About Hello & Welcome, my name is Brenda and Design Your Finances is where I chronicle my journey from Grad Student, Corporate America to Entrepreneur. At the height of my career, I was a Consultant to one of the largest Consulting Firms in the world (part of the Big 4) with a yearly salary of over 150k (and bonus).  For many years I went through the Academic Route, I hold a:

  • Bachelor in Arts – Technical & Project Management
  • Master of Accounting & Financial Management (M.A.F.M)
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A)  

After years of Grad School, Student Loans and Corporate Climbing, I hit a wall and decided to use my Academic, Business Management and Consulting Experience to create my ultimate freedom – Entrepreneurship.

 My road to Entrepreneurship has been chronicled with a lot of customizing my Success Route and finally being able to Design Your Finances with residual income.  

Once again, welcome, look around and join in the conversation of how to Design Your Finances.


Cheering To Your Online Success

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