADS


This course creator started as teacher and now is a top earning blogger. He has managed to get over 1 million views per month on his blog by generating traffic from Facebook Ads to his blog. The best part of his strategies is having a low budget to generate massive traffic and in turn monetize that traffic. Some of his Facebook strategies include how to create a low budget campaign, how to pick the best blog post and generate traffic, how to retarget your audience and how to make your post go viral and increase engagement. All these strategies and many more helped his to generate over 2 million views on his site. The more views you have, the better chances of increasing your income. His Facebook Ads are as low is $2 a day and they bring so much traffic. Click Here to Learn More


Design Your FinancesCOURSE: TYPING JOBS


This course is approved by American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers and upon completion, students are issued certificates, which are highly recognized in the industry. The creator of this course has been featured on many news outlets on how she teaches her students to become transcriptionists. The course covers many fields from legal, medical, academics, insurance companies and this means more job opportunities and a higher pay rate. There have been hundreds of successful students who have become transcriptionists and make a monthly income, roughly $4000. In addition, the course showcases on how to create your resume and get high paying clients. There are multiple high paying companies that are seeking qualified transcriptionists. Click Here to Learn More




This is the PERFECT place to start earning money. FIVERR is platform where business owners pay a fee to get tasks completed. There is a wide range of tasks to be completed from graphics design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video & animation, music and audio, business writing and so much more. The best way to get started, research the top performers in your interested area, study what services they offer, their rates and how they wrote their business profile and use that as inspiration for your services, please do not copy, that is never good practice. You can start learning from YouTube to improve your skill and market your services.  Click Here to Get Started




This is cheapest rate of $3.45 a month and having the right tools to start a blog or an ecommerce business should be done with the right tools. This hosting company has one of the lowest costs in the industry and the customer service is incredible. This is specifically important to business owners who are not tech savvy. Some of the help that is available as soon as you join includes, step-by-step WordPress help, 30 day money back guarantee, FAQ resource center, search engine assistance such Google and Bing and of course great hosting service. Bluehost offers FREE SSL, 24/7 Support and Free Domain Name for the1st Year Click Here to Learn More




For any thriving business it has become extremely important to create and maintain an email list. This is the most important asset of your business, as you are now in direct contact with your potential customers. There are different ways to communicate with your email list from newsletters, FAQ, tips, how to list and market any new and upcoming products you want to sell. It has been proven that an email list that you constantly communicate with, is more likely to purchase from you than a new visitor on your site, mainly because you have built trust with them. Get Response Email Services include, newsletter, autoresponders, landing pages, list building tools, survey forms, email marketing tools, automation, conversion funnel, webinars, push notifications and so much more. Start collecting an email list as soon as possible, only benefits you in the long runClick Here to Get Started




If you have an internet business you should start with Pinterest as it is a search engine and brings so much traffic to your site. Most bloggers and ecommerce sites make thousands of dollars from traffic generated from Pinterest. The most important aspect of Pinterest, is to pin constantly, that is where Tailwind comes into play. You can set a schedule (even up to a full year) of daily pins. There are currently three main sections you can pin which are Personal Boards, Other People’s Boards and Tailwind Communities. There are different options you can choose from when you schedule your pins, for instance, you can select the timeframe of when your pins should be published or Tailwind suggests the time when your audience is most active. This is a time saver and when done correctly you can increase your traffic to your site, which means more money. Click Here to Learn More




This is one of the most dynamic tools when it comes to graphic design. The system is user friendly that makes it easier for the less tech savvy. The system comes with predesigned templates for different social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and many more. You can design anything with this tool and this helps with user engagements such designs include, infographics, newsletters, brochures, flyers, logos, photo books, print products, invitations, ebooks, printables and so much more. All the graphics of Design Your Finances are created in Canva. You can create teams in your Canva account and set your business colors. Click Here to Learn More


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