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    10 Ways to Make Passive Income

    How to Passively Make Money

    PASSIVE INCOME includes earnings or proceeds derived from activities that do not require day to day management, but still generate income consistently.  This includes rental income or dividends income. It is advisable to verify IRS definition and rules as it may have different tax requirements. 

    This post will have options that require upfront work to set up and thereafter, will earn money passively and easy options to set up with little effort.

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    13 Side Hustles that Make 100k A Year

    Design Your FinancesA side hustle is anything that earns money apart from a main job. There are different types of income, the best way is to identify what your objective is and then create goals and business plan around that objective.

    MONEY GOALS: First, you have to identify your money goals, whether it is paying off debt, extra income to cover monthly budgets, creating a side hustle, turning it into a main hustle and then into a business. The main reason for identifying your objective is to understand and frame the amount of work needed.

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