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    Transcription Jobs that Make $80,000

    Design Your Finances

    TRANSCRIPTION JOBS  includes converting audio files into written text. A transcriptionist or professional typist specializes in listening to audio files and converting them to a text format. 

    TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES are currently in high demand, mainly due to the increase of different businesses on the internet. Any voice publication in various formats such lectures, videos, TV shows or news, all these can easily be converted into text format by a transcriptionist.

    Transcription services are sectioned into two main formats, General Transcription and Legal Transcription. The Legal Transcription course is more detailed as it covers more topics in the legal field. 

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    13 Side Hustles that Make 100k A Year

    Design Your FinancesA side hustle is anything that earns money apart from a main job. There are different types of income, the best way is to identify what your objective is and then create goals and business plan around that objective.

    MONEY GOALS: First, you have to identify your money goals, whether it is paying off debt, extra income to cover monthly budgets, creating a side hustle, turning it into a main hustle and then into a business. The main reason for identifying your objective is to understand and frame the amount of work needed.

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