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16 Ways to Make $500 a Day

There are many ways to make money online as well as offline. To make money online creates different methods of revenue streams.

Depending on the type of product and or business you can easily make enough money to cover bills.  The best strategy is to determine how much you want to make a month, then break it down to the most granular level.

This makes the whole process much easier to tackle.  For instance, if you make $300 times 20 working days in a month, that totals to $6000  a month!!  Read more on different ways to make $300 a day.


This is one of the most desired methods to make money online, mainly because it’s easy to sign up and not much commitment is required. The more surveys you do, the more the payouts are. Do not discount the starting low payouts and the best aspect is to be consistent.

The best surveys with better payouts include:


This option has recently become a leading method in generating an income online as there is an increased need for cheaper rates. There are various methods of freelance that can actually generate a full-time income if done correctly. The best method is to take an inventory of what you are good at and then offer your services. For instance, you can offer writing services, graphic designs or website design.  Once you have established what you are great at, market your services. The sites below are great starting points:


Google Opinion Rewards is a reward-based system created by Google and the rewards earned can be cashed for dollars. The surveys are conducted through a mobile app, on Android users earn Google Play credits and whereas on IOS users are paid through PayPal. 

How Google Opinion Rewards Works

  • Download the app from Google or Android store
  • The app asks you questions based on the places you have been, interactions with Google Assistant, shopping habits or products that you have recently purchased
  • There different types of surveys and each has its own price list  and when you complete each one you get a reward that is converted to monetary value 
  • Audience Measurement – for sharing your TV and internet usage you earn rewards and they can be redeemed at major retailers


Google Audience Measurements is almost similar to Google Opinion Rewards the main difference is this option tracks your behavior in order to learn your media habits. Once you download and give access to The Audience Management Team they learn your interactions, such as browsing the internet, the apps you use, the programs you watch can accumulate rewards known as meters. Google only connects with a small number of panelists for any given research study. The more you participate and the more often you check in to your meters, the more reward points you earn. The more you participate, the more you earn. 

How it works 

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • currently (live in the US)
  • Rewards are known as meters and can be cashed for money 
  • must actively use at least one device that supports Screenwise Meter 
  • No family members employed in the advertising or marketing industry


Amazon Mechanical Turk is where Amazon sellers remotely hire freelancers to complete various tasks that computers can not compute. The starting rate differs based on task difficulty, experience, and past ratings. The higher the rating, the higher the payout rate is. Some tasks listed on the site include: 

  • writing product descriptions,
  • answering questions and more 
  • identifying specific content in an image or video,


There are many ways to market Amazon Associate Program, such as including an Amazon link into your blog post or creating a dedicated website that reviews Amazon products all these are great ways to make a long-lasting business.

But if you are in need of quick money, you may want to implement a different strategy that generates many potential visitors and sent them directly to your Amazon page. Below are some tips: 

  • research the best trends and pick a product
  • go to Amazon and see which product has the best reviews
  • find great quality pictures
  • research the best hashtags for all platforms (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook)
  • create an account that matches your target audience
  • starting promoting the Amazon Product you found on all social media platforms

 TIP – your objective is to get as many potential buyers to that link.  Read Blog articles below on how to make money on 


This is one of the best-kept strategies on making money that actually generates some money. Companies like to constantly improve their businesses as a result, they hire secret shoppers to give an honest opinion on how their service is. The payment does vary from company to company, but usually, they cover your expenses, free products and or payment.  Most have used this to cut down dining costs, as the bill is covered. There are different types of companies, therefore, different types of companies, click below:


You can make money by participating in focus groups as companies are eager to improve their products and or services. this company is looking for professional or targeted audience that might or have interaction with the survey. The company offers interviews, surveys and various project formats. Participants should be at least 18 and rates range from $50 to $250.


This is an interaction choice as we are bombarded with a lot of
information, but why not make money online while at it. You can
make money with this website by answering surveys and watching videos
The video content they pay includes movie previews, TV Shows, latest news and many other selections. For any videos watched Inbox rewards with either cash of gift cards for popular brands.


This is really a great way for your car to earn money without having to transport people. You can get an ad placed on your car. First download the app, secondly they will track your mileage once you reach 50 miles then you qualify to participate. Usually the campaigns range from 1 to 12 months and each month you get paid. The participant must meet certain requirements such as having a clean driving record, must be 21 and 2008 or newer car model among other requirements. The payouts range from $200 – $400 a month.


There are many ecommerce platforms that are user friendly which is
tremendous help in creating a store. There are many places you can sell your work, such as Shopify, Esty or WooCommerce. Even though it a hobby, try and curate items that actually solve a problem and have a greater appeal.


There are many Apps that help generating income or earning money
passively. The best way is to verify is the payout amount, requirement
and qualifications to join. Be mindful of how the payouts are made
as some prefer to give credits instead of cash. Below are some apps to

UpVoice – you make money by browsing certain sites such as Facebook
and in turn they collect data about the ads you see. The average payout is $75

Nielsen – this app collects data by tracking TV ratings and user content consumption. You can participate, by simply installing their app. Currently for just installing their app the payout is $50 in addition to other activities.


With so many restaurants apps and finding new ways to target consumers, companies are looking to deliver, therefore, there are many options. The best part is that you can set your own schedule. When choosing a company, look for ones that give your most if not all of your delivery earnings. Below are some companies to consider:


This is another option you can make money on Amazon that pays you hourly. The rates range from $18 – $25 per hour. There are different ways of delivering with Amazon, but the most favorites include delivering from Amazon warehouses or for Amazon Fresh. You can set your own schedule which maximizes your earnings by turning your free time into money.


There are different ways you can earn while taking care of other people’s stuff. This has exploded mainly due to the gig economy but the earnings from it can truly add up. Below are some requests that people need which can easily boost your extra cash.


This has become the place to find any specialized work that people are in need of especially putting furniture together. The best thing about Task Rabbit is the more work you do and get better reviews, you can increase your earning power. Most people that have found success with the APP offer specialized services such as, cleaning, running errands or furniture setup.  Regardless of which service you offer, it is best to go above and beyond by offering an “extra service”  Your main objective is to create your own client base as this creates repeat customers. Research tools and guides on how to implement great customer service tips.

TIP – to increase your ratings and earnings, it is best to offer services that can create a repeat customer


The best approach is not to get caught up on the payout amounts, of course, bigger payouts less work, but the small payouts they start to add up. Most companies listed above start to increase their payouts mainly because of consistency. Once you have selected your method, go ahead and create a schedule this helps with being consistent.

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How to Make Money Online $500 a Day



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