Business Plan – How To Plan, Write, Manage and Grow Your Business

Kindle Covers 1 jpegThis book showcases why Business Planning is imperative and How to Research, Plan, Manage and Grow your Business. The Book takes it step-by-step from Researching from the Starting Point up to Managing your business for Profit and Growth.

Your Business Plan should showcase how you are going to Market your Product, if you can enter the Market Freely, how to verify if it is the right time to Expand or Eliminate your Product


Book Title    Business Plan – How to Plan, Write, Manage and Grow Your Business
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In This Book You Will Learn:

● The Good vs Bad Points to Include in a Business Plan

● Difference between Business Plan and Setting up Goals

● Why You Need to Write a Business Plan for Any Business

● How to Correctly Perform Quality Due Diligence of Your Business

● Setting Goals that Match Your Business Plan and Executing Them

● How to Identify Which Company Structure is Best for Your Company

● How to Identity Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats about Your Business

● Writing a Winning Business: Plan Executive Summary, Marketing Overview, Business Model  …. So much more

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 SUCCESS – 101 Steps Turning Dreams Into Reality and a Profitable Business

5This book showcases how SUCCESS IS AN INTENTIONAL ACT. This book goes in detail how to discover:

Success by finding your Starting Point,

Declaring Your Vision and Strength Points

Creating Effective Goals that can be Executed,

Finding the Weak Points & Strengths in your Success Plan.

Book Title  Success – 101 Steps Turning Dreams Into Reality and Profitable Business
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The book covers an array of topics, below is a sample.

1. Why Failure is Important

When we Fail at anything, it is not pleasant, let alone we abandon the task at hand. The ability to monitor and learn from Failure takes a lot of Patience and Courage. Below are some Lessons from Failure

  • Investigate and Find Out Why You Failed and Curate a Solution
  • Re-enforce the Missing Parts that Do Not Support Your Goals
  • Take the Time to Restore, Re-focus and Re-start, Taking a Pause is Essential

2. Networking

This is a sure why to get to the finish line with as little struggle as possible.  It is best to avoid mistakes that someone else has done. The more you Research, the more you can avoid pitfalls.  Below are some tips

  • Meet-ups – Look for Groups that Share the Same Traits,
  • Masterminds – these are Groups that offer more detailed Step-by-Step knowledge
  • Social Media – be Socially Friendly, there is so much information that can be easily consumed

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Time Management – How to Find Your Productive Time, Setting Goals, Managing To-Do-List and Achieving Results


Time Management is a difficult task, the book showcases:

How to Get Things Done

Clean Up Your Schedule & Block Time

Find Your Most Productive Timeframes

APPS & Tools That Help With Time Management
There are many Time Wasting Habits that we have, eradicating them is first achieved by identifying how to position ourselves with success.

Book Title    Time Management – How to Find Your Productive Time, Setting Goals, Managing To-Do-List and Achieving Results
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1. Not Having a To-Do-List

This is one of the most important attribute in GETTTING THINGS DONE. We live a world where too much is demanded from us on a daily basis and focus becomes limited when it comes to pursuing other interests. The best solution to regain your motivation is to make a list. Below are some Tips:

  • Do not over load your To- Do-List, Take It Day-by-Day
  • Arrange Your Goal by Starting with the Most Important
  • Make sure You have all the Resources & Tools to Complete Your Task

2. Have a Clear Strategy

When we start Dreaming, there is no end and before we know it, we have a List of Incomplete Dreams. It would be a different State-of-Mind if we can turn that Dream List into Results. Time Management is the correct platform to apply. Below are some Tips

  • Create a Plan Step-by-Step from Step 1 to the Last
  • Have a Clear Strategy of How to Accomplish Your Goals
  • Implement a Rewards and Milestone Checklist for each Goal

3. Time Killers or Wasters

Multi-tasking can be a great distraction if not implemented correctly. The Best process of achieving greater results in less time is having the ability to be Laser Focused on each individual tasks.

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Goals – How To Set Goals and Achieve Results

2 (3)When it comes to Setting Goals and Achieving Results, the most important thing is to be focused, track your progress and adjust your goals as needed.

The problem most face when it comes to setting and accomplishing Set Goals is the lack of motivation, frustration and simply not being focused till the end.

Book Title   Goals: How To Set Goals And Achieve Results
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When Setting Goals or trying to accomplish any goal, there are various challenges that may deter you from staying on the course, later alone getting started. Below are some common challenges:

1. Unrealistic Goals

The problem with most goals that are set are derived from Dreams That DO NOT HAVE A PLAN. Dreaming without a purpose or goal, becomes a contest of building castles in thin air.  The best method of turning your dream into a reality, is to break it down into smaller consumable tasks that can be measured and tracked for progress.

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Business Ideas – How To Turn Your Ideas Into Income


Do you have an idea for a million-dollar product or service floating around in your head but are unsure of just how to make that idea a reality or better yet, how to measure if your product is going to be profitable.

The book highlights the tools you need to begin your entrepreneurial endeavor including the traits you should cultivate in yourself and those you should look for in the people you strive to emulate

Book Title  Business Ideas: How To Turn Your Ideas Into Income
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1. Idea Formation

Dreaming is the starting point of any success story, but the most important attribute is the ability to implement strategies that will transform that dream into a reality. The process of a successful Idea Formation is to determine and implement strategies that are executable. The most imperative process of Idea Formation Life-Cycle includes taking note of ideas that interest you and researching which ideas meet quality standards of your vision.

2. Niching Down

This is the phase where you take survey and qualify which ideas pass your quality standards. For clarification, quality standards are checkpoints or list of questions that support your vision. These checkpoints are benchmarked against your detailed research.

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Meditation – Steps On How To Meditate & Laws of Attraction

How To Meditate Book Cover

The importance of meditation yields various benefits, which includes, calming anxiety, stress reduction and best if yet, a renewed state of mind. The book showcases how to start the process of Meditation from a busy congested mind to achieving a calmer mindset.

Meditation can become part of our Everyday Life, as it helps with calming and obtaining a clearer State-of-Mind and laser focusing on the things we want to accomplish.

Book Title  Steps On How To Meditate 
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The book covers an array of topics, below is a sample.

1. Everyday Mind

There are different stages of the Mind each with its own framework and how to surpass the Everyday noise in order to achieve clarity. This shows the various state our mind travels in each day, which only circles within the window of our busy schedules and not beyond.

2. Congested Mind

Steps on How To Meditate, starting from a congested mind and travels through the various stages one passes until you reach the Meditation Stage where you are able to isolate destructive thoughts and embrace a deeper understanding. The book also progresses on how to implement Meditating Relaxing Techniques. To achieve the Meditation Stage, your environment should support your desired outcome.

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